Sunday, November 29, 2020

Sunday Selfies

Hey pals, it's selfie time! Well, I hope ya had a fun weekend full of family, friends, football, and most importantly FOOD. 


Dis whole dumb virus thing meant some peoples couldn't do their normal thing, but since our family always just has a household-only Thanksgiving there wuz no difference. 

And there are a BIG benefit to not doing a BIG Thanksgiving - more leftovers! 

And ya know who'll be there to help da humans eat some of that extra turkey . . .  

Yeah, the dogs are the real winners.

Da mommas got started on Christmas decorating yesterday. Me and Brinley "helped."

Finley wuz still in a turkey coma this morning.

Friday, November 27, 2020

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving weekend pals! We had our Thanksgiving dinner today. As usual, I spent da day in da kitchen "helping." Hey, da helper dog gets extra treats. 😉 

It's been a tuff year for humans all over da world, but our mommas are thankful for us!


And we're thankful for them!

And turkey. 

And pie! 

Ok, da only pie we got was a tiny taste and getting to lick the plate, but we're still thankful for it. YUM!

Thursday, November 26, 2020

My Momma's Birthday!


In our house, it are not Thanksgiving, it are my momma's birthday! Yeah, she makes the family move a national holiday for her, BOL BOL. Us westies are don't only boss bitches in da house. 

Happy birthday momma!

We made shure to give her extra westie kisses. After all, there are plates to lick . . . 

And WE were not the ones who knocked a layer of the cake to the floor. That would be crazy Bowie cat. It's all very 2020, but grandma did remake da cake, so it wuzn't a big deal. We hope our pals had a pawsome Thanksgiving - ours is tomorrow!

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

A Not Wordless Wednesday

Travis finally got paroled and is free to move about the house. 

Other than that, our day wuz pretty normal. A walk, a bike ride . . . 

I think Finley knows my momma's birthday and Thanksgiving are comin. YUM!

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Soggy Paws and a New Dress

Well, as ya can tell by my paws, it wuz a soggy day here. 

It wuz a drizzly day all day here then there wuz some major storm ackshun tonite.

At least we missed out on da tornado sirens going off that some parts of da metroplex got.


We didn't get a walk in our new dresses, but at least we can show em to y'all.

Which I guess are what all da humans are doing now. 

I prefur da in-person (or in-dogson) stuff -  ya can't sniff on da internets. And speaking of sniffin - I made a new friend today wif one of da construction workers who has been working on da street. I got some pets!

And here's a close up of my new dress.

Hope your Tuesday wuz terrierific!

Monday, November 23, 2020

Music Monday and A New Dress!

Hey pals! Well, we are getting ready for a fun week here.

There's a birthday and Thanksgiving!

Both of which means tons of tasty food!

But first we wanted to show off da new dress my momma made.

Dey kinda has a fall-theme. Which are good since it definitely felt like fall today!

Here's a close up!

We were lookin cute on our walk today! 

Ok - it's also Music Monday and the theme this week is to make a playlist that spells out GRATEFUL. Ok, I are gonna try. I think I might have da turkey hunger part of Thanksgiving down a lil better than da grateful part.

G - Gimme More. More turkey that are.

R - Ready to Run. Run away wif dat turkey.

A - Addicted. Addicted to turkey.

T - T for Texas. T for turkey.

E - Enchanted. I was enchanted to meet turkey.

F - Family is family. Unless they don't share turkey. Then they are da enemy.

U - Unconditionally. I luv turkey unconditionally.

L - Light my fire. And cook my turkey in it.

Sunday, November 22, 2020

Sunday Selfies


Today my big sisfur Finley are 14 and a half! To celebrate I made her a speshul dinner.

Ok, I ackshually just hung out in da kitchen while grandma made it. And I laid on da ground while she ate it. But I wuz thinking bout dat dinner da whole time it wuz cooking and while she wuz eatin it and it are da thought da counts right?

And da Cowboys even managed to win for Finley's 14 and halfth birthday. Now that's worthy of a good selfie, right??

Saturday, November 21, 2020

Westie Weekend Fun!

Hi pals!


Well, we has been having a pretty good time. Da weather here has been fantastic so we has been getting lotsa walks and bike rides.

Finley are really enjoying da warmer fall too - she does not like da cold too much now that she are older.

In fact, it has been so nice dat Brinley even had to sing about it dis morning!

I are practicing my beggin face so I can get lotsa turkey next Thursday Friday.

Don't ya think us westies should get our own turkey?

Thursday, November 19, 2020

Da Cat Food Disaster

Yeah, I are wet in today's photo. And no it wuz not rainin. Well, ya know how cat food are extra tasty?? And ya know how I shouldn't have it cuz of uhhh, it don't like my tummy too much and leads to somefin da momma calls a "sh*tploshun??" Uhh, well, da kitty food are really really tasty. And even though it led to a mess, which led to a baff, it wuz still totally worth it.  

And even though Brinley is dry, she did hafta get a baff later today since it wuz Baff Day, so really, I didn't suffer anymore than anyone else. Now da carpet on da other paw, dat suffered.  

Finley says she used to get da cat food in her younger days. And yeah, it are always worth it.