Thursday, May 5, 2016

This Is Where The Cowgirl Rides Away

Well, I's made it.  I's arrived at da Land of Infinite Bacon, Smashed Taters, and Eggie Weggies.  And guess what pals, da Nilla supply are UNLIMITED and I smell a steak on da grill too.  And I are seein so many friends - da ones I knew in real life and da ones I only knew from da internets.  And I arrived just in time for da Cinco de Mayo pawty - so bring on da tacos, enchiladas, cervezas, and of course da margaritas.  Fur some reason, I gots a feelin dat my momma are gonna be hittin da tequila bottle hard today.

I did not "go quietly into dat good nite."  I fought it.  What would ya eggspect, I'm a terrierist and we is tuff to da end.  And nobody likes a needle poke, am I right?  Plus, da vetman shaved a lil bit of my leggy furs - what da woof dude???  But dey's all back now, so I guess I forgives him for it.  Anyways, I yelped, hey, I wuz finally vocalizin like myself again.  Den I just kept on breathin after da first shot - us terrierists know how to fight.  Or maybe since da vetman wuz doin it by weight, he wuzn't accounting for all dat steak, bacon, eggie weggies, and Nillas in my tummy.  And maybe a couple eggstra pounds or two.  BOL.  Anyways, after da second shot, I finally made my way there.

Last nite wuz tuff.  I wuz pantin for hours and wheezin.  I wuz just not havin a good time.  Even when momma put on my favorite movie, Oklahoma, for me, I wuz still pantin.  And drinkin water like a camel gettin ready to cross da Arid-zona desert or somefins.  Momma finks I had some udder isshoes going on - we'll never know and it doesn't matter now.

Momma managed to stop cryin long enuf to take dis picture wif me.  We wuz bestest friends, I hope Finley are gonna do a good job of watchin out for her until Next Dog gets here.  I don't think I can trust Travis, he'd probably be distracted by bacon or somefin - he's a sweet cat, but I's not shure I trust him for securitee work.

Da mommas all wore pink for me.  It wuz my "signature color" as dey said in Legally Blonde.  Plus it are a happy color, and I wuz always a happy girl.

Speshully when being luved on by my peeps.

A few last cuddles.

Finley's momma made me da most speshulist brekkyfast today.  Scrambly eggie weggies and tons of BACON!  Finley got some too, but I got more bacon.  Cuz I's speshul like dat.

Yum yum yum.

Bowl-cleaning good.

We rode wif da convertible top down to da vet.  And it wuz a pretty sunshiney day, momma said it wuz perfect for me since I wuz her sunshine girl.

Dis are my last pickshure.  I wuz a smily girl to da end.  Ok, I wuz pantin, but I wuz smilin too.  I even had a pretty towel to lie on wif a big ol hurricane glass on it - I are pretty shure dat da vet techs know me and momma well!  And I got to say goodbye to my friends there - Star, Wendy, Jackie, and Dr. Shawn.

As I said yesterday, dis blog are gonna be quiet for a while.  Until Next Dog gets here.  Den she are gonna takeover - da name will change, but we'll let y'all know in advance.  And yeah, we already know it are gonna be a she - someone has got to wear all my pretty dresses I left behind, and it ain't gonna be a Bruce/Caitlyn situayshun (not dat dere are anything wrong wif dat if dat's what you's into), even if my momma are named Kim and too fond of selfies, we ain't da Kardashians.  Her butt are too small.  Anyways, my momma will be readin your blogs, but it'll be my kitty brofur Travis who are commenting as Lone Star Cats.  So if ya sees a sassy orange tabby talkin smack on your blogs, yup, it are him.  Feel free to bark at him, he'll meyowl right back at ya.  My twitter and instagram are also gonna be quiet until Next Dog inherits em.  And ya can also find my momma on da Book of Faces - she changed it to usin her real name now since usin my name felt wrong now dat I'm not here anymore.

The last goodbye's the hardest one to say, this is where the cowgirl rides away . . .


Wednesday, May 4, 2016

The Bestest Day Evah!

Hey y'all. I is not doing too great.  I woke my momma up at 5:30 dis morning, I wuz wheezin real bad. And dis morning, I had an ack-sy-dent on my bed in da kitchen even though I had just been out to pee. Momma said I's losing my continents, I don't know if she means Africa or Asia.  Maybe Antartica, but who needs dat one since it are just full of penguins.

Anyways, I had to go to da vetman today cuz all dese isshoes.  Maybe I just don't want to live in a world where Trump might be president (after all, if Boston wuz too cold for me, I are pretty shure Canada are too, BOL BOL!) Anyways, speaking of eleckshun stuffs, I wanted to offishually endorse my pal Arty for Blogville mayor.  I are shure all da pupses runnin would do a pawsome job, but Arty has been my pal da longest so I are endorsin him.  Plus, dere are da whole Texas-California conneckshun, and his sisfur Dory are gonna be able to help him out since she has eggsperience.  And his brofurs were me and Finley's dates to da Valentine's Day pawrade, so ya knew I had to endorse him.

And I's just tellin ya, dis endorsement wuz completely unsolicited and all dat.  I just felt like doing it, and today I are doing what I feels like.  Anyways, back to my day . . .

I slept on da way to da vet even though it are just a real short drive.

I even slept in da waitin room, even though there wuz a hyperactive beagle dood and guinea pigs (AKA VARMINTS) around.

Basically, it are not good.  Da vet don't know for shure whether or not it are da degenerative myelopathy (da only real way to tell are an autopsy), but basically, whatefur it are, it are progressive and incurable.  And momma are not interested in spending my last days running round to neurologists (unless she could be asshured dey really looked like Dr. McDreamy) and havin em run ten million tests.  I's been one of her bestest friends for over 13 years, and she wants my story to have a better ending.  I mean, we has been coast-to-coast together, mets famous peeps (has any of y'all been petted by multiple NFL players, an actor, a senator, and a Supreme Court justice??)  Yeah, me and momma has had da bestest life together and she wanted to gimme da bestest day evah.

I gots to try chocolate!!!  And OMD, I has been missin out my whole life!  I know chocolate are "nod good pupses" and I wouldn't recommend any healthy pup eat it, but hey, no one should go to da Land of Infinite Bacon, Smashed Taters, and Eggie Weggies wifout tryin it.  I hope dey has chocolate too.

I got so many hugs today.  Momma and me wore pink, cuz on Wednesdays we wear pink.  Duh.

We got Finley's momma to join in too.  #YouCantSitWithUs

Den me and momma headed outside for some fun in da sun.  Or snoozin in da sun as it wuz.  Least for me.

Da sunshine on my furs shure felt good.

We even got Ally to come hang out in da backyard wif us!

My BFF wuz hangin out wif me too.  She are gonna be da new Head of Securitees round dese parts.  She does pretty good on rat-killin, but she are gonna need to step up on barkin.  Ok, BFF??

And I went for one last ride on da S.S. Whitley.

I just laid down and let da cool water feel good.  Sometimes, dat are da best.

Momma got on there wif me.  She says it are gonna feel weird to not have a dog on da float wif her.  She doesn't know if she'll ever have anudder terrierist dat luvs da water like me, we's kinda rare.

Den I laid in da sun to warm up and dry off.

Den it wuz time for some speshul treats.  Did y'all notice I wuz wearin my ice cream dress earlier?  And dat means one thing . . .

Ice cream!  Da real kind too, not Frosty Paws!

Blue Bell, da best ice cream in da country . . .


Finley has somefin to learn bout lady-like eatin, BOL!

Dat ice cream wuz delishus.

Finley's daddy came home earlier to spend some eggstra time wif me.

Den it wuz STEAK for dinner!  And not for everybody, just us pups.  Da hoomans ate some kinda weird noodle stuffs wif shrimps and peppers and tangerines - whatefur.  And OMD, why I has not been eatin steak everyday???  Delishusness!!

It shure wuz a good last dinner.

I's really tired now pals.  So I just wanted to let ya know dat I are gonna be goin to da Land of Infinite Bacon, Smashed Taters, and Eggie Weggies tomorrow morning.  I know I has lotsa pals waiting for me - my basset pals Delilah, Sam, and Hank, my kitteh pals Charlie, Maurice, and Jezebel, lotsa pals from blogging and Dogster, and maybe even a celebrity crush or two (I are really hopin to meet Barney Bush, we can bite reporters together).  I's gonna write one more update tomorrow, den dis blog are gonna be quiet for a while.  Until Next Dog comes along.  Who are gonna be a terrierist gurl like me, ya can count on dat.  After all, all dem cute dresses can't go to waste.  In da meantimes, follow my brofur Travis over at Lone Star Cats and Finley to keep up wif how my family are doin.  And ya can find my momma on da Book of Faces if ya likes dat thing.

I are gonna miss y'all, but don't be in any rush to join me, ok??

Keep on dancin pals.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Pissin In My Yard Ain't Gonna Make Yours Any Greener

Hey y'all. It wuz not a good day today.  Lastest nite, I developed dis nasty swellin round da base of my tail.  It are very inflamed and red and oozing goo.  Yeah, no fun.  It are kinda like a hot spot, cept it are very inflamed and momma does not know how I gots it.  It's not like I can chew back there and irritate it or nuffin.  I'm not Finley - my BFF has da flecks-ability of a master Yogi Bear or a member of Cirque du Puppy or somefin.  It just kinda seems like my body are betrayin me every which way it can.

I wuz sposed to go to da vet today, but da mommas gots a call on da way there dat da vetman had a family emeurgency, so we just came home.  I wuz wheezin on da way to da vet - and I has been wheezin some off and on today.

My momma are smilin here, but her and Finley's momma been cryin all day.  Cuz it are gettin closer and closer for da time when I are gonna go to da Land of Infinites Bacons and Eggy Weggies and Smashed Taters and all dat goodness.  Probably some time dis week or next.  I's just not doing good at all - not movin at all, startin to have some breathin problems, and da shakin and pantin stuffs.  More on dat in a lil.

I gots to go on a stroller ride today.   I saw a schnauzer pup and I tried to bark, but my bark sounded funny, kinda muffled like.  Almost like when I used to bark when I had a toy in my mouth.  Anudder not good thing.  And my momma just bout lost it when some woman said to me "aren't you supposed to be walking??"  Let's just say there were LOTS of HBO words involved and my momma yellin dat I wuz crippled and dying and thanks for rubbing it in.  It just stinks, we's tryin to enjoy what lil time we gots left and some peeps have to go be rood.  I can't walk, I don't know what dat woman's eggscuse wuz, cuz she didn't look like she had been on a walk or had any eggcercise in a decade or more.

So, wif dat as da inspirayshun, dis are today's song . . .

Yeah, mind your own biskits rood peeples!!  Ackshually, I could really go fur some biskits and gravy.  #SouthernGirl4Life

After da walk, I went out to da backyard wif my momma.  It wuz a perfect weather day, 75 and sunny.  But I wuz not doing good, I wuz alternatin between shakin/shiverin and pantin.  And wheezin a lil too.  No pool time today, kinda obvious why.

Tonite wuz a surprise - Whataburger on a Tuesday instead of da normal Wednesday Whataburger.  I gotta go on a car ride there.

And da mommas got a kiddo's Just-a-burger for me and Finn to split.

I can haz cheezeburger!  It are probably da most I has eaten at once in days, what can ya say, I luvs my burgers still.

Monday, May 2, 2016


BON-JOUR-NO.  Yup, me and momma says it like Brad Pitt in Inglorious Bastards. BOL!  Momma thinks I looks like an Eye-tal-ian dude when I wear my t-shirts and jerseys.  Somefin bout da flown chest hairs.  All I need are a gold chain I guess.  Hmmm, if dat means I can get some chicken parmigiana or raviolis, I guess it are all right.

Well, not too much eggcitement happened round here today cuz of da rains.  And da colds.

Yeah, dere's a bad moon on da rise.

Which meant no pool time, no walkies, just a whole lotta nappin goin on.  I kept my momma company while she read some.  As I said, not eggciting, but I enjoyed da cuddle time.  Momma tried to distract herself from stuff, it are not workin too well.  I's a lot da same today - only one lil in-sa-dent, so dat are good, but I's still not movin at all.  I didn't even bark today when a repair-dude wuz messin wif da gutters.  And before, I woulda been barkin up a storm.  I just don't gots da energeez.  Finley barked a lil for me, I guess she will make an ok Head of Securitee, but she really should up her barkin game.  

Now I's watchin da Spurs wif my momma.  And I gots some chikken and bread tonite.  Yummm.  Lastest nite, we watched Game of Thrones - Tyrion used to be my favorite (he are lil, smart, and TUFF!) but I's recently developed an appresheayshun for Bran. If ya watch da show, ya knows why.  Momma said she are NOT Hodor though, BOL BOL!

Yeah, she are cuter dan Hodor I guess.  She certainly has more to say dan he does.  And if ya gots no clue what I are barkin bout, sorry for da Nerd Out.  I's blamin it all on momma.  Cuz I cans.