Tuesday, September 27, 2016

A Misteree

Hey y'all!  We is happy pupses!  Fall, or autumn, or just not being a bazillion degrees has finally arrived in Texas!

So we had a lot more enerjeez on our Zombie Patrol™ today.

Momma can like dat hot stuff all she wants, she ain't wearin a fur coat on da walks!!

Anyways, somefin else are goin on round here - it are a misteree!!

I's heard talk bout a Minnie Van, a big yard to run round in, and somefin bout no internets for days or weeks or a year or somefin!!!

We don't know what da mommas is talkin bout!

But dey is not sooner eggcited bout it - parently it are a "work trip" and will involve a whole lotta cleanin (and not just our messes, BOL BOL!)

But cents we don't have to clean, we is really eggcited bout whatefur it are!

After all, we's puppies!  We's always really eggcited bout everything!

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Birfday Sellabrayshuns!

So we gots to sell-a-brate a birfday dis weekend!

Nope, it wuzn't mine and Brinley's, even though we did turn 5 months.

Yesterday wuz Ally's birfday!  She are my momma's sisfur.

Us pupses LUV Ally, she are good for lickin!

She turned 27 - WOW, dat are OLD!!

So we had a fun day - some speshul treats (like BACON!) and we got to snuggle and watch movies.

Dat are Brinley taste-testin da air for bacon.

Dey watched Beauty and da Beast (Ally got da DVD for her birfday) - and yeah, my momma sang along.  I fink my lil face says it all . . . 

BOL, I are just kiddin.  I ackshually liked her singin.  Somebody needs to, BOL BOL!

Anyways it wuz a fun day for everyone . . .

But she picked a chocolate cake so we didn't get to share dat.  RATS!

It looks good though.

Today it wuz rainy, so we figgered we'd pracktiss selfies again.

Like my nosetacular selfie??

Uhhh, I'm blamin da humoridity for my hair here.  If da eggscuse works for my momma . . .

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Happy Fall Y'all!

Happy Fall y'all!  Well, momma says it are da furstest day of fall and it are my furst day of fall ever!  Parently it has somefin to do wif seasonins and not what happens when I go runnin through da kitchen too fast cuz I has to chase a kitteh or bark at zombie roofers.


I are not really shure, but me and Brinley wore our fall dresses to sell-a-brate.  Just inside though.  Cuz in Texas I guess "fall" means dat it are only 95 degrees instead of 100 like it wuz earlier in da week.

Yeah, too hot to do much but nap.

We all got a pawsome package from our pals Mei Ling and Jade.

Dey is two cutie pie shih tzus from New Mexico and dey sent us a bunch of pawsome stuff - toys and treats for everyone!!  Even da kittehs!!

Me and Brinley (and Finley too) has already been playin wif da toys!  Dey shure is fun!

So hope you're havin a good furstest day of fall too!

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The Honest Kitchen Wishes Dehydrated Pure Iceland Haddock Fillets from Chewy!

Hey y'all!  Momma says I gets to da anudder review for Chewy today!  In case ya duzn't know, Chewy are da online pet store dat delivers foods and treats right to your doorstep.

Ok, let's make wif da treats!!

I had to share wif everybody.  Even dough da package wuz addressed to Kinley.

Sharin are HIGHLY overrated.

The Honest Kitchen Wishes Dehydrated Pure Iceland Haddock fillets are single-ingredient treats packaged in da USA.

All dey has is 100 percent dehydrated wild-caught haddock caught wif sustainable fishing practices.   

I are not gonna let da cats know dat da box says dat.  Nuh-uh.  Sharin wif Brinley and Finley are enuf.

Da fi-lays are pretty big, but dey can easily be broken into smaller pieces.

Finley got to try hers first.

Den Brinley got to pose.

And finally ME!

We all scarfed em down!

Dat fish shure are yummy!

We all luved em!

Brinley wuz literally lickin her lips!

Uh, ya can put more treats in here momma!!

Me, Brinley, and Finley are givin em 12 paws up and 3 waggin tails!  We wuz impressed by Chewy's fast shippin - our treats came right away.  Fanks so much Chewy!

Disclaimer: As part of the Chewy Blogger Program, I wuz provided the treat for free for an honest review, but wuz not paid for my opinion.  Although eggstra treats and toys are always eggcepted.  ;)