Friday, October 31, 2014

Yappy Howloween!

Yappy Howloween y'all!  Be on da lookout for da miniature zombies tonight, dey are gonna be everywhere.  Bark em a whole lot so dey don't steal all your treats!  

I let Finley borrow my witchy costume, we is da cutest witches around.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Whitley and Finley's Pub

Hi pals!  Me and my BFF Finley are hosting a pub today in honor of our pal Kyla.  If ya don't know, Kyla is our 12 year Scottie pal and she has melanoma.  All over Blogville she are bein honored with a Blogville Highland Games.  

Sláinte Kyla!  Kyla gu bràth!

I've got my BFF Finley here to help me bartend.

Now, we've got a variety of Scotches for all you pups to enjoy today.  First up, we've got your single malts.

Next up, we've got the Blended Malts and our pal Kyla brought her favorite, Black and White.

I think Black and White Scotch is a favorite of all Scotties and Westies, I mean, they do have the best bottle art.

We had a special request for Sweet William to try some of the George Washington distillery's whiskey.  Here ya go Sweet William.

And of course we have some of Ruby's Green Bean Margaritas.

And we've got some Scotch ales for ya pups too.

And bein Texas gals, we have some Shiner on hand too.  There's nothing finer than an ice cold Shiner!

So let's all relax with a drink and toast Kyla.  Kyla, you've lived a wonderful life and you are a wonderful Scottie girl.  Don't leave just yet, I don't wanna be one of the oldest terrierists in Blogville all by myself.   Kyla gu bràth!

Now y'all better get over here before I drink dis all up myself.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Sunday Selfie

Hey y'all.  I went on my Zombie Patrol™ today - it are gettin worse everyday.  Zombies are poppin up everywhere.  Ya gotsta be prepared.  Dere are even some zombies dat are disguisin demselves like piles of leaves, don't let your peeps tell ya you're just barkin leaves.  It are really zombies underneath!

P.S.  I are remindin y'all bout Kyla's Highland Games tomorrow, Monday, October 27.  Me and Finley are gonna be hostin a pub right here and servin all kindsa scotch (and other stuffs) to celebrate Kyla.  If anypup has any speshul requests dat dey'd like to drink, lemme know and we'll try to have it on hand.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Sepia Saturday

Well, I are gettin a lil jealous of Finley.  See, she are gettin all da extra attenshun on counts of her poor lil ear bein all puffy and her havin to be a conehead.  She even got to lick out two yogurt containers today.  Guess how many I got.  None!  What da woof!!!  Somefin bout me not even finishin my breakfast.  Whatefur.  Anyways, I guess I'd rather not get yogurt containers if it involved da Cone of Shame, so oh wells.  Maybe I are not too bad off.

P.S.  I are remindin y'all bout Kyla's Highland Games on Monday, October 27.  Me and Finley are gonna be hostin a pub right here and servin all kindsa scotch (and other stuffs) to celebrate Kyla.  If anypup has any speshul requests dat dey'd like to drink, lemme know and we'll try to have it on hand.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Da Vet

Hey y'all.  I had to go to da vet today for my twice a year check up.  I weren't all dat eggcited bout it, but it wuz not too bad.  I got my rabies shot and dey stole my blood.  I dunno why momma insisted on takin me to a vampire right around Howloween, but I survived.

Finley also had to go to da vet - she's got an ear hematoma.  Now she are wearin da cone of shame.  But in dis picture, it looks more like she's got a disembodied head.  But don't worry pals, her head are still attached to her body.  I promise.

Da only other eggcitin thing bout today wuz dat I hopped in da pool and went swimmin.  And nope, October are not too cold for swimmin when it are 80 degrees and sunny.  It wuz fun.

P.S.  I are remindin y'all bout Kyla's Highland Games on Monday, October 27.  Me and Finley are gonna be hostin a pub right here and servin all kindsa scotch to celebrate Kyla.  If anypup has any speshul requests dat dey'd like to drink, lemme know and we'll try to have it on hand.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

My New UCLA Dress

Finley's momma made me a UCLA dress and I luvs it!  It are just da cutest!

It are reversible too!

Don't let anyone tell ya bein a model ain't hard work.  It are exhausteratin.

I'll be wearin my dress on game day dis Saturday.  And for all da other football games too!

Now, some of y'all have probably heard bout da Highland Games dat Blogville are gonna be holdin in honor of Kyla.  If ya hasn't, ya can check out da informashuns here.  Anyways, me and Finley are gonna be hostin Whitley and Finley's pub right here on my blog.  We'll be servin all kindsa scotch to celebrate and toast Kyla.  Be sure to stop by, Finley and me will be bartendin, but we'll be drinkin too and y'all will wanna get here before it's all gone.  ;)

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Sunday Selfie

Hey y'all.  Today wuz a pretty borin day, I went on my Zombie Patrol wif Finley dis mornin and I barked all da zombies I saw.  Da peeps abandoned me to go to a moovee dis afternoon, so I had to protect da home from a Zombie Invashun while dey wuz gone.  And did I get any help from Finley?  Nope, she wuz asleep in my big bed when da peeps came home!  Dey are lucky dey got me around.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Zombie Huntin

It are dat time of year, da time when all da zombies come out.  Now, dey is out all year long and I are always watchin out for em, but ya gots to be on Triple Speshul High Alert in October.  Dere are even a zombie comin outta da ground right on my own block!  I's been barkin at it every time I go bys it, but it do not move.  Momma says it are just a Howloween decorashun, but I knows better.  See my momma, she ain't too smart and she needs me to look out for her, otherwise she'd get what lil brains she's got eaten by zombies.

And some lady on my walk told us dat we looked serious.  Well duh, huntin zombies are serious bizness!  It are not a big joke or somefin.  I are not quite sure she wasn't a zombie herself since she didn't try to pet me.  She probably wuz one.

Anyways, be on da lookout for zombies in your nayborhood, ya never know when or where dey are gonna show up.

P.S. I gots a new pal here in Blogville, her name are Frisbee and she are a cute lil westie girl.  Ya can check out her blog here.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Plans for Today

It are cold.  Well, it are in da 60s which are cold for here since it wuz 90 last week.  My momma even had to wear jeans instead of shorts.  It wuz rainy and now it are all wet.  It are windy.

Dese are my plans for today.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Sunday Selfie

Well, it are another cloudy day here.  At least it are not rainin so I got my Zombie Patrol™ in.  Dere are lotsa zombies round dis time of year, ya gots to be extra-vigilant.  I tried to tell my momma I wuz practicin my Zombie Vigilance by lyin down on da ground and waitin for zombies to pop up, but she said somefin bout me bein old and lazy?  What da woof???  She are almost 16 years older dan me, she's da one who are ancient.  My 12 years is nuffin compared to her 27.  

At least I wasn't lookin for zombies in Ally's pants like Finley wuz.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Sepia Saturday

Hey y'all.  Things are goin ok round here, we're all still missin Maurice tons, but we's ok.  I's finally gotten my appetite back and ate all my breakfast wifout my momma havin to prompt me.  I think Finley was disappointed in dat, BOL BOL!

It's kinda a dreary cool day here, so we's all snuggled up in da house watchin football.  Hook 'em Horns and Go Bruins!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Crockett Update

Good news everybody - Crockett are back to eatin!  He ate some at da vet, and he has been eatin ever since he got home.  He got some fluids and immuno-support stuffs at da vet, and he are gonna get his blood tested.

Da peeps may be a lil paranoid right now after Maurice, but dey figured takin him to da vet today was da right thing.  For now, Crockett seems to be doin pretty good.  So now we is just hopin dat him and Travis stay healthy and we never have to deal wif dat nasty @#$@#^ FIP again.

Crockett Needs POTP

My lil buddy Crockett needs some POTP.  He didn't want to eat this morning and was hiding under da bed.  And Crockett always wants to eat, it's very unlike him.  He turned away from da food.  He also had a slight temperature.

He's at da vet's right now, and we are praying it isn't that @#$% FIP, kittens are more susceptible to it.

Monday, October 6, 2014

I are Heartbroken

I are heartbroken.  My bestest kitty boyfriend Maurice had to go to da Bridge today.  He had been very sick dis weekend and wuz just gettin worse.  Dis mornin, da vet called wif da results of da test on his fluids and confirmed Moe had a bad case of FIP.  

Da mommas slept out in da livin room wif Maurice last night.  I slept as close to him as I could get while still givin him some space since I knew he wuz feelin bad.  Finley kept watch up on da back of da couch to make sure no rambunkshus kittens got outta line.  I just wanted to be as close to my buddy as I could.

Me and Moe wuz best buds.  When I lived in Austin with my momma and Ally, it wuz just me and Maurice.  He liked to smacky paw me around a lil, but mostly we got along real good.  Da peeps used to joke dat I was da Rihanna to his Chris Brown since I kept goin back for more.   I taught Maurice how to bark even, we wuz bestest pals.

I are just so sad.  We wuz best friends.  I kept him company as long as I could.  I are heartbroken and very sad wifout my bestest kitty pal.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Maurice are Doing Real Bad

Dis posty are gonna be a bit of a repeat from da post over at Lone Star Cats, but I know a lot of y'all don't follow da kitty blog, so I are posting bout Maurice over here too.  My sweet kitty boy Maurice are really startin to feel bad.  He are feelin very weak and he had some trouble breathing earlier today.   Da peeps are thinkin dat dey might have to take him to da vet tomorrow to help him make his journey.

Maurice and his momma - dey just luv each other tons.

My momma luvs da Moe Man too.

Maurice got to go outside and enjoy some sunshine today.  He are an inside kitty, so dat wuz a real treat for him.

We think it helped him feel a lil better too.

Dis @#$^@ FIP are really nasty.  It has real taken it out of Maurice and he seems like he has aged incredibly in just a month or so.

Dis picture are from August.  See how much prettier and healthier he looks?  He looks so much younger there, he's all gaunt and skinny now.

Maurice came in here as a kitten and immediately started smacky pawin me and Finley.  But we luved him anyways, and he learned to luv us too.

He's such a pretty kitty.

Dis @#^@&* FIP just sucks da big one.  I are not ready to lose my pal.  He are only 4.  He deserved a much longer life.