Monday, November 29, 2021

Bad Drivers Stink!


Well pals, on Saturday, some bozo ran into my grandpa when he wuz out walking.

He wuz hit pretty bad - he had to go to da hospital in an ambulance and has a broken humerus in his shoulder.

He are goin to da orthopedist tomorrow to find out about surgery.

It really stinks - he are in a lot of pain. Brinley has been keeping him company watching movies wif him.

But I are upset becuz I can't jump on him and he can't pick me up for snuggles.

We KNEW there wuz a good reason why we bark trucks!

Don't worry grandpa, we'll keep those nasty trucks away from you!

Friday, November 26, 2021

Happy Birthday Momma!


Today it are my momma's birthday! Happy birthday Momma!

She are SEVEN times my age! OMD!!!

I made shure she had a fun day - I gave her kissies while she exercised and I gave her some snuggles and we went on a walk.

Oh, and there wuz presents and a brunch and there are gonna be a CAKE and dinner and all kindsa human stuff too! But she wuz happy she got to spend it wif both of us!

Thursday, November 25, 2021

Happy Thanksgiving!


Happy Thanksgiving pals!

It are dat tastiest of holidays! 

Just look at dat burd - YUMM!

I'm thankful for turkey! And all of my Blogville pals! But mostly turkey . . . 

Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Back With My BFF!


So me and momma and Travis made it back to Plano! And I are back wif my BFF!

I did pretty good in da car. Well, I wanted to go sit in momma's lap and give her kisses, but I wuz harnessed into da car seat, so I didn't get to do dat. I did freak out when she had to get outta da car in Weatherford to get gas. But mostly I did good.

I has been hangin wif my BFF - we's been going on walks and practicin our beggin faces for tomorrow.

Happy Thanksgiving pals!

Monday, November 22, 2021

On The Road Again (Well, Soon!)

So I are ready for da road trip! Get ready Brinley, Bowie, and Angelique cuz Kinley and Travis are coming back!! And den dere are gonna be turkey - I can't wait, dis week are gonna be PAWSOME!

Sunday, November 21, 2021

Sunday Selfie


Well, momma has been doing that weird packing thing ALL night tonite. And for some reason, me sitting on top of her clothes wuz "not helpful." Hey, I just noticed those jeans wuz lacking in stylish white fur and I are trying to help keep her on trend so she duzn't look too OLD on her birthday. Ya think she'd show some appreshayshuns, but NO. I just hope she takes a break soon so I can get some cuddle time.

Saturday, November 20, 2021

Silly Gooses


Hey pals!

Well, on Thursday, momma had me wear da mouse dress since it wuz da Mickey Mouse dude's birthday. I just told all da pups in da park dat it wuz for all da mouses I has killed. Ok, I has only killed 1 or 2 mouses, but THEY don't know that.

Speaking of da park. we has a goose infestation.

I know next week are all about da turkey, but I could go for some roasted goose as a warm up.

Today I watched football wif my momma and our team won! Go Bruins!!

Tuesday, November 16, 2021

New Dresses!


Hey pals! Well, even though I are back in Lubbock, I thought I'd show ya some pics from last week when I wuz hanging out wif Brinley and we got to wear our new dresses.

Yeah, I miss my BFF too, but momma says I'll be seeing her again very soon.

So, do ya see what these dresses had on em??


Yeah, we like CHASING squirrels.

Maybe this are squirrel-hunting camo so those furry tree rats will think we're friendly.

Hey, it are worth a shot!

There were acorn buttons too.

We got to wear our new dress on our walks in Plano - we were the most styling duo in town!

The other side are a woodland theme and has all kindsa critters.

Deers, bunnies, owls, squirrels, foxes, hedgies . . . 

I bet they'd be fun to chase!!

I wonder what our next dresses will be??

Anyways, here's a close up of da buttons!

Sunday, November 14, 2021

Sunday Selfies


So me and momma and Travis drove back to Lubbock today. Ok, momma drove and me and Travis slept.

But momma says I are gonna be back in Plano super soon, so I'll be able to tear it up wif Brinley soon.

Until then, she's gonna hafta take care of the zombies there. I'll handle da West Texas ones.

Saturday, November 13, 2021

Happy Birthday Grandma!

Today wuz my grandma's birthday! I'm so happy I got to come and spend her birthday wif her!

I made shure to give her LOTSA kisses!

So did Brinley!

Happy birthday!!