Thursday, January 30, 2014

My Toofer Cleanin

My toofers is all white and clean now!  Dey did not have to pull any which are real good - I need dem for killin rats and skwerrils and other nasty varmints dat try to invade my terriertory. 

Me and Finley had to get to da vet real early yesterday.  I was real excited to go see da vet dude, but I were not happy when dey wanted to take me to da back room.  Dey put me in a crate and dey did Finley's toofers first.  And dey were also stealin her skins!!!  I are not really sure what dey was doing, momma said something about a punch biopsee on counts of her itchiness, but I were scared.  You are not stealin my skins vetman!  You gots your own!!  I are da Head of Security, not swissy cheeses.  Den dey took me out of da crates and I got real sleepy like.  I don't member what happened, but I wokes up with clean toofers and no holes - guess da vetman stole enough skins from Finley.  

Dat are when I started in on da barkin.  And boy did I bark.  We were sposed to get to go home around 1, but dey were ready to get rid of me at 11 because I barked and barked and barked some more.  When dey called Finley's momma on da phone, she could here me barkin in da background.  

So, lesson are, if you's stuck at da skin-stealing, toofer-cleaning vets, BARK your bestest and you'll get to go home sooner.  

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Exorcise Tapes

It were a boring day round these parts.  My momma are a big weather wimp, so I didn't gets my walk because it are "too cold."  My momma's idea of too cold are anything below 40 degrees.  And can you believes we lived in Boston for three years??  I think my momma are very happy to be back in Texas away from da cold.  I's happy to because dat rule could mean monthses or yearses or somefin without a walkie!

I thought da weather felt great, but my momma says she do not have a built-in fur coat likes I do.  It are not my fault!  And why do she shave her legs if she wants a built-in fur coat??  Mommas make no sense.  So instead of walkin me, she did a couple exorcise tapes.

Yeah, dat's my reaction to exorcise tapes.  It are pretty boring watchin someone move dere arms and dance rounds like a spasmo trying to exorcise dere demons out.  Da only parts I like are da doing crunches and stuff - I get down on da ground den and try to lick my mommas face.  Sometimes I even roll over and rub my back on da ground like my momma are doing.  It are a lotta fun, I don't know why she don't do it more often.

I's sposed to go to da vet tomorrow for a toothie cleanin, which means NO BREAKFAST!  OMD, da horrors!!  How will I survives???

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Black and White Sunday

It are a sad Sunday around here.  I just found out dat a pal of mine from Dogster, Petey, died.  He were a real good pal, we exchanged Christmassy cards for years.  I's gonna miss him a lot.  Make sure to give dose skwerrils up in Heaven a hard time Petey.  We'll miss you lots.  Sending big hugs to your family.  

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Twitter is A’Breakin’ My Heart

Hey pupses!  It have been a pretty busy week around here.  I got a bath last night which were lotsa fun.  Yeah, I love da baths.  Anyways, in between all the rolling round on da ground to dry fluffiness off, I gots me a twitter.  You can follow me - I'm @whitleywestie on there.  But after only one lil innocent tweet, I gots banned.  Dey reinstated me, but I were real depressed when I were banned.  My BFF Finley wrote me song to cheer me ups.

Twitter is A’Breakin’ My Heart

by Finley Rose

I weren’t banned in Boston
They loved me in Austin
But Twitter is a’breakin’ my heart….

I just sent one short tweet
I thought it was so sweet
My fans and me they’s a’keepin’ apart.

Why did Twitter ban me
As anybuddy can sure see
I’m cute and I’m sweet and I’m white.

I wear lots more clothes
Dan all of dem bare Joes
And Janes , yeah ya knows that I’m right.

I weren’t banned in Boston
They loved me in Austin
But Twitter is a,breakin’ my heart…..

I sent just one short tweet
I thought it wuz so sweet
That Twitter it sure aint too smart.

When I wuz in Boston
Fore I lived in Austin
I peed all o’er old Harvard Yard…

And let me just tell you
It got so cold ya’d turn blue
Peein’ on ice is just way too damn hard.

I weren’t banned in Boston
They loved me in Austin
But Twitter is a’breakin’ my heart.

I sent just one short tweet
I thought it wuz so sweet

That Twitter it sure aint too smart.

And now, da twitter has banned my BFF Finley!  I think some power mad squirrel or rat must be in were banning on all da lil westies from twitter!  Or maybe it are a bird, since dey got a bird logo.  I guess I shouldn't have barked dem.  Or, maybe I should bark dem more and tell dem to unban Finley!  Yeah, dat's what I'll go do.  Off to bark!

Wordless Wednesday

Thursday, January 16, 2014

I'm Back!

I'm back puppers!  I know I has been gone for way too long!  I was real active on Dogster, but now dey are closin' it.  It are a sad day there.  I are gonna be goin' back to bloggin' here now.

I is now livin' with my BFF Finley and three kitties, Jezebel, Maurice, and Travis.  It are a full house, but it are a lotta fun!

Anyways,  I went to da vet yesterday.  Momma had been real worried about me because my eyes had been looking cloudy and kinda blue.  She were all worried about cat-a-rax and glaucoma and other stuffs.  But it turned out all it were were nucular (yeah, we says it like dat down in Texas) sclerosis.  Which sounds kinda terrible, but it basically means my eyesight are not quite as good as it used to be, kinda like how lotsa middle-aged peoples start needing reading glasses.  It are not meaning I are going blind or anything scary.  So it were good news!  And I got to sniff up da vet's office pretty good.

And da other day I got caught tryin' to indulge my preference for Scotch.  Dis westie girl knows where her ancestors came from.  I got caught trying to eat da cork dat had been in da Glenfiddich bottle.  Hey, who doesn't like a good single malt, BOL!  I figure, what's good for my momma are good for me, but she do not always agree.