Wednesday, May 5, 2021

¡Feliz cinco de mayo!

¡Feliz cinco de mayo!

It's time for tacos!

And barkaritas!

Finley and da mommas are also remembering Angel Whitley today. She left to go to da Land of Infinite Steaks five years ago. 

So have an extra barkarita for her.

Or if ya don't want to, ya could always send it over to us. BOL BOL!

Monday, May 3, 2021

Cuzzin Basil


Hey pals. We got some sad news today. Our kitty Cuzzin Basil are going to make his way to da land of Infinite Cat Nip today.

Basil are our Uncle Richard's cat and he has an aggressive mouth cancer. He's only 13.

We are sending big hugs and westie kisses to Basil, his humans Richard and Carmen, his kitty sister Bella, and his pup brother Basil.

Basil is a speshul kitty - he adopted our Uncle Richard by coming up to him at his work parking lot and has been his buddy for years and years.

You'll be very missed Basil. He's making his journey at 5 PM central time, so if ya could send some good thoughts his way, we'd appreciate it.

Sunday, May 2, 2021

Sunday Selfies

Hey pals! It's Sunday, so it's selfie time. 

And bestest news of all - it finally stopped raining!

No more wet grass!

And we finally got to go on walks again.

And do our nayborhood patrols to keep da mommas safe from bobcats, coyotes, zombies, well, you name it!

And we got to wear our Fiesta duds. Brinley's momma finished Brinley's fiesta dress, so now we can match!

Ya know da saying, fiesta till ya siesta.

Whaddya means I made dat up momma?

Friday, April 30, 2021

There's No Place Like Gnome


Ok, I know da saying are dere are no place like home.

Which is where we has been stuck becuz it are STILL raining.

But we still got to show off our new gnome stuff - Finley is rocking her bandana.

Me and Brinley wore our new dresses.

I say, gnome are where da westie are! BOL BOL!

Here's a closeup of da lil gnome buttons.

Fanks for da new dresses momma!

Thursday, April 29, 2021

Tiki Terriers


Hey pals!

Well, it wuz another soggy day here.

But we still got to wear our new tiki stuff! Finley got a tiki bandana.

And we got tiki dresses!

Bring on da Mutt Tais!

Here's a closeup of the cool tiki BUTTONS my grandma made! 

We're just a trio of westie wahines!

Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Rollin With Da Gnomies


Hi pals! 

Well, it wuz a lil drizzly here, so we didn't get to show off our new dresses to da nayborhood today. But at least we get to show em off to y'all!

Finley even has a matching bandana!

This are da gnome dress my momma made us.

We are rollin wif da gnomies.

Here are a close up of da buttons.

It are gnometastic!