Sunday, March 31, 2019

Sunday Selfies

Happy Sunday pals! We has our selfies ready! Well, it wuz kind of a cold weekend (well, for us Texas pups anyways), but momma and me still did our bike ride today. And I even had fans taking pics of me on their phones as momma pedaled past. Guess dey hasn't seen a westie in a bike basket before.

Finley says I are gonna get a big head. Wait, I thought westies wuz supposed to have big heads??

 After all, big heads mean ya can hear da fridge opening better, right??

Saturday, March 30, 2019

Caturday Art

Hi pals!

We's joinin da Caturday Art blog hop today wif some artsy photos!

Momma are workin on a westie painting - maybe it'll be ready to show off next week!

Finley are bragging cuz she gets da furst painting. I guess we can let her be furst - just as long as she doesn't get extra treats or anything important like dat.

I bet ya can't tell what movie momma went to go see yesterday. 

Yeah, we even had to dress up for Dumbo even though we didn't get to go. Momma didn't even bring home popcorn!

She did bring home her own stuffie Dumbo though so maybe she'll stop stealing mine. 

And she WISHES she coulda brought home Colin!

And we also has a favor to ask ya.

If ya (or your typist) are on da Book of Faces, could ya please go vote for our pal Just Jesse the Jack in the World's Most Amazing Dog contest?? Vote for Just Jesse at the end of the video!


Thursday, March 28, 2019

Here Be Dragons

Well pals, it wuz another day of it being in da 70s wif some sunshine dis afternoon.

So dat means da Westie Guard wuz back on in full force. We has to protect my momma while she tans. I mean, da backyard are FULL of dangers. Da creature from da blue lagoon, zombie skwerrils, and even DRAGONS! 

Don't worry, we chased da dragons away from momma. In fact dey scurried FLEW up da side of the house WALL. Maybe dey need westies on dat Game of Thrones BONES show. Don't believe we have dragons?? Just look at da photografickal evidence . . .     


Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Guard Duty

Well, I had a fun day. A nice bike ride, a walk, and we spent da afternoon playin in da backyard. 

Well, sometimes we wuz playin. Sometimes we wuz protecting my momma from da Creature from da Blue Lagoon. 

Finley says it are called a pool cleaner and it are not a real threat. And dat we watch too much TV. And somefin bout whippersnappers and stay off her lawn I think. BOL BOL!  

Monday, March 25, 2019

Monday Selfies (and a New Dress!)

Yeah, I know it are sposed to be Sunday Selfies, but my momma wuz off dancin and singin wif Pink yesterday.

For some reason, pups are not allowed to go to concerts at American Airlines Center.

Pretty UnAmerican if ya ask us, which no one did. But we is terriers, and we is gonna tell ya our opinion anyways.

And while da mommas had abandoned us (at least my grandpa wuz here), da tornado sirens went off!

Nuffin happened here udder dan some rain, but some of da udder suburbs had softball-sized hail!

So, yeah, dat are why da selfies are late. But den are cute. 

And on top of selfies, we have a new dress to show!

Brinley looks ready for summer in dese bright colors!

I think dese pretty sunset colors look good wit our white furs.

And dere are cute lil flower buttons.

But wait, we also has da reverse side to show off!

Dis side are red wif flowers.

Guess it are a good thing spring are here, since our dress has about as many flowers as our yard!

Dere are more flower buttons on dis side.

And we has our model pose down!

Oh, and in case ya wanna see P!nk, here are one of da better photos momma got.

Momma says she did a really good show. Even if I didn't get to go. I think it woulda been better if I was there.

Saturday, March 23, 2019

National Puppy Day!

Happy National Puppy Day!

We's sharin some puppy pics of da three of us - hopefully dat'll keep da mommas from thinking dey need MORE puppies.

Look, Finley wuz a bad ass even as a puppy! 

She just said - of course I wuz!

None of us are puppies anymore, but we still think we look pretty cute.

And remember momma, puppies pee in da house, nip your fingers, chew up your stuff . . . 

Things we NEVER do anymore! Well, except for dat time, well, never mind dis whole line of discusseratin . . .  

How bout we talk about da reverse side of our Spurs dresses instead??

Dis side are da silver and black side. Momma likes da bright throwback colors better, but we look pretty good in neutrals too.

And yeah, dere are more basketball buttons!


And metallic rick rack!

Today momma gave us a baff BEFORE breakfast.

Baffs are bad enuf, but pre-breakfast baffs are TORTURE!

At least we got it over wif! And a couple more puppy pics, because who can resist??

Looks at those ears on Baby Angel Whitley!

Remember when my ears folded down??