Thursday, December 31, 2015

Yappy New Year!

Yappy New Year y'all!  I's wearin my sham-pain dress today, it are da perfect dress for tonite!  And Finley are bein my twinsie too!

As ya can tell, I's not da only model in da house.

It are perfect for celebratin in - I's just hopin I get to taste some of dat bubbly too!  I luv lickin a itny bit off my momma's finger - I keep askin for a glass, but no luck.  At least not yet.

Here's a close up of da sham-pain buttons - Finley's momma did a pawsome job on dis dress.

Well, lotsa of our peeps is makin all dese resolushuns, so I thought I would too.  Here are my resolushuns for 2016:

  1. Eat more ice cream (dat one will be easy since dis summer dere wuz no ice cream due to da Great Texas Blue Bell Shortage), more Frenchy fries, more chips, well, just beg more tasty peeple food basically.
  2. Bark more.  Always bark more.
  3. Kill a zombie.
  4. Kill anudder skwerril, dose dudes make me mad!
  5. Tweet more.  Ya can follow me at
  6. Get on Instagram.  My momma just got herself a brand new rose gold iPhone wif a cute Lilly Pulitzer case today, so she do not have any more eggcuses as to her old phone bein too slow and annoyin.  I already got my instagram set up - follow me at  Lotsa cuteness to come, I promise.
  7. Enjoy some more pool time and pool ball dis summer.
  8. Keep momma busy makin dresses.  Hey, it keeps her off da streets, BOL BOL!
Yappy 2016 y'all!  Hope it are pawsome!

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

Wif dis new fleecey jacket, it looks like I are ready to head to Santa Fe or somefin.  Or maybe momma are just ready to head to Gallup for some Indian jewelry buyin.  Or we could head to da Lodge on da Desert in Too-Song - dat place wuz pretty nice.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Warm and Cozy

Well, after almost 80 degrees on Saturday and tornadoes, it looks like winter has arrived.  Again.  But I's keepin warm and cozy in dis fleecey jacket my momma made me.  It are kinda Chrissymousey, but not overly so dat I can't still wear it.

It are nice and warm and cozy - just what dis westie girl needs!  Dere wuz frost on da ground dis morning!

Our internets are still bein stinkery, it are real hit or miss.  We's gettin Verizon FIOS installed next week, so until den, I'll be gettin on when I can, but who knows how often dat'll be.

Monday, December 28, 2015

Da Non-Workin Internets

Hey y'all.  Our internets are still not workin good, in fact it are gettin worse and worser all da time.  And since Time Warner are apparently not interested in fixin da internets, we is gonna be switchin providers.  My momma has been tryin to get on to da a posty for me for a couple of days now and we is just finally able to.  We wanted to let y'all know we is ok after all da storms we had in Dallas - an F4 tornado hit Garland, which are pretty close to us.  Da sirens went off here a couple times and we had to go hang out in da bathroom but da only damage we suffered wuz a couple of snapped Christmas light strands.  Which are nuffin compared da peeps who lost dere lives and dere homes.  Such sad stuffs, speshully right after Christmas.

I also wanted to show ya a Bonus 25 Days of Christmas Fashun dress - Finley's momma made me dis one.  Santa needs a vacay after all dat hard work I guess, so him and da reindeers is hittin da hotel pool!

It are all retro-styled.  Which da mommas luv.

And it has dese cutie pie reindeers on it.

I'll be back to postin and commentin on your bloggies when I can - but I don't really know when dat'll be.  But me, Finley, da kitties, and all da peeps are all doin ok.  Just frustermarated bout da lack of internets.

Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Chrissymouse!!

Merry Christmas y'all!  I's got a new dress today for my 25 Days of Chrissymouse Fashun - it are a way cute retro-style dress Finley's momma made me for Chrissymouse!!

It's got all dese cute retro designs on it.

And cute lil candy cane buttons!

Fanks Finley's momma!

Finley and me wuz Chrissymouse twinsies today!

My momma wuz way eggcited bout wearing shorts today - she says it are da furst year she's lived in Dallas where she could wear shorts (and dat are bout 17 years of Chrissymouses here).

Shorts and ugg boots, ok momma.

And here are Finley's daddy!

And momma's sister, Ally!

My momma and Ally!

And Finley's momma.

And da mommas together!

Our Christmas tree wuz loaded!

Wif tons of presents underneath!

And da decorayshuns wuz everywhere, of course!

Some of dem presents wuz even for me!

And da stockings were stuffed to da max!

Watchin da peeps open all dere presents are eggzausteratin.

I needs to nap on Sven.

I wuz happy to get a hold of da Grinch - he are da original one responsible for puttin antlers on pupses, after alls.

I luved gettin my pressies!

I did pretty good too - I got 5 new stuffies!

And 2 dresses and 5 new jackets!  And a collar, leash, and harness too!

Merry Chrissymouse!!

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Merry Chrissymouse Eve!

Merry Chrissymouse Eve y'all!  Our internet are still havin problems off and on, but I wuz able to get on to do dis posty.

Yeah, I had to wear da antlers again.  At least dat'll be over wif soon.  I guess it could be worse.  Ol' Blue has to wear em 24/7 in December.  Along wif a Rudolph nose.

Yeah, my momma wuz zippin round town today wif a Rudolph car, a light up Chrissymouse necklace, a Santa hat, and Soffe cheer shorts.  She finally gets her warm Chrissymouse dis year - she is so happy she gets to wear shorts tomorrow.  She cried when we had our furst white Chrissymouse a couple years ago - me and her wuz livin in Bawston and we'd come back to Texas and da last thing she wanted to see wuz snow.  So she are very happy wif a 75 degree Chrissymouse, BOL BOL.

Ok, enuf bout my crazy momma, I gots da udder side of da speshul westie Chrissymouse dress dat Finley's momma made me to show off today.

As ya can tells, it are mint green wif my speshul westie on it.  And it has candy cane striped pipin, candy cane braided ricky rack, and candy cane buttons!  It just screams Chrissymouse!

I even decided to try for a Kardashian-style selfie today.  Eat your heart out, Kimmy K!

Ok, funny thing, Kimmy K really are my momma's name.  No kiddin.

And I's not da only one lookin stylish, Finley wore da woodland Chrissymouse dress dat matches da one I showed off at da beginnin of da month today.  Even da kitties are gettin in on da fashun ackshun!!

Oh, and I promised more Chrissymouse goodies today, and I's not disappointin y'all.  So tell your mommas and daddys to get dere salivary glands a-goin.

Chocolate Marshmallow treats.

Almond crunch cookies.

More pecan brittle.

More peanut brittle.

Pecan Paulines.


And divinity!

Tonite it are pizza and nog, tomorrow are crabbycakes eggs benedict for brunch and snackin all day long!  I's just hopin I get some good stuff too!

Merry Christmas!!