Saturday, October 31, 2015

Yappy Howloween!!

Yappy Howloween y'all!

I's rockin my steampunk costoome - goggles and all!!

My dress matches my momma's!

Finley's momma sure are talented - she made both of our costumes!!

Here are a better view of her outfit.

Hope y'all get a lotta treats tonite!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Sunshines, Earthworm Suicide, and a New Shirt, Oh My!

Well, I don't really got much news today, my leg are pretty much da same.  I are still not walkin or standin on my own.  But I did get to have some fun today, it wuz kinda perfect weather here - it wuz bout 76 and sunny.  Well, perfect for late October anyways, my momma are a nutso and always wants it to be summer and HOT, but I like it a lil cooler.   She duzn't have a permanent fur coat like me.  In fact, she don't have no fur coat.  Anyways, since it wuz so nice, me and momma spent da afternoon lyin on lounge chairs by da pool.  And speakin of da pool, we had a massive earthworm suicide in dere - it wuz like da Earthworm Jim Jones had been in town or somefin.  Appropriate for it almost bein Howloween, but kinda icky too.

Dis are da udder new Howloween shirt my momma got me.  Does it mean I are too cute to get spooked or too cute to spook anyone??  I dunno, I guess it are like dat chikken or da egg thing.  Wait, I knows da answer to dat one.  Eat BOTH.

Monday, October 26, 2015

I Got My Eye On You

Anudder new hoodie my momma got at Petsmart.  Dis one are for Howloween.  I has eyes in da back of my head, or well, da back of my back anyways.

It wuz back to da vet for me for anudder cold laser and electro-accupunkshure treatment.  And da vet agreed I musta reinjured myself.  I gots an anti-inflammatory shot and are gonna be on da pain meds for a few days.  Dere wuz some talk bout surgery, but it are not somefin my momma wants to do given unless it are absolutely necessary given my age and dat it would rekwrire some pretty intensive fisical therapees.  So for now we are just tryin to let it heal.  I's still not movin on my own much at all.  But gettin carried round all da time are helpin momma get her weight-liftin in, BOL BOL!

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Sunday Selfie

Yeah, it wuz kind of a sleepy selfie today.  But wif da dreary gray weather, can ya blame me??

My momma went shoppin yesterday and she got me some new clothes.  Includin dis new Cowboys hoodie.  Not dat it helped em win today, I guess dey needed more help dan dis lil westie girl could provide.  Although I does has somefin in common wif da Cowboys' stars - I's on da injured list too.  But momma said she didn't think anyone had to help Dez or Romo stand up when dey gotta pee.  BOL BOL!

Saturday, October 24, 2015

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

Or in my case, one gettin outta da bed so I could drinks some more water and no steps da next morning.  Yup pals, I wuz startin to get better, limpin round da house and even puttin some weight on da bad leg.  Until I decided last night to go get outta bed to drink some water.

Dis mornin, I's back to not walkin AT ALL.  I had to be carried out in da rain to do my bizness dis mornin.  And when my momma just took me out again at halftime, she had to use a leash to hold up my hind end.  And I'd been doin so much better too - as I said, I had been walkin around ok.  Dis are what keeps happenin to me - I gets to feelin a lil better, den I go and re-injure my leg.  It are cuz I's a terrierist and us terrierists are stubborn.  And I wants my nighttime water and momma puttin me down in front of da water bowl to drink before bedtime are not enuf.  Now I are hearin talk bout how I might have to be crated at night if I keeps dis stuff up.  What da woof??  I has been sleepin in da bed wif my momma ever since I wuz housebroken!

I wuz sad to read dat my pretty lil pal Isadora had to go to da Rainbow Bridge dis week.  She sure wuz a cutie pie.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Flashback Friday: Witch Bitch

Well, Finley's momma are hard at work on me and my momma's Howloween costumes (we is gonna be doin steampunk in case ya missed it).  So I thought I'd show ya some photos of when I dressed up as witch.  I's done da witch costume a few times (hey, it are a Howloween classic ya knows), but dese photos are my momma's favorite.  Dey are ANCIENT, way back from 2010 (at least dat are when we THINK dey is from.  Dey could be from 2008 or 2009, but we are pretty sure dis wuz 2010).  I bet some of my pals wuzn't even alive back den!!

I is a smilin witch here.

And in dis one, I are practicin my witch cackle.  I gots a pretty good one if I does say so myself.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Hugs for Da Three Little Pugs

As a bunch of y'all know, my pals at The Three Little Pugs have been havin a tuff time lately and dere daddy wuz recently injured real bad in an accident at work.  So Hailey and Zaphod organized a Hugs from Around the World Day - all of Blogville are sendin big hugs to Iowa!  Includin me and my momma - we luv y'all and hope things start gettin better for ya soon.  So big hugs and westie kisses are comin from deep in da heart of Texas for ya!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Not Quite Wordless Wednesday

Hey y'all!  I's wearing my brand new Angel Greta button dat da Idaho Pugs sent me - it are so cute!!! As most of y'all know, October are breast cancer awareness month.  Da Idaho Pugs' momma are a breast cancer survivor and every year, Angel Greta sends dese buttons out to her Blogville pals.  Ya can read all bout it here.  My momma's grandma who we went to go see lastest weekend are a breast cancer survivor too, and I know lotsa us in Blogville have family members who are survivors.  Tell your mommas to check demselves for any lumps and make sure to check us too - pups and kitties can get breast cancer too.  So think pink, save the boobies (dey is GREAT for nappin on) and beat breast cancer!

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Nature's Variety Prairie Oven-Baked Biscuits with Pumpkin and Cranberry from Chewy!

Hey y'all!  It are pumpkin month at!  I luvs pumpkin flavored treats - and so does my momma!  Pumpkin spice lattes from Starbucks, pumpkin bread, pumpkin pie (ok, dat are nextest month, but still), pumpkin mellowcreme candies (not pumpkin flavored, but my momma are a nutso bout em), well, ya gets da idea.  Pumpkin are pawsome!  And I got to test out da Nature's Variety Prairie All Natural Oven-Baked Biscuits with Pumpkin and Cranberry from dis month.  YUM!  Chewy are da online pet store dat delivers foods and treats right to your doorstep, and dey delivered wif dis pumpkiny goodness.

Pumpkin and cranberry - I are thinkin even though I got dese in October dat dey are da perfect treat for November!  Momma says dey smells good - she can smell da pumpkin, cinnamon, and cloves in em.

Dese treats are made in da USA and are wheat, corn, and soy-free.  Dey gots oatmeal, barley, tapioca, pumpkin, cranberries canola oil, turkey meal, montrmorillonite clay, ground flaxseed, natural flavor, cinnamon, cloves, mixed tocopherols, citric acid, and rosemary extract in em.  Nuffin dat Finley are allyergik to, so she gets to test em out.  And it wuz a big bag - over a pound of treats!  Which are good if I are gonna have to share wif Finley, BOL BOL!

Ok, dey look good, I'm ready to test em out!

Gimme dat cookie now!

Yummy!  I think I needs a few more!

Finley wuz all dressed up in her Howloween outfit to test em out!

I wouldn't tease Finley if I wuz you, momma.

I think Finley liked em as much as I did!  She sure munched em down at warp speed.  Dese wuz tasty, da Nature's Variety Prairie All Natural Oven-Baked Biscuits with Pumpkin and Cranberry earned 8 paws up and 2 waggin tails!  Again, we wuz impressed by Chewy's fast shippin - our treats came right away.  Fanks so much Chewy!

Disclaimer: As part of the Chewy Blogger Program, I wuz provided the treat for free for an honest review, but wuz not paid for my opinion.  Since I already got my beach trip, I guess I just should keep askin for dat brand new convertible to cruise round town in.  Ya never knows.  Or maybe a stroller so I can get back to goin on walks, dat would be pawsome too.

Monday, October 19, 2015

On The Road Again . . .

Hey y'all!  I'm back from anudder road trip!  Dis time, me and Finley and da mommas went to da bustlin megapolis of Kerrville, Texas.  BOL BOL!  Ok, it are where James Avery are headquartered, so it are not outta da queshtun dat my momma would go there for shoppin, but we acksually went dere to see my momma's grandparents (Finley's momma's parents).  I just calls em Nana and Pawpaw, since dat are what my momma calls em.

I did a lotta dis on da way down.  It are bout a 6 hour drive, so I had bout a 6 hour nap!  And dis time I gots to sit in my momma's lap on my princess pillow.

I did some snuffin round dere backyard, but I didn't run and bounce round like I used to.  My leg are doin bout da same - it are not great, but it are not as bad as it has been.  I can balance on it to do my bizness, I can sometimes put weight on to walk, but most da time I are draggin it round or hoppin along.

Usually, I woulda been sittin wif Nana and Pawpaw and gettin lots of attenshuns from em, but I could not really hop up there to see dem.  And since dey are 86 and 87, dey can't really lift me up like my momma and Finley's pawrents can.  Momma said if I wanted some simpathees for my arhtur-eye-tis and mobilitee isshoes dat I went to da right place.  Finley went and visited Nana and Pawpaw though and got some pets from em.

My Nana are not doin very good - she has da beginnin stages of da Old Timer's disease we thinks and it are makin everybody real sad.  Pawpaw are havin to do all of da caretakin work (and he are almost 88 and has da arthur-eye-tis and all dat, so it are tuff on him too).  Dey has been married for 65 years and are best friends, seein em like dis are kinda breakin my momma's and Finley's momma's hearts.  Dey's really wonnerful peeps.  I's not tryin to get depressin here, but I just needed to say it, ok??  I knew y'all would understand.

Dis are Nana and Finley's momma.

And here are Finley's momma wif her Pawpaw.

We had a pretty good visit (my favorite part wuz da bacon I gots at Sunday breakfast!)  Da mommas is plannin on goin back in early December, dey just wish dey lived closer.

Den we headed over to Austin where I used to live.  We went to EZ's for dinner.

Finley are givin her momma a kiss, she sure iz a sweetie pie!

I got to lick a lil bit of whippy cream for my momma's milkshake!  I also got some chikken and bun from her samwich and some fries too.  I scored good!

I guess all dat work on my cute face paid off.

Den we headed up to Salado to stop for da night - I slept right up on da pillow next to my momma da whole night!  Den we headed home today.

Oh, and somebody guessed me and my momma's Howloween costumes - Lynn Delage is right and we is doing steampunk!!  Lynn, ya has won a bandana, so send me an email wif your address and da size of da neck meashurement ya wants it to be!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Wordless Wednesday

My Howloween Game Questuns and Answers . . .

1. Could you be Dorothy and Toto? Nope.  We did dat one years ago, way back in 2006.
2.  Does it involve pool ball?  Nope.
3.  Is it a movie character?  Nope.
4.  Is it a Disney theme? Nope.
5.  Is it Cinderella and a pumpkin? Nope.
6.  Does it involve a foodable?  Nope.
7.  Is it Little Red Riding Hood and the wolf?  Nope.
8.  Are you going to be cowgirls?  Nope.
9.  Is it something where the 2 of you go together, ex: Dorothy and Toto?  We'll have matching costumes, but no, it are not a pair like Dorothy and Toto.
10.  Is it Timmy and Lassie?  Nope.   I don't think my momma would make a good Timmy, BOL.
11.  Are you characters from a book?  Nope.
12.  Are you going as historical characters?  KIND OF.  There's a historical element to da costume.
13.  Is it a real person/thing?  Nope.
14.  Are you a scary pair?  Not really.
15.  Do you need to wear a hat?  YUP.
16.  Does it involve you running through a coal bin and being costumed as a Scottie?  Nope.
17.  Are you a headless horse-doggy?  Nope.
18.  Are you going to be riding a bicycle built for two?  Nope.
19.  Are you Texas bluebonnets?  Nope.
20.  Are you a flower and a bumblebee?  Nope.
21.  Are you Little Bo Peep and her lost sheep?  Nope.
22.  Are you Batman?  Nope.
23.  Does it involve a pigtail wig?  Nope.
24.  Are you going to be kitties?  Nope.
25.  Are you a couple of clowns?  Nope.  Some peeps might say so, but we's not dressin up like em.
26.  Is it something to do with Texas?  Nope.
27.  Are you Elizabeth I?  Nope.  But my momma really wants to do Anne Boleyn and Elizabeth in da future.
28.  Are you inviting Finley and being the three musketeers?  Nope. Finley are plannin her own costume.
29.  Is it a character from a famous painting?  Nope.
30.  Are you hippies?  Nope.  Even though I has da long scruffy fur for it.
31.  Are you going as Southern Belles?  Nope.
32.  Are you going to be a baby and momma with you in a carriage?  Nope.  Finley's momma are talkin bout gettin me a stroller, but it are not for Howloween.
33.  Are you gonna be a pizza and a delivery boy?  Nope.
34.  Are you going to be a bacon and egg pair?  Nope, but I am gettin hungry here!
35.  Are you going to be queens and princesses?  Nope.
36.  Are you going to be Disney characters?  Nope.
37.  Is it a dog and a tree?  BOL BOL!  Nope.
38.  Are you a flower in a pot?  Nope.
39.  Are you a witch?  Nope, but good guess.  I has been a witch before.
40.  Are you cavewomen?  Nope.
41.  Are you going as Victorian ladies?  Nope, but ya is gettin warmer.
42.  Are you a pirate?  Nope, even though da peg leg might be appropriate right about now.
43.  Are you going as a cowgirl?  Nope.
44.  Are you going as Raggedy Annes?  Nope.
45.  Are you going as Cinderella before she wuz a princess?  Nope.
46.  Are you going as Irish washerwomen?  Nope, BOL!  I does luv me some taters though.
47.  Are you going as policewomen?  Nope.
48.  Are you going as Sadie Hawkins?  Nope, as a proper Southern Belle, I waits for boys to ask ME.
49.  Are you going as Civil War soldiers or ladies?  Nope.
50.  Are you a witch?  Nope.
51.  Are you Martha Washington?  Nope.
52.  Are you biker chicks?  Nope.
53.  Are you characters from Gone With the Wind?  Nope.  But dat are my momma's udder favorite movie, besides Da Lil Mermaid.
54.  Are you going as Edwardian ladies from Downton Abbey?  Nope.  But I could use a valet, BOL!
55.  Are you going as the Wicked Witch of the West and a flying monkey?  Nope.
56.  Are you going as Hermione Granger?  Nope, but my momma reads enuf books to be her.
57.  Are you going as a dancer?  Nope.
58.  Are you going as Salem witches?  Nope.
59.  Are you going as a pilgrim?  Nope.
60.  Are you going as baristas?  Nope, but I could sure go for a puppacino now.
61.  Are you going as Charlie Chaplin?  Nope.
62.  Are you gonna be the girl who wore the Scarlet Letter?  Nope.
63.  Are you going to be the sun and the moon?  Nope.
64.  Are you going as 80s punk rockers?  Nope, but dem boots are some kinda punk!
65.  Are you going as Lizzie Borden?  Nope.
66.  Are you gonna be a Little House on the Prairie kid?  Nope.
67.  Are you going to be Lady Macbeths?  Nope.
68.  Are you going to be Jill from Jack and Jill?  Nope.
69.  Are you going as Jane from the Dick and Jane books?  Nope, but one set of my momma's grandparents are named Dick and Jane.  No kidding!
70.  Are you going as Pippi Longstocking?  Nope.
71.  Are you going as Puss in Boots?  Nope.
72.  Are you Anne from Anne of Green Gables?  Nope.

CLUE #1:  Dese are da shoes my momma are gonna wear for her costume - remember, we is goin as da SAME thing.