Sunday, May 31, 2015

Sunday Selfie

Well, things is finally returnin to normal round here.  As normal as round here gets anyways.

My shirt are right, da sunny shine are back.  Which means I wents on my Death March Zombie Patrol.™  And it were a good thing too, since we had a zombie encounter.  Dis crazy zombie and her two little crazy zombie mini-poodles were out loose wanderin da streets.  Da crazy zombie even called my momma a "little witch" for pretty much no reason - all we did wuz cross da street to avoid da zombie mini-poodles (who wuz runnin loose and tryin to come straight at us).  I definitely coulda handled em, but momma didn't want me to "handle" em.  But I did do some good barkin at all of dem - what a bunch of nutsos.  Momma says it are da firstest time she's ever been called "little" as part of an insult, guess all her exorcisin are payin off.

I also got some pool ball in today, so it wuz a pretty good day.  Hopin dis sunshine sticks round.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Swimmin in da Sunroom?

Well, da sunroom flooded again today.  Finley's daddy wuz sposed to be watchin it (da mommas had put down towels), but he got preoccupied wif his iPad dis mornin and when my momma woke up it wuz flooded.  So da mommas wuz up and wringin out towels and takin out buckets of water AGAIN. But Finley's daddy went and brought a shop vac, so da clean up wuz a lil easier.  And havin it are probably a guarantee dat it are not gonna rain again for a few months, BOL BOL.  

So I guess I won't be swimmin in da sunroom after alls.

Yeah, dat are me.  Born to be Wild.  Don't let da pink t-shirt fool ya.

Friday, May 29, 2015

Yappy Annyfursary!

Happy yappy annyfursary to Finley's peeps (my grandpeeps)!  Dey has been married 33 years today!

I are wearin my sham-pain dress to celebrates.  It are time to break out da bubbly (I luvs lickin sham-pain off of my momma's fingers).

See da sham-pain bottles on da dress and da lil sham-pain buttons?

I's ready to celebrate.

Some of y'all has been wonderin how we is doin wif all of dis weather.  Well, we wuz ok until late last night.  Dat are when Plano got over 7 inches of rain (on tops of all da udder rain we has had) and our sunroom flooded.  My momma and Finley's momma spent hours and hours of da late late night or early morning (whatever ya calls 3 or 5 in da AMs) moppin up da sunroom wif towels, wringin em out in a big bucket, and dumpin water outside.  It wuz no fun for dem at all, a lotta hard work and now dey has sore backs, arms, well, ya names it basically.  And my momma, she are still kinda sick wif dis nasty cold thing.  And it wuz a real crummy way to start out your annyfursary for Finley's momma.  So dey really earned dat speshul dinner dey is gettin tonite, dat are for sures.  And a lots more, BOL BOL.  

We's all ok now, and we's hopin dis rain goes AWAY!  Momma says if she hears one more person say somefin bout "well at least we're not in a drought now" or "we needed the rain" she is gonna punch em in da face.  And my momma, she are pretty small, but she are tuff and works out all da time, and she did punch a woman in da face who wuz tryin to steal me years ago.  So don't say nuffin positive to rains bout her, ok??  Unless ya wants your nose rearranged, BOL!

Monday, May 25, 2015

Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day y'all!  I gots in my Forced Death March Zombie Patrol™ dis mornin - it are da firstest one I has been on in furever.  I did a lotta barkin and let da whole nayborhood know I's in charge.  But da storms are comin (AGAIN), so no pool ball or barbequin today.  I are ready for some sunshine.  All dis rain are for da burds - da ducks spacifically.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Sunday Selfie

Hey y'all.  Well, I promised to show ya da udder side of my naughty tickle dress today - here it are.  It are kinda da reverse of firstest side - dis side are mostly whales wif anchor trim.

It even has lil anchor buttons.

I think dis boatin theme are gonna be useful becuz pretty sure I are gonna be havin to use a boat to get round da nayborhood.  Good thing I's a good swimmer.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Anchors Away!

Okays, I's not really goin sailin.  Not even on my pool float, da S.S. Whitley cuz we keep on havin dese stoopid storms everyday.  At dis point, momma may need to buy a boat if she wants to go anywheres, we are in da middle of a monsoon or somefin.  But I thought I'd show ya dis naughty-tickle dress my momma made me.  Well, at least one side of it, you're gonna have to check back if ya wants to see da udder side.  Dis time she made one for Finley too since it wuz Finley's birthday yesterday.  So if it ever dries out (which are seemin more and more unlikely everyday) we can be twinsies on Zombie Patrol™.

Dis side has an anchor print and it are trimmed wif a contrastin print wif lil whales.  And dere are lil whale buttons too.

Momma picked dis fabric out for me last summer since I luvs da water and goin to da beach so much.  Plus, her and her momma went whale-watchin when she lived in Bawston and dey had a fun time.

As ya can see, my momma has an anchor shirt too.  In fact, she picked it out just so she could match me when she finished dis dress!  Well, hers are a bit more lime and navy and mine are more mint and navy, but I think we makes a pretty good pair.  All we needs now are some cute sailor boys.

Happy Birthday Finley!

Today wuz my BFF Finley's 9th birthday!  Happy birthday BFF!

We had a pretty pawsome day, even if we did have to put up wif rain and storms.  So no walkies or pool ball, but we had a pretty good day anyways.

I wore my birthday dress to celebrates!

Finley got some good loot - a monkey toy and a pink panther toy from her momma and daddy, and efalant toy and a brand new dress from my momma.  

Finley are da world's fastest present opener, she rips into da tishoo paper like nobody's bizness.

My momma made dis dress for Finley - I got a matchin one too!

I think Finley likes da efalant - or maybe she saw me eyein it.

She wuz happy wif her presents.

We had lil baby cheezeburgers for dinner, dey sure wuz tasty!

And Finley's momma made her a lemon-tangerine cake.  No dog cakes for us, dis cake wuz da real deal - and it wuz tasty!!

I's never seen anybody eat cake so fast, it wuz gone in like a second!

I took a lil longer, but I luved it too.

Happy birthday BFF, hope ya have a pawsome time being 9 and many more birthdays wif yummy cake and cheezeburgers!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Caru Natural Dog Stews

Hi y'all!  Da past couple days I has been gettin somefin speshul to eat - I got da opportunitee to try dese Caru Natural Dog Stews.  Dey are tasty stews wif a mix of meatz, fruits, and veggies dat are all human-grade.  Caru are operated by two Canadian medical professhunals who named da company after dere own pup, Karu.  Caru are Welsh for "to love" and well, I luvs dese stews!

Dere are four different varieties of Natural Dog Stews - beef, chikken, turkey, and pork.  I gots to test out da Chicken and Pork varietees.  Dey are made in da USA 100% human grade ingredients in small batches.  Dere are no artifishul colors, preservatives, or flavors, no GMO-ingredients, and no grain, wheat, gluten, corn, soy, or animal by-products.  Just yummy meatz, veggies, fruits, and vitamins and minerals!

Dey even has earth-friendly, recyclable packaging!

Ok, enuf wif all dis talkin, let's get to eatin.

I gotta try da Real Chicken Stew yesterday - it has real chicken as da first ingredient, and also has chicken broth, sweet potatoes, carrots, potatoes, green beans and apples!

Da package recommended 1 pack daily per 13 pounds of body weight.  I eat two meals a day, and one pack wuz da perfect amount for 2 meals for me.  And I are a lot closer to 20 pounds dan 13, BOL.  After openin, ya gots to keep da stew in da fridge, which we did.  But I got it heated up for dinner, cuz I's a princess and don't like cold food.  Yeah, go ahead and call me spoiled, but I don't think a hot meal are too much to ask for.

It looks just like homemade stew!  Yummm!

And it wuz tasty too, I ate mine all up.

Today I got to test out da Real Pork Stew - Travis and Crockett were goin nuts when dey smelled dis, but I didn't share wif em!

The pork stew contains pork as da first ingredient, along wif pork broth, green beans, carrots, peas, potatoes, apples and sweet potatoes. 

Dis stew looked just as yummy as da chikken kind!

And it tasted just as good too!

I wuz a big fan of these stews - dey really make for a tasty treat and are a nice break from da kibble roo-teen.

Ya can check out Caru Pet Foods at, on FacebookTwitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Disclaimer: I wuz provided these treats for free for an honest review, but wuz not paid for my opinion.  Gettin paid in a winning lottery ticket would be nice.  ;)