Sunday, August 29, 2021

Sunday Selfie


Hey pals! Well, I had a good weekend! I got bacon and snuggle time wif momma while we watched football and she worked on job applicayshuns yesterday. And if you are thinking - didn't she just start a new job? Ya is right. But it are a visiting assistant professorship and lasts one year and August is when law professors go "on the market" and apply for jobs. So yeah, she has to look for a new job before she even gets a paycheck. Good thing I have tenure as da Cutest Westie in Town Ph.D.

Today since she finished wif da direct applicayshuns (52!) we got to have fun and go on a bike ride. Momma says there's not really anywhere good to ride her bike here, but we do go around this group of apartment complexes and a neighborhood. I really like it becuz I like being taller and faster than all the other dogs!

Now maybe it's time for some snuggles and Outlander? I LUV dat bagpipe music!

Thursday, August 26, 2021

Happy National Dog Day!


So today it are National Dog Day. Which I thought wuz EVERY day, BOL.

I think Brinley are trying to wish me a happy National Dog Day all da way from Plano!

Momma even did a lil drawing for today! Hmmm, maybe she'll be generous wif da treats tonite too!

Sunday, August 22, 2021

Sunday Selfies


Hi pals! Well, I had a pretty good weekend I guess. Lots of walks and snuggle time while momma and me watched Outlander. And she did some boring stuff like work on job applicayshuns (dis are a one year job so she kinda has to start immediately lookin for anudder one).

Look, it are Brinley! We miss her a lot. It are tuff, first we lost Finley den I had to move a bazillion miles away (momma says it are not really a bazillion, more like 370).

At least I got some chikken tonite. Yum.

Friday, August 20, 2021

Parks and Pizzas


Hi pals! Well, momma made it through her furstest week of work and she still has a job! YAY! BOL, BOL. I has been getting daily walks in my new park. Y'all wanna see it?

Can ya believe there are some OTHER dogs that think they can walk there??

Yeah, it are cray cray.

Anyways, I are doin ok. Missin my BFF and my Bowie and Angelique and grandma and grandpa, but I are doing ok. Tonite's pizza crusts helped.

Monday, August 16, 2021

Momma's New Job

So momma started her new job today. And she still has it tonite, so I guess she did ok, BOL BOL!

I had a new dress for da occayshun.

So yeah, dat are why we is in Lubbock and dat are where she are workin.

Wreck 'em Tech. Or somefin like dat.

Sunday, August 15, 2021

Sunday Selfie

Well, it's Sunday, so it are selfie time. I got a walk in da park dis morning and I also got some bacon bites! It are kinda weird being da only dog in da house, but I are doin my bestest to keep my momma safe from scary stuff like air condishuners dat start making lotsa noise when ya walk past em and udder dogs dat walk past our partment.

Saturday, August 14, 2021

What da WOOF????


So ummm, da couple weeks has been SUPER weird.

Well, I already wrote bout how my stuff got stolen. It just got weirder after that.

Momma took me on da world's longest car ride.

I guess Brinley's momma took her on da same kinda car ride becuz I got to see her when da mommas stopped for gas and den she wuz at dis weird place wif me.

Dere wuz like practically nuffin in it.

I guess da barking about my stuff gettin stolen on here worked becuz da robbers brought it all back to me. 

But they brought it all back to me here.

Den da mommas started taking everything outta da boxes. I guess dat wuz to make shure it wuz all here.

I snoopervised.

I wuz happy to have my BFF here wif me.

Da mommas wuz working like crazy.

But dey did sometimes take breaks and we got to do some fun stuff. Like go smell all dese weird smells around here.

And we got to go on some fun walks together.

Da mommas kept workin on all da boxes, and eventually da weird place started to look a lot better.

Dey even found some of my toys!

Yeah, dat wuz a good sign.

The whole thing wuz WEIRD, but I wuz fine cuz I had my BFF and my momma and grandma.

Well, I thought I had em anyways.

Grandma and Brinley got into dis minivan and drove away. And my momma forgot to follow em!

I are missing Brinley and following momma EVERYWHERE!

Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Da Case of Da Missin Stuffs

Well me and Brinley has a serious problem on our paws. I mean we is trying our bestest to be good Heads of Security even if SOME certain pup who left a will giving my duties away to a C-A-T did not think I wuz capable. 

Stop laffin Brinley.

As I said, dere are a serious problem. Dis morning, da mommas put us in crates in Brinley's pawrents room. I didn't think much of it since I like my crate. And I like my naps. And naps in my crate. Anyways, I wuz nappin, uhhh, I mean, going over important head of security duties in my office and OMD, some robbers broke into da house and STOLE all dis stuff. Da boxes are gone, lots of furniture are gone, it are a DISASTER! 

So me and Brinley are gonna hafta investimagate dis here disaster. Pretty shure we are gonna need some of dat BBQ chikken to give us da strength for such a tuff job momma.