Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Waiting . . .

Something BIG are happening tomorrow. 

I heard it are gonna involve PRESENTS!!

Finley says she hopes it involves a speshul dinner . . . 

Maybe dinner and a movie so Brinley can have something to bark at.

Well, I guess I'll just hafta see what happens tomorrow. Today I got a bike ride, outside time, a couple kitten sniffs in, and I heard Whataburger are on da way!

Ya got an extra French fry momma???

Sunday, July 14, 2019

Sunday Selfies

Hope ya like my head tilt selfie. It are a westie fave.

Brinley went for a serious selfie. I think she wuz just serious about the treat my momma wuz holding!

Finley did a smiley selfie. Maybe she wuz happy cuz it wuz cooler today, so we ackshually got to walk during daylight hours!

Which meant da nayborhood got to admire our cuteness. We did good and didn't even bark the naybors down the street. 

Yeah, we can behave sometimes. 

Oh and since today are Ba-Steel Day, me and Brinley wore our Eiffel Tower dresses. We both have some French ancestry (our shared grandpa is a French westie).

I bet I could storm the Bastille real good. I get some practice in on the baby gates.

Friday, July 12, 2019

Basselope Huntin'

Well, on Wednesday, we ALL got groomed.

Luckily, we all survived. But just barely.

Since we had to endure dat torture, I told Brinley we needed to have some fun! Besides bike ridin (ME), barkin TV (her), walks and playing in da backyard. 

We needed an advenshure! So I suggested we go on a hunt for da elusive basselope. Ya know, dat famous ferocious beast?? 

Brinley wuz game to go! I told her I'd heard dat in ancient times (like 2005), basselopes roamed the backyard. Momma has talked about em.

Finley said those were basset hounds, not basselopes. And that I wuz not gonna find any out there, all I'd find wuz lizards.  

But we didn't let her discourage us, we went bravely exploring through the flowers, looking for a basselope. Suddenly, we heard a rustling in the bushes. 

OMD, I spotted a basselope!

Hmm, not so ferocious as I had imagined. Ackshually, kinda cute.

So I sniffed her up.

She says her name are Rosebud and she wants to be my pal.

Brinley gave her the side eye - just don't think ya can control the TV changer Rosebud. 

Then we heard more rustling - OMD, Rosebud has a sister. Who are also named Rosebud. OMD, this are gonna be even more confusing than telling me and Brinley apart!

P.S. Da momma highly recommends the book The Last Basselope - speshully if ya has kids or grandkids. Ya know Opus the penguin?? Yeah, it are by that guy. She and grandma are big fans of his and both got these Rosebud stuffies for themselves. So it looks like I'll be sharing my bed wif a basselope!

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Terrier Tuesday

Happy Terrier Tuesday!

Well, ok, everyday are Terrier Day in casa de westie, but we should get extra treats for Terrier Tuesday right??

We's been having fun. We are gettin more and more time wif da lil kitten Bowie, Brinley even got to sleep in the same bed wif him last nite.

I got to sniff him (wif no restraints!) for like 5 seconds. Ok, that's cause he wuz loose when momma and me came in from out back. But still, I did GOOD and didn't try to put him in my mouth. Even if I wanted to.

He smells good!

So, since we've been so good, we definitely deserve extra treats!!

Sunday, July 7, 2019

Sunday Selfies

Happy Sunday pals!

Finley wuz ALL smiles for her selfie today. 

Brinley went for the serious selfie look. Not pensive.  

She's going for thoughtful.

I just went for cute. And I guess the other cyclists on the bike path think I'm cute - when momma and I saw this one couple we've seen everyday this week, they told her they were wondering if they were gonna see us today!

Well, we both achieved cute in our Dumbo dresses again.


And yeah, there's more elephant buttons on this side too.


When are they gonna make a movie about a westie, that's the real question. 

I think we could STAR!

Saturday, July 6, 2019

Fireworks and Fashion!

Hi pals! We hope you're having a pawsome weekend!

Da three of us have been having fun! 


Brinley and I went to go see the fireworks on the Fourth! Finley stayed home this year - grandma wuz driving and grandpa are not da best at holding pups in a convertible when da top are down, so only my momma and Aunt Ally were available for pup holding. 

And since me and Brinley had never been, da mommas figgered we could go this year and Finley could nap at home. I don't think she minded, she likes to nap A LOT.

Here are Brinley and her momma.

We did really good. We weren't scared of the boomers at all! Guess it are cuz we has been through a LOT of thunderstorms and are used to loud noises. Ya'd hafta be living here. BOL!

Da lil kids and strollers were good for barking though.

Anyways, here's some fireworks photos. Since we did so good, momma says we can go every year!

Brinley says - nice visual effects, but no plot.

Boom boom pretty!

I watched the fireworks and snuggled down wif my momma. 

I do not see what da big deal are at all.

We know some pups are scared, but not us. Cuz we is TUFF TERRIERS!!!

Even if I are posing wif my Dumbo stuffy today.

It are becuz we has brand new Dumbo dresses!

Momma luvs Dumbo and had been looking for some cute Dumbo fabric when grandma spotted this. 

Ya think westies could fly Brinley?? I mean, if elephants can do it . . . 

Whaddya mean da dress are a good one for me cuz?

Yeah, dere's even elephant buttons.

Maybe if I get momma's drink tonite I can see pink elephants on parade too!