Thursday, January 23, 2020

You Ordered a WHAT???

What da woof momma? You ordered a what?? A westie torture device?? I thought only good stuff came in Chewy boxes. Ok, maybe some shampoo might sneak in sometimes. But I wuz SOOOO wrong.

Don't be fooled by da tongue, I wuz not happy.  

Ok, maybe gettin da extra hair off felt good. And yeah, it took a lot less time wif da torture device. 

And I am looking good. But I looked good before, right??

Momma says da grooming table are worth every dollar. I'd prefur those dollars go to tennis balls and dog treats!

And in case you thought my BFF escaped, grandma got her as soon as my momma wuz done wif me. And we both got pedicures from my momma. Oh, da horrors. 

Finley are glad she escaped. But SHE had to have a baff today cuz some senior citizen decided to roll in somefin VERY nasty. So she can't be smirkin too much about our torture yesterday.

Well, we did look pretty cute on today's walk. 

And I'm shure I got extra compliments on my bike ride. Unfortunately, da rotting possum carcass wuz gone. And I never even got a chance to roll in it! Grooming tables and vanishing carcasses, life are unfair.  

Monday, January 20, 2020

Hawk that Walk

Today wuz a fun day! I got a bike ride and we got to go on a walk. 

We saw this guy up in a tree on da walk. We see hawks flying a lot, but getting a good shot of one sitting in a tree is kinda rare. I also saw (and SMELLED) a rotting posssum corpse on my bike ride, but momma didn't take any photos of it. Or let me go roll in it. No fun.

As ya can tell, we had to get brushed today too. Ok, we look good, so I guess it wuz worth it. 

Plus, there were treats afterwards.

Sunday, January 19, 2020

Sunday Selfies

It's Sunday, so it's selfie time!

Well, da rain finally stopped, so we wuz able to resume patrol duties.

Da nayborhood are safe!

Well, we're still not shure about those very suspishus miniature humans and their scooter across the street.

There's somefin wrong about wheeled humans. After all, zombies are known to use wheels to get around faster to eat brains. So they deserve extra barks!

We're just working hard to keep our mommas safe!

Zombie patrol are tuff work! 

Friday, January 17, 2020

Flower Friday

Well, it wuz anudder rainy day here. So that meant da file wuz going and lotsa snuggles!!

Brinley took 30 minutes (at least!) to poop dis morning - guess she wanted to get her walk in even if it wuz rainy. Look at those curly furs.

Finley and me don't mess around in da rain. After all, da cookies are inside!! 

But we do have some flowers already blooming (momma got these photos earlier in the week when it wuzn't raining). This iris are supposed to rebloom in the fall. I think it's confused. 

 And we've never had daffodils this early!

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Back in Barkin Ackshun

Well, I should be back in barkin' ackshun. Momma downloaded a new browser so I'll be able to woof to all my pals! And ya know how important woofin are to us westies. And not just at 3 AM when da humans are trying to sleep (lookin at you Finley) or at da TV (BOL Brinley).

Today wuz a rainy day, so we didn't get in our walk and I didn't get a bike ride. But we did get to chase some bunnies, bark at cars, and tell off a dog walking down da udder side of da street. Ya know momma LUVED us doin all that in da wets, BOL. 

It looks like we've got another soggy day ahead of us, so we need to start plannin some indoor mischief for tomorrow . . .

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

But I Don't Wanna Be Wordless Wednesday!

Well, it looks like we are gonna be forced into wordlessness, and not just on Wednesday. Momma made da big MISTAKE of upgrading to the newest vershun of Safari and it is impossible for us to stay logged in. So we can't comment on your blogs, we can't respond to comments. It won't let her restore the previous vershun of Safari and she is very frustrated.  

There's a complicated work-around, so we might be able to comment occasionally, but until we get this figured out, or Apple releases a fix to their update, we won't be able to comment much.

Finley became our oldest living westie today, she beat Whitley's record. I guess it's true, the good die young. Time to start being bad!