Monday, November 11, 2019

Music Monday

Hi y'all! It's Music Monday and the theme this week are Native American music since it are Native American Heritage month.

Pawsome theme CK! Native Americans have been treated wrong - our government has broken promises OVER and OVER and continues to do so after trying to exterminate their culture and stealing their homeland and lives. Da mommas has always been interested in and appreciated native culture - there's native artwork in our home and da mommas all have a big collection of Native American jewelry (mainly Navajo, but also some Hopi and Zuni). My grandpa are from Arizona and one of the best parts about going to Arizona for my momma wuz going to the trading posts. She made a lotta trips through the Navajo Nation wif Angel Whitley when she went to UCLA. 

So with that said, here's some tunes by/inspired by Native Americans.

R. Carlos Nakai is a talented Navajo/Ute flutist. His songs are beautiful.

Redbone's "We Were All At Wounded Knee." Ya might know Redbone for their big hit "Come and Get Your Love." Here's a protest song by them.

We can't forget about Native Hawaiians when we're talking about Native Americans. Here's Israel Kamakawiwo'ole's monster hit mashup of Somewhere Over the Rainbow and What a Wonderful World. Momma LUVS his voice and plays his album a lot.

Cherokee Maiden performed by Asleep at the Wheel. Momma used to sing this song to Angel Whitley since her breeder was a Cherokee lady from Oklahoma.

We're ending with Johnny Cash's The Ballad of Ira Hayes. Yeah, Travis shared it over at Lone Star Cats too. But its da prefect song for this theme on Veterans Day - our veterans and our native Americans both deserve more than they get. 

Sunday, November 10, 2019

Sunday Selfies

Happy Sunday pals!

We had a pretty good weekend - da weather wuz ackshually pretty good for November, so we our patrols in. Lotsa skwerrils to bark at!

Now we're getting ready for some football! Go Cowboys!

And maybe some SNACKS???

It never hurts to ask.

And this one isn't a selfie, but we know a lotta pals like our pics together. Da funny thing is we LUV taking em together - momma duzn't have to work to get us to pose together becuz we's best friends and luv to get right up next to each other.

Now, where are da snacks??

Friday, November 8, 2019

Foliage Friday

Well, I guess fall has arrived in Texas. It are cold, dere are piles of leaves to BARK, and dere are leaves attaching demselves to us pups - it drives me CRAZY. I won't walk when a leaf gets on me. 

Brinley duzn't have dat isshue. She even had a BIG maple leaf in her skirt when she got a baff on Wednesday.

Finley duzn't mind da leaves either. But she are not a fan of wet grass AT ALL. So yeah, it are FUN for da mommas takin us out.

Well, since it are fall, I can't really do a flower Friday (unless I wuz showing off da inside flowers). But I can do a Foliage Friday.

Our fall colors in north Texas aren't dat spectacular (momma said in New England it wuz really somefin), but dey have taken off dis last week. 

I got a good view of em on my bike ride.

And look at da BLUE skies. Dat's a rarity for November in Dallas.

Yeah, dey's pretty, but me and momma like flowers better. 

Hope ya liked seeing my fall colors!

Thursday, November 7, 2019

Rainy Day

So I guess winter are here. It wuz COLD and wet today. For some reason, dat meant no bike ride or walk.

But we did get some snuggle time in while da mommas watched da Avengers movie. And since it are a long movie, dat meant a lotta snuggling!

Travis has been doing pretty good - he's still off of meds and taking da milk thistle. He's eating a TON too and hasn't been sick again. Momma's hopeful he's all better, but she's trying not to be overly optimistic since he's had a number of relapses. 

He's a nice kitty and snuggles wif momma and me at nite sometimes. Even if he duzn't really like it when I wanna play chasey . . . 

Monday, November 4, 2019

Dona Nobis Pacem: Blog For Peace

Hi y'all. Furst up, I've got a lil health update on my kitty brofur Travis. He's doing pretty good today - eating good and no nasty symptoms. His tummy bacteria are gone and he are off of steroids and taking a milk thistle supplement to help with his liver. Da vet suspects IBD and hepatitis, but as long as he is doing good, momma is not taking it in since stress are not good for him and he seems to be doing ok. He could still use some POTP though. 

Today we's joining annual blog blast for peace. Now you're probably wondering what terrierists know about peace since we can be a feisty bunch (ESPESHULLY Finley). Dis year's theme are "change your climate." It could mean a lotta things, your pawsonal climate, the environment, the air conditioner (just kidding on that one). We's choosing to talk about the da climate around ya. Dere's a lotta negativity out there and lotsa mad peeps. Seems like somebody are mad about EVERYTHING and not just scary threatening things like yard signs or flags.  So what's a pup to do??

We say change your climate by focusing on da good things in life. Enjoy da peanut butter cookie today and don't stress about da baff tomorrow. Go take your pup on a walk and enjoy da great outdoors (even better if skwerril chasing are involved). Don't get bogged down in silly online fights and negative social medias. Focus on da positive stuff, like a trio of adorable westie girls. And pet a dog - ya know ya want to and ya know we want ya too! It's a win-win!  

Since it are also Music Monday, we's sharing some peace-related/anti-war tunes for ya. Lone Star Cats will have some more.

Ice cream and a hug sounds good to me! 

Sunday, November 3, 2019

Sunday Selfies

It's Sunday, so it's selfie time! 

Brinley had a lil case of da urka gurkas, but she seems to be feeling better. We had a nice afternoon walk and got to bark some naybor dogs and joggers! 

Travis wrote an update about his health issues yesterday - long story short - he are doing ok and momma are starting to wean him off steroids. His liver enzymes were elevated, and no one are really shure why or what is going on. We're hopin he'll be ok once he gets off da steroids - we luv our kitty brofur a lot.