Wednesday, September 16, 2020

A New Dress

Hi pals!

Well, it's gotten cooler here, so we are getting to do our walks in da early evening now. 

Da mommas are happy not to hafta wake up so early.

Looks like my bike rides are on high-ay-tus for a bit. Momma's bike needs a replacement tire (it blew out on a ride and we had to walk home on Monday) and it are in da shop now.

So me and Brinley are just gonna hafta spend extra time barking everything in da backyard.

Finley says just as long as we don't wake her up. BOL.

Today we're showing the other side of our new dress.

It's got a wild feather pattern.

Such cute models deserve some extra treats.

Right momma??

Monday, September 14, 2020

Monday Music

Hi pals!

Well, we had a pretty good day today.

Lotsa snacks and cuddles!

Momma finished up another dress for me and Brinley this weekend. 

Here's a closeup.

It's a fun graphic print and it goes wif today's theme for da Mewsic Moves Me blog hop - songs about/inspired by art in honor of National Coloring Day!  

Momma thinks this print kinda resembles a Kadinsky print.

As ya might know, she likes to paint. I think she needs to do more westie paintings! Anyways, here's some songs . . .  


A vintage Bowling For Soup. Hmmm, I wonder if it are chikken soup.

Ok, this one are called Painter Song. Nuffin like obvious huh?

Masterpiece by the Pistol Annies.

And Da Vinci by Weezer.

Cuz my momma are a kinda Disney-obsessed. BOL. 

But she are more than kinda Britney obsessed. 

Sunday, September 13, 2020

Sunday Selfies

Hi pals! I has a smiley selfie for ya today!

Brinley also did a smiley selfie. And yeah, those smiles earned us cookies!

Finley went wif a serious selfie. Serious about cookies dat are!

Saturday, September 12, 2020

Whitley's Birthday

Well, yesterday wuz a sad day for da whole country. Today are a sad day for my momma. It are Angel Whitley's birthday.

I never knew Whitley. But Finley tells me and Brinley she wuz a really cool pup. And yeah, she even confirmed dat CRAY CRAY stuff my momma says about Whitley liking baffs. Uhh, are ya shure she wuz a terrieriest? Well, she did have multiple skwerril and rat kills. Ok, she sounds like a real terrier. Anyways, my momma has been sad missing Whitley today. Whitley went all over da country wif her.

Me and Brinley had to work extra hard to cheer her up. Westie kisses help a lot.

Whitley wuz da original westie for our family and none of us would be hear wifout her. So I'm sharing my momma's drawing of her today.

I never knew ya Whitley, but thanks for turning the whole family into westie fans. And fanks for all da toys and dresses and da momma I got to inherit. Even if she does have unrealistic expectayshuns of westies at baff time.  

Friday, September 11, 2020

Finley Gets a Haircut

Hey pals. Today are a tuff day for a lot of da humans, it always makes my momma sad. She says somefin evil and bad happened 19 years ago and it are human stuff and I don't gotta worry bout it, so I just give her kissies to make her feel better. So if your yuans are feeling down today too, I are sending dem virtual kissies (it are not nearly as good as da real thing, but it are better dan nuffin right??)  

Ok, enuf bout human stuff. As I's barked about before, me and Brinley gotta endure grooming sesshuns at da hands of da mommas at least once a month (at least I didn't end up wif mom bangs dis time!)

But da Leader of da Pack had been escaping her fur-cutting sesshuns. I think it had somefin to do wif her tendancey to try to bite da fingers of anyone who got near her wif scissors. She are nearing 14 1/2 and her eyesight are not da bestest and she also has some demensha. Hmmm, maybe she should be running for President, I hear geezers are in dis year. 

In fact, I thought she wuz inspired by da fur cut of one former presudentshul candidate. She even said she are a member of Anti-FA and da FA stands for fur alterayshuns. But my momma had had enuf of not being able to see her face and did several sneak attacks wif da scissors. And yeah, I mean sneak attacks. Da mommas took turns trimming Finley from behind so she couldn't see em and bite.

They got a those few wispy hairs today so now she are all groomed up. They could do a better job if she would let em, but uhhh, dey like having all their fingers for some reason.  

In other news, it wuz cool enuf today for an afternoon walk!

And Brinley's momma's leg wuz feeling good enuf that she wuz able to walk Brinley so I had my momma all to myself for da furst time in months!

Monday, September 7, 2020

Happy Labor Day!

Happy Labor Day pals!

So apparently this whole Labor Day thing has to do wif the labor movement and workers. Which means it are really for us westies, since we are constantly working. We gotta keep da mommas safe from all kindsa threats, like skwerrils and vacuum cleaners. Not to menshun loud trucks and bicycles and other dogs and joggers and baby strollers and newspapers and air conditioners kicking on and well, ya get the idea.   

So in honor of Labor Day, we've got a work-themed playlist today. Momma had wanted to do a playlist of some of Grandpa's favorite songs since it wuz his birthday yesterday, but he wuzn't cooperative in telling her more than 2 songs. 🙄 Travis will have some more Labor Day songs for ya, even though cats don't know nuffin bout work.

P.S. Some of you might remember a few weeks ago that we wrote about my momma's grandparents having COVID. Well, today it are my momma's grandma's birthday (she are 91!), so my momma called her (and actually got through!) Both her and momma's grandpa are doing fine and were asymptomatic the whole time. So, some good news we forgot to share.