Monday, April 6, 2020

Finley's Home!

Hi pals! Well, we today are better dan yesterday. Cuz Finley are home!

She got transferred over to da orthopedic vet this morning. And they did x-rays and GOOD news - her hip are still in place! She can't wear the sling because we can't have her getting another infection, so da mommas are gonna hafta be real careful and hope she doesn't slip it out. So, no walking for her - she's being carried everywhere and da mommas are using a scarf to sling her up so she can do her bizness. Unfortunately my momma are way too experienced wif dat since it wuz how she had to help my predecessor Whitley. Finley's bacterial infection on her leg/foot are also clearing up - she got meds for that too. And she's really acting like nuffin are wrong, she even tried to scruff da grass today wif her front paws. And she's wuz givin my momma TONS of kisses earlier.

Da kitties are all still sick. Travis wuz pretty much nonstop sneezing last nite and today. Poor guy. I want him to feel better. Bowie's a lil better today, but still sneezy. Angelique's probably da best off right now, but she wuz da furst kitty to get sneezy, so she may be getting over it.

All da kitties are on antibiotics and they are eating ok. We just hafta wait for dis kitty cold to pass.

Sunday, April 5, 2020

When It Rains, It Monsoons

Well, things has not been going good around here. Bowie wuz getting really sick last night, he felt warm, he wouldn't eat, and he just looked miserable. So da mommas decided he needed to go to the emergency vet. But furst, they had to take us pups out. When my momma wuz helping Finley, she noticed Finley stank. And not just dirty dog stink - her foot smelled putrid and it was oozing. So she went with Bowie to the emergency vet. They both had to stay overnight. They had to remove the sling - what that means for her hip, we'll find out on Monday. But she could wind up with a gimpy leg if the hip pops back out of joint. And she wuz doing so good and really trying.

Bowie's temperature spiked up to 105 when he was there and they determined he has an upper respiratory infection. So he got lotsa antibiotics and he's home now. But he's still feeling bad - he's eating a lil and he's lethargic still.  Late last night, Travis developed the sneezies too and has been feeling bad today. And he was doing the same panting Bowie wuz doing. Angelique has also been sneezing (she wuz actually the furst to get sneezy, but she didn't get as sick as Bowie). So da mommas got antibiotics for all three of da kitties. 

Angelique is the only one kitty who is eating good, but she's still sneezing too. So it seems like the kitties are ALL sick. It's all just really discouraging and depressing. Not meaning to be a downer, especially now when the whole world is such a dark and depressing place. 

But it's what is goin on here. So just be sure not to judge your friends and neighbors you see out and about - they could be doing something important, like taking animals to the emergency vet (or shopping for an elderly couple, or working at a food bank, or something GOOD). Not everyone who's out is just being a quarantine rebel. 

Saturday, April 4, 2020

Bowie's Birthday

Today it are Bowie's very furstest birthday. We would be celebratin, but da lil dude are not feeling good. He's been sneezing and he do not even want to eat! Poor lil guy. All he wants to do are sleep. And ya might be thinking, well, duh, he's a cat. But he's a playful kitty who loves to run and play, so this are not normal for him.

So his birthday celebration are just gonna be delayed until he feels better.

Poor lil guy. We're hopin he feels better soon.

Finley are still doing ok. She's just resting a lot, but that are what she are sposed to be doing.

Friday, April 3, 2020

Flower Friday

Hi pals!

We hope all of y'all are staying healthy. 

Finley is doing pretty good. She are getting majorly spoiled - she's getting carried EVERYWHERE and getting my momma to sling her up outside to do her bizness.

We have managed to get some sniffs in. And ok, we both snuck a kiss. 

I see what momma means about social distancing being hard and NO FUN.

But Finley are being a superstar about all of dis. Momma says she's being really good about all of this stuff and very sweet.

Since it's Flower Friday, we got some more irises for ya. 

It wuz raining today. As ya can tell.

Bowie's momma are great at growin em.

This pink one are in da Whitley Memorial Garden.

Stay healthy pals!

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Finley Update

Finley went in for her hip procedure today. 

And good news - it went well! The doctor said her hip went back into its joint easily. She's now monopolizing da mommas.

Seriously, she's been in my momma's lap for over three hours! And I'm not allowed to jump on her. What da woof?? I just wanna sniff her up, but momma says I gotta socially distance myself from her. I says momma are watching too much news!!

Her leg are all bandaged up now.

And she has to wear da Cone of Shame™ but since she are used to a cone (she has to wear one when her allergies are bad) dat are no big deal. 

We think da orthopedic vet's office luved her. They said she was so sweet and gave her a sparkly pink bandage for her IV.

She's spent most of da day sleeping. Da mommas are gonna be busy keeping an eye on her to make shure she doesn't pop her hip again.

Fanks so much for the POTP card Dalton, Pipo, and Benji! Y'all are da bestest!

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Finley Needs POTP!

Hey pals. Well, we has some bad news. Finley's bent outta shape.

Sometimes she gets her nose outta joint, speshully when she are dealin wif me. But dis time it are not her nose, it are her hip.

We don't really know how it happened. We'd seen her walking around fine (well, as good as an almost 14 year old arthritic dog walks), and she had gone to sleep in a crate. When her momma got her out to take her out, she couldn't walk or put weight on her left rear leg. And it was dangling funny. She wuz clearly in pain, so she went to da vet today. Dey did some x-rays, and she has a dislocated hip. She got some pain meds and anti-inflammatories and is resting now. 

She's going to the orthopedic vet tomorrow morning to get it popped back into place. She's not a candidate for surgery. She's almost 14 and has got her skin allergies, a heart condition, arthritis, dementia . . . maybe she could be a presidential candidate but not a surgical one. So we are really hopin this works. 

Good thoughts, POTP, prayers, voodoo incantations, human sacrifices are all appresheated.

We need her to pull through this - I'm not ready to be da senior pup!

Sunday, March 29, 2020

Sunday Selfies

Happy Sunday pals! It wuz a good one - I got a bike ride, a walk, and BACON!

And no more grooming!!!

We're helping the peeps socially distance by barking at everyone we see walkin down da street. Prevent the spread, bark your neighbors!