Sunday, July 31, 2016

Sunday Selfie

Well, it are Sunday which means it are selfie day!

Ok, my momma thinks every day are selfie day, but dat are a different subject, BOL BOL!

I think I's gettin pretty good at dis selfie thing, huh??

It are easy to take a selfie when ya don't have any bad angles.

Just cute ones!!

Brinley has been pracktissin her selfies too.

I think we's gonna be Selfie Queens!

I mean, dese selfies are way cute, don't ya think?

I think dey should be worth some eggstra treats, don't you?

I mean, can ya resist???

Ya know ya wanna give us dem treats . . .

And ok, dis last one are not a selfie, but momma just luved it.  She said da way we is lookin off in da distance reminded her of some communistical propaganda poster or somefin.  I has no clue what she are talkin bout.  I don't really think she does either.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Da Cute-Off!

Hey y'all.  Ya know I luvs my crab bed right?  

Well, dere are two crabby beds in da kitchen.  But dat didn't stop Brinley from tryin to steal mine!!

Yeah, well, I didn't let it happen!

Too bad Brinley!

Dat face don't work on me, I has my own cute face.

See, it are just as good as yours!

Ok, I got one to match dat one too - I don't think anyone can win dis battle of da cute-off - it's gotta be a tie!

Momma got a video of Brinley playin fetch - Finley taught us how!

Friday, July 29, 2016

Friday Fun!

Me and Brinley spent dis Friday havin fun!  Lotsa runnin round and playin.  And oh yeah, I just emptied da water bowl AGAIN.  Hey, if momma can go take a baff every nite, I don't see why I shouldn't.

I mean, it's better dan some messes I could (and DO!) make.  Rite??

Well, in between all da playin and mess-makin, me and Brinley stopped to look cute for da camera.

Yeah, we's lucky we's cute!

Da mommas just can't stay mad at dese faces!

 I mean, could ya be mad at dis??

I don't think so!

We also got in some good cuddle times wif our mommas.

Ok, momma enuf wif da selfies!

I fink Brinley's momma told her a joke here - lemme in on it!

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Naked Ears!

Hey y'all!

Did ya notice anything different today??

My momma trimmed up on my ears!  We are tryin to get my ears up, which means dey can't be weighed down by all my fluffy furs.

After all, I don't wanna have to be Kinley brought to you by Tampax.  BOL BOL!

Brinley are lucky, her ears are already up.

She don't have to worry bout being a tampon-head.

She has perky ears.

Yeah, yeah, rub it in Brinley,

Or take a nap, whichever ya prefurs.

Some of us just has lazy ears.

Not her obviously.

My momma wuz nervous bout doing my ears - I think she did ok for da furst time and I wuz really easy to do.

After all, I still has two ears, so I guess she did ok.

At least let's tell her dat.  ;)