Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Happy Terrier Tuesday!

Aroo everybody!  

Da weather here has been really pawsome, so we got to hang out outside today and we got in some good walkies too!

Yesterday we got to model one of our Valentine's dresses.

Don't da two of us look festive??

Momma says we is both sweethearts.

Ok, sometime we is growly sweethearts, but we is terrierists, so yeah, some growlin comes wif da terriertory.

When you're dis cute, ya get away wif it.

A big belated FANK YOU to my pals Wyatt and Tegan for my ornament and collar I won in their Traveling with Terriers contest - FANKS so much!!

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Sunday Selfies

Hi y'all!  Well, me, Brinley, and Finley got baffs yesterday and momma says I won for dirtiest dog.  OMD!  There's so many people and places I'd like to thank . . . thank you to the neighbors who let the mud wash out of their yard onto the sidewalk, thank you to the leaves that are still in piles down the block, thank you to Brinley's momma for her planting beds, thank you to my genetics for dis floofy fur . . . 

Ok, momma says no more awards shows for me.  So here's a picture of Brinley (who was also pretty dirty but not AS dirty as me).

Anyways, my momma wanted to let all my pals (and dere mommas and daddies) know dat she relaunched her blog to be a recipe blog (for food and drinks!)  Now I'm not too interested in recipes, but if it means more foodables, it must be good, right?   Anyways, if you're interested ya can check it out here.  Dere are no way she are gonna be as popular as me, but she can try I guess.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Happy Chinese New Year!

Happy Chinese New Year!  Or gung hey fat choi!

Well, since it are a hollyday, ya knew me and Brinley would have dresses for it right?

We is wearin our China girl dresses - I in-hair-ited mine from Whitley and Brinley are wearin one dat she shares wif Finley.

Pretty nice of Finley to share.  If only she'd share her dinner . . .

Ok, we is not Chinese (we is Scottish dogs who live in America from a Brazilian breeder wif ancestors from England, Scotland, Poland, and France - wow dat are really pretty multicultural right dere!), but I fink we is doin a pretty good job of dressin up for da hollyday.

A close up so ya can see da flower buttons.

Momma says it are da Year of da Rooster.  Which are Brinley's daddy's Chinese zodiac sign - I says it fits him pretty well since he likes to get up at da crack of dawn (unlike da mommas who think dat are bedtime, BOL!)

I'm just curious - since it are da year of da chikken, duz dat mean more chikken for me??

Friday, January 27, 2017

More Unicorns!

Y'all didn't think we wuz done showin off our dresses, didja?

Today we is wearin da aqua side, and it has more unicorns on it.  Guess we wuz born to have unicorns be worn.  Ok, we's not poet laureates, but we are cute.

Dis side has da unicorn buttons too.

Udder dan dat, not too much eggcitement are goin on round here.  Da two of us has spent most of da day nappin on my momma, but we is gonna get a walk in later.

I's hopin for some good stuff to growl at.

We also heard a roomer bout pizza tonite.

Do ya think dis face can score some crust?

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Unicorn Dresses!

So momma finished our January dresses last night.

And da theme are unicorns!!

Yeah, Brinley has gotten really good at posin, hasn't she?

Isn't dat just girly cuteness?

Brinley are not da only one who has mastered da over-da-shoulder shot.

And look at da buttons - dey is unicorns too!

I'll show y'all da udder side tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Endangered Species Challenge

Hi y'all!  I know I normally duz Wordless Wednesday, but today all of Blogville are talkin bout Endangered Species and it are too important for me to be wordless.

I chose da Amur Leopard as my species.  Ok, dis are just a leopard stuffy of my momma's and not a real leopard (I know y'all is shocked), but it are da best I could do.  I mean, I asked momma to paint some spots on Travis and make him pose wif me, but she wuzn't gonna do dat.

Ok, dis are da real deal.  What a pretty big kitty.  Dese eggstremely rare leopards live in da far east of Russia (privet koshka!).  And dey are critically endangered - dere are only about 60 left in the wild today.

Dese beeyootifull animals are so endangered because of habitat loss and prey scarcity.  But mostly they is endangered becuz of nasty humans illegally poachin dem for dere gorgeous furs.

Dese big kitties are teetering on da brink of eggstinkshun.

Ya know I luvs da kitties I live wif, and dese big kitties remind of me of dem.  And da big kitties has always been my momma's favorite wild animals, along wif dolphins.  Which is why she felt sick when she saw someone she knows (not a friend) posing with a dead leopard dey shot on Facebook.  And dat pickshure of da President's sons posin wif a leopard dey killed.  :(  Makes my momma (and me) real sad.  Anyone who has to kill one of these pretty kitties to feel strong or like a real man are not a real man in my momma's book!

I'm hopin dese pretty kitties can make a comeback.

In udder news, we is sellabratin today . . .

Brinley turned 9 months old today!!

And yeah, she are a cutie pie.

We got cookies to sellabrate!

And of course we is wearin pink.  Cuz on Wednesdays we wear pink.


Now it's time for a walk!