Monday, February 24, 2014

Mardi Paws!

So, as y'all can see, I got me and my page all fixed up for Mardi Paws!  Bring on da zydecos!!!  Here are some Boozoo to helps get ya in da mood!

And we can't forget da foodz - gumbo, crawfish étouffée, seafoods dirty rice, jambalayas, crawfish enchiladas, yummmmm!!!

Hope y'all have a pawtastic Mardi Paws!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Oh da Outwage!

So my Aussie pal from a land down under Charlie wanted to see a picture of me post-strippins.

As y'all can see, I's a lil fluffier lookin.  Momma got a huge ball of white furs off of me, but somehow I still winds up lookin fluffier.  It are like reverse hair-kology of somethin I fink.

I don't know what she are gonna do with all my furs dat she steals.  Last night she were talking about makin a needle-felted westie outta my furs after she saw da cute lil needle felted schnauzer dat Zoe showed off on her doggy bloggy.  She were saying "what would look more like a westie dan real westie furs??" or something kinda like dat.  I think she are officially crazy.

Anyways, she are still sane enuf dat she membered to take me for my walk.  After all, she made me look all cute and fluffy with da strippins so I had to show off my cuteness to da world.  Can you believe dat no one stopped to pet me da whole time????  OMD, it are an OUTWAGE!  So I had to beg for pets from my momma and Finley's momma.  We saw some peoples when me and Finley had a water break and dey talked to da mommas and said we were cute.  So I tried to go up to da woman to get pets, but she went right into her house instead!!  I think dere are somethin wrong wif her, maybe she are secretly a zombie so dat are why she do not want to get to close or somethin since I would sniffs her out.  

Den Finley went to da vet to get her blood stolen and I stayed here and did guard duty.  I are Head of Security round dis place and it are a very important job.  I gotta protect against invadin zombies, skwerrils, varmints, zombie varmints, well, ya names it.  

I guess it are back to work for me . . . 

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Black and White Sunday

Hope y'all had a good Sunday!  It were great weather here, in da 70s with some winds and sunshine.  So I gotsta go on a walk and bark up da neighborhood.  And dere were lots to bark - other dogs, kidses playing soccers, and kidses playing da baseyballs.  I barked 'em all!

And I got a baff today too!  I know some of y'all don't like bathytimes, but I luvs 'em.  I get so cited about it.  I even hopped in da tub before my momma told me to because I saw her roll up her pantses, which means bath time!  

But I heard her say somethin about strippins.  Which do not mean dancin round on a pole, it means pullin out my bee-yoo-tee-full furs.  So dey don't get Matted.  I don't know who Matt are or what he wants to do with my furs, but apparently da strippin helps with dat.  I guess.  I hates it so I may be tryin to hide somewhere.  Don't tell my momma, ok??

Hope you have a better Sunday night dan I fears I are gonna have.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Lots of Barkerins

Yeah, dis are me with my new Valentine's toy looking all adorables.  Well, my toy before Finley decided to rip open da seam and start takin out da fluffens.  Luckily, Finley's momma sews, so she are gonna sew up MY toy.  Meanwhile, I just have to steal Finley's which are just like mine cept it are blue and mine are green.

I gots to go on a walk today and got some good barkerings in.  Da weather here are be-yoo-tiful, it are 70 and sunny.  It were perfect walkin weather.  And dere were also peoples out which needed to be barked.  One of dems was even flying a kite, so I barked da kite too.  

So I guess by nows, dose of y'all who was my Dogster pals has heard da news dat Dogster are not closin now.  Well, dey say dey don't know what'll happen to our pages, groups, and forums and stuff.  So it are all up in da air, kinda like da kite I were tellin ya about.  Well, I just wanted to let y'all know dat I are gonna be staying here on my blog - we'll check in on Dogster and sometimes copy our entries over there, but we do not trust dem not to do somethin weasely again in da futures.  Ya knows how us terrierists is, kinda suspicious and not da most trustin dogs who'll go off with anyone.  So dat are my opinion on dat, not dat anybody asked.  

Plus, dere's a lotta other pups who has blogs I are havin fun either reconnectin with or meetin.  Y'all can check out dere blogs over on my blog roll to da right.  Dere are so many cutie pie Scotties on dis bloggy thing - y'all are makin my momma talk bout Scottie puppies a lil too much, BOL BOL!   She keeps threatenin me with a new puppy sisfur or brofur.  I is not sure bout dis puppy talk - I mean, I already has Finley to rip open my toys, do I really needs a puppy too?  

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Sepia Saturday

Hey puppers!  Dis week, we gots some snow!  It were not a whole lot and it did not stick around very long, but I had fun diggin and scruffin in it.  And searchin for snow zombies, I gotsta guard my home away from da snow zombies.  I made sure to bark a lot just to make sure dat dey stayed away from my house.

Today I finally got to go on a walk - my momma had not walked me in a million billion elebenty seven years or somethin becuz of da colds.  But it were warmer today, so I got my walk and patrolled for invadin varmints.  Now we is watchin da Olimpiks - go Team USA!  

P.S. My other kitty pal, Maurice, just started his blog - Maurice's Meowsings.  Go check it out.  Or else I'll bark ya!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

All Dressed Up and Nowheres To Go . . .

Being all dressed up and havin nowheres to go stinks!  I are always lookin cute, but today I were lookin especially cute.  I had on my Valentine's Day dress and I looked just adorable.

See dat face?  Dat are da face of adorableness, right??  A face dat deserves to be seen by all my admirin fans, right??  Not just stuck in da house with no one to pay any attention to me but da mommas and Finley and da kitties right???

Well, see, it raineded dis mornin, so da mommas was not wantin to go on a walk today.  So nobody got to see me!!  It are bad enough of a regular day because most of da time in suburbia, da peoples in inside dere houses and do not even bother to come out and admire my cuteness, da way dey did when I lived in Lost Anjelus, Bawston, and Austin.  But not gettin any walk at all???  Dere's no way anyone can see me!!!

I did get to bark at da mailman dude who left a couple packages on da porch, so da day were not a total loss.  But neither one of da packages was for me, which were another problem . . .

Pee Ess - I gotsa whole list of blogger tips for you pupses who is new to bloggin - check it out here.  I also added a couple of blog rolls to my blog - one are a list of former Dogster and Catster members who's got blogs so we can finds each other.  The other are a list of all da blogs I follow - check dem out, dere are lotsa cool pupses out here in da blog-os-fear.