Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Happy Birthday Finley!

Happy 13th birthday to our big sister Finley!  

Ya is a pawsome big sister - ya taught us how to scruff, how to be friends wif kitties, and how to patrol da nayborhood for zombiez! We couldn't ask for a better big sister and ya deserve da pawsome day ya had.

We started off today wif a speshul birthday brunch (we all got some) - eggs, bacon, and cheeze -  YUMMM!  

And look at all dose presents!

Finley is da queen of opening toys!


She got 4 new squeaky toys.

And a box of cookies, 3 new jackets, 3 new onesies, and 2 new t-shirts for a total of THIRTEEN presents!

And STEAK for dinner!


Finley even got a birthday cake!

Better sing fast mommas!

We all got a lil slice.

Finley devoured hers!

And of course da birthday girl got lotsa snuggles!

Happy birthday Finley! Hope ya has a bajillion more!

And thanks to Pipo, Dalton, and Benji for Finley's birthday card!

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Busy Busy Busy!

Me and Brinley is busy busy busy! 

Cuz tomorrow are some pup's birthday!

Dat's right, Finley are gonna be a teenager!!

I know she's hoping for lotsa toys.

I'm hopin her birthday means goodies for all of us!

After all, being a teenager means ya need a big pawty wif your sisfurs right?

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Sunday Selfies

This week, my pals at The Cat On My Head are dedicating the Sunday Selfie blog hop to Crockett.


King of the Raspberry Selfie. We all miss him so much. Nobody razzed for their selfie today, but Finley did offer up some tongue wif a smiley selfie . . . 

At least she didn't offer up some fangs!  BOL BOL!

So today we got a walk, got some outside time, and I got a bike ride. Oh, and da humans watched da Game of Bones - momma knew Jon wuz gonna wind up going North with Ghost! We's happy he didn't just abandon his pupper. Gotta have priorities. 

Saturday, May 18, 2019

Wearin Orange For Crockett

Today I are wearin orange for Crockett.

Even momma wore orange.

It woulda been his fifth Gotcha Day today, but life are NOT fair and my buddy ain't here to see it.


I luved Crockett, he smelled like a sugar cookie.

And he liked to play wif me too. 

Seriously, he did. We'd run through da house chasing each other.

He wuz my kitty brofur Travis' BFF.

Seriously, dey wuz always lickin each udder and doin cat stuff like dat.


He wuz such a pretty kitty.

He glowed in da sun.

We celebrated his life wif some bacon dis morning, I think he would give a razz of approval for dat.


Crockett, ya wuz my favorite kitty and I is gonna miss ya big time. Life are just no fair.

Rest in peace sweet kitty. I miss ya so much.

Friday, May 17, 2019

Comic Relief

Well, ya know how us pups make people feel better? Well, me and Brinley are trying our best to distract em from da sads.

Brinley decided to take the whole "Wear Orange for Crockett" thing literally and tip-toed through da orange paint (it are kinda velveeta-colored, BOL!) dat her momma wuz painting da entry hall. Uhh, nobody wuz too happy and Brinley's feetsies (and da carpet) got a baff. I says we blame it all on da pest control guy who wuz ringin da doorbell lookin for bizness.

Hasn't he heard dat westies are da best pest control? And we dubble as comic relief.  

Remember to Wear Orange for Crockett tomorrow, May 18. It woulda been his fifth Gotcha Day, but he never got to see it. All his pals all over the world are gonna be wearing orange for him. Ya don't wanna miss out. All the information is here and da blog hop are already live! So get your orange on! just maybe not wif paint . . .

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Tryin to Be Normal

Well, we is tryin to get back to normal here. It are tuff for momma. She thinks nobody knows when she cries at nite cuz she are quiet, but I knows. And she thinks she can cry when she are tanning in da backyard, but me and Brinley know. 

So we had to give her extra kissies! It are tuff, but she are tryin to concentrate on what a good kitty Crockett wuz and not what happened to him.

Remember to Wear Orange for Crockett this Saturday, May 18. Saturday woulda been his fifth Gotcha Day, but he never got to see it. All his pals all over the world are gonna be wearing orange for him. Ya don't wanna miss out. All the information is here

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

May 18 - Wear Orange for Crockett

Furst off, we want to thank all our pals for all the nice comments about our sweet kitty Crockett. We miss him so much.

But if what ya has to say is somefin along da lines of curiosity killed da cat, well, ya better watch out becuz Finley are gonna come butt bite ya.

My grandma has been blaming herself for da accident and all da mommas are heartbroken. Crockett wuz da sweetest kitty.  

All of us pups luved him.

Da mommas has been crying and everyone are so sad.

I can't figger out which momma to kiss furst - it are hard work trying to lick up their tears.

At least I has some friends to help me.

Momma says when Whitley died, her Blogville pals did a special Dress Up for Whitley Day to celebrate her life.

So in that spirit, we are hosting a Wear Orange for Crockett Day on May 18.

It woulda been his fifth Gotcha Day, but he never got to see it. All the information is here and the blog hop will be open for a couple of weeks, so you'll have plenty of time to find somefin orange.

So this Saturday, wear orange and celebrate da bestest kitteh ever, Crockett! 

Pee Ess - Finley and Brinley are back to blogging, but their URL has changed. Be shure to visit (and follow!) them at