Sunday, April 23, 2017

My Furst Birthday!!

I had my very furstest birfday today and it were pawsome!!

 Today I wore my birfday dress - it are one I in-hair-ited from Miss Whitley.

Da day started wif a speshul birfday brekkyfast - scrambled eggy weggies wif a lil bit of bacon.


Den we finally got to go out back!

Us pups hadn't been out in da backyard for FUREVER!  It wuz rainin furst and den da pool wuz gettin re-finished.  I don't know what eggsactly it are finished doin, bein dry I guess.  All I know is dat da whole thing involved guys in da backyard dat needed to be growled at.  But anyways, dis are da not entirely new but improved pool.

I checked it out.

My momma (and Brinley's momma) got in it and swam.  I don't know why dey want to voluntarily get wet.  I just ran around and watched em.

Den me and Brinley got to go on a speshul birfday walkie.

But for some reason, da presents we left behind got picked up, BOL BOL!

Finley stayed home since she wuz limpin a lil dis week - da mommas think she are pretty much better now, but wanted to make shure she didn't re-hurt her paw.

We kept da nayborhood safe though.

Den I went on a car ride!  It wuz to Panda Express where da mommas got everybody dinner.  I growled at da dog in da window who wouldn't stop growling at me.

Den it wuz time to open presents!!

OMD, it wuz a ton!!!

I got so much good stuff!

A dragon toy!

Bacon!  Too bad it do not taste like da real fing.

A penguin!

Tennis balls!!!  My FAVORITE!

A sock monkey!

A pink dino-soar!

A black fluffy bird!

And some treats and three brand new dresses my momma made.

I kinda blend in wif da stuffies.

For dinner, I got chikken and cheeze!!

Yum yum!

And a pink peanut butter pupcake for dessert!

I's worn out from all my birthday fun.

And in two days we get to do it AGAIN!

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day!  Or as da wise Stuart da Scottie would say, Happy Terrier Day!  After all, terra means earth and we is terrierists.  So dis are really our day.

Speakin of our day, me and Brinley both have BIG IMPORTANT days comin up.

Mine are tomorrow.

Brinley's are on Tuesday.

Finley's been fillin us in on what to eggspect.  But some of what she is sayin . . . I are not to shure about.

Like dis whole idea dat da oldest dog gets to play wif all da new toys first and dat we only get to eat our speshul meals once she's had all she's wanted.

She can keep tryin to convince us, but yeah, we's not buyin it . . .

Ok, off to go do my part for da Earth and help da garden wif some natural fertilizin . . .

Friday, April 21, 2017

Flowers for Dory

Hi y'all!  I'm postin these bluebonnet pictures for my friend Miss Dory today.

Dory had to go to da Rainbow Bridge and we all miss her so much.  Even though she lived in California, she wuz a Texas pup, so we know she woulda luved dese bluebonnet pictures.

And she liked to wear dresses like me.  In fact, she are da only pup udder dan me, Brinley, Finley, or Whitley dat momma has ever made a dress for.

We's postin smiley pics becuz even though we miss her, thinkin bout Dory makes us smile, she wuz just dat kinda pup.

Here's a speshul bluebonnet, just for you Dory.

Milton and Mr. Stubbs wanted us to post dese pretty pink flowers for Dory from them.

Remember to post your flower pictures for Dory today and be shure to grab da badge my momma made.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Wordless Wednesday

REMINDER: I'm co-hosting a Flowers For Dory blog hop with the Idaho Pug Ranch pups.  Dory wuz a speshul pup and I know all of Blogville are already missin her.  So please join us on Friday, April 21 by posting pictures of flowers and memories of Dory.  You can find more information (and the blog hop code) here.