Sunday, October 31, 2021

Yappy Howloween!


Yappy Howloween! We had a steampunk theme going on at my house - momma says Angel Whitley wore this costume a long time ago, but it wuz my firstest time wearing it. And grandma made me a brand new hat! 

I even rocked da goggles! Or doggles I guess, BOL. We didn't have any trick or treater zombies, so I didn't get to bark em! Oh well, I guess dat means more treats for us, right?

Momma carved a Zero pumpkin from da Nightmare Before Christmas.

Yappy Howloween!

Saturday, October 30, 2021

Halloween Eve!


Hey pals! Fanks for all da kinds words to my momma. She are doing ok - sad of course and frustrated and angry about some rude and obnoxious family members, but she says they have been awful for decades, so it are unfortunately not new. I offered to go give em butt bites but she said she didn't think my mouth wuz dat big and she didn't want me gettin poisoned! BOL BOL!

So we has been gettin ready for Howloween. Today momma carved a pumpkin! It had da doggie from da Nightmare Before Christmas, Zero, on it. And she has been watching all kindsa Howloween movies and listenin to Howloween music.

I has been keepin her company.

Speaking of which, dis UCLA game are kinda looking like a nightmare.

Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Sad Wednesday


Well, momma got some sad news today. Her Nana passed away this morning. 

Which means I are gonna have to be working overtime to cheer her up.

Happy dancing paws should work, right?

And everyone knows ya can't feel sad when you're being kissed by a westie. It's just a fact, right?

RIP Margaret Martin. You will be very missed.

Sunday, October 24, 2021

Sunday Selfie


Hey pals! Well, it's Sunday, so it's selfie time. Me and momma almost got attacked by a werewolf today. Ok, maybe not attacked - but it did run towards me. But da bad thing is momma dropped her phone and da glass on da back of it are cracked now. She are pretty unhappy about it - a replacement are sposed to be coming soon, but it are gonna be black instead of green, so momma are not happy. But I did keep her safe, even if the phone had to pay da price.

Saturday, October 23, 2021

Zombie Patrol


Hi pals! Well, I has had a busy few days. I has been going on daily zombie patrols. 

At least no more off-leash werewolves have tried to run at me. 

I are pretty shure I saw a Frankenstein though!!! Wait, Frankenstein didn't have a beard, did he??

Wednesday, October 20, 2021


Well, the kitties are all celebrating TockTober today. Well, nuffin beats a terrier derrière. 

Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Ready for Howloween!


Hey pals! Well, we has been busy gettin ready for Howloween here. Which means I has been having to guard momma from zombiez and da werewolf zombie dogs dey own. Yeah, it are a tuff job and dey are ALL over my park. I even had one growl at me and try to run at me today in my own parking lot. RUDE!

Ok, but between guardin momma from all da zombies and dere zombie werewolf dogs, I also got to model my new Howloween dress!

Dis side are just pumpkins and leaves, so it are good for all of fall Pumpkin Spice Season.

And yeah, dere's pumpkin buttons too!

Today I got to wear the other side, which are Howloween themed.

And look, I'm not da only one! Brinley got to wear hers today too! Good thing she sent me pics from Plano!

Wait, if it are Howloween, why are dere kitty cats on it??

I don't know either, but I are ready to bark zombies in it.

And there's jack o'lantern buttons on it too!!

Sunday, October 17, 2021

Sunday Selfie


It's Selfie Day! So today wuz a more peaceful walk, no loose dogs running at me and momma. And I got a bike ride which was fun. And I watched da Cowboys win - pretty shure it wuz cuz of my cute cheerleader dress. Speaking of which . . . 

Miss Ann of Zooaltry made me this cute graphic. Now I'm thinking maybe I need a sparkly hat to go wif my dress, BOL.

Saturday, October 16, 2021

It are Tuff to Hafta Be on Guard

Hey pals.

Well, I has been doin ok. I are gettin tired of these dogs who are RUDE and whose owners don't think dey need to be on leashes. It are kinda scary when somebody who are like 6 times your size just starts running at ya. I mean, I gotta start figgerin out how to defend my momma from dis THREAT and yeah, it are STRESS.

But, mostly I are ok. But I did get some some sad news today, my good friend Ruby went to da Rainbow Bridge today.

I bet Angel Whitley and Angel Finley were waiting to meet ya wif margaritas. Rest in peace sweet girl.

Sunday, October 10, 2021

Sunday Selfie


It's Sunday so it's selfie time! And it are WINDY here - and no, it are not cuz I has been eatin beans. I wuz havin fun stickin my face into da 35 mph winds (and no, dat are NOT counting wind gusts which were much higher) when momma took me out at halftime, but she said here wuz a lotta dust so we had to go in since dat couldn't be good for either one of us to be breathin. Oh well, it wuz fun while I got to do it. Now I just gotta wait until momma cooks da chikken for her tacos and hope I can beg some off her!

Saturday, October 9, 2021

Weekend Westie


So it has been a lil boring around dis joint wif no Brinley to bark wif. But sometimes I hear her on da phone and I bark along. 

But I did get some bacon bites today, so things aren't too bad around here. And I kept my momma company while she watched da footballs. And she finished a new Yowloween dress for me!

Thursday, October 7, 2021

Spellin Lessons

So momma says I are still "feelin myself" after having my BFF come visit. Cuz now I are no longer hiding PROTECTING momma by trying to walk in between her legs when we see big dogs in da park. No, I are tellin em it are MY park and dey can just back off. Yeah, it are Kinley's world and they are LUCKY just to live in it. Just remember, ya can't spell terriertory wifout terrier. Don't even try. Dis LWD owns da LBK.

Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Wordy Wednesday


Hey pals!

So I had so much fun getting to hang wif my BFF!

We barked ALL kinds of dogs and I got to show her my park!

Yeah, da two of us wuz pretty unstoppable.

But she had to go back to Plano. I mean, ya can't leave da cats in charge for too long there - they might start gettin ideas!

I wuz sad to see her go.

But it wuz National Taco Day. Which meant lookin cute in my taco dress. 

Things are back to "normal" around here.

Well, as normal as they ever are! BOL! I've been gettin walks and bike rides and Momma has been decoratin for Howl-o-ween. And I heard somefin bout Howl-o-ween toys for me soon!