Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Finley Needs POTP!

Hey pals. Well, we has some bad news. Finley's bent outta shape.

Sometimes she gets her nose outta joint, speshully when she are dealin wif me. But dis time it are not her nose, it are her hip.

We don't really know how it happened. We'd seen her walking around fine (well, as good as an almost 14 year old arthritic dog walks), and she had gone to sleep in a crate. When her momma got her out to take her out, she couldn't walk or put weight on her left rear leg. And it was dangling funny. She wuz clearly in pain, so she went to da vet today. Dey did some x-rays, and she has a dislocated hip. She got some pain meds and anti-inflammatories and is resting now. 

She's going to the orthopedic vet tomorrow morning to get it popped back into place. She's not a candidate for surgery. She's almost 14 and has got her skin allergies, a heart condition, arthritis, dementia . . . maybe she could be a presidential candidate but not a surgical one. So we are really hopin this works. 

Good thoughts, POTP, prayers, voodoo incantations, human sacrifices are all appresheated.

We need her to pull through this - I'm not ready to be da senior pup!

Sunday, March 29, 2020

Sunday Selfies

Happy Sunday pals! It wuz a good one - I got a bike ride, a walk, and BACON!

And no more grooming!!!

We're helping the peeps socially distance by barking at everyone we see walkin down da street. Prevent the spread, bark your neighbors!

Saturday, March 28, 2020

Quarantine Pluses and Perils

So da quarantine continues. Dere are pawsitives. Like da extra time snuggling, extra backyard time, and bike rides.

And of course da walks!

One GOOD thing my momma has done during dis whole thing are finish up my March dress. Ya saw da udder side yesterday.

Since March goes out like a lamb (supposedly) . . . 

Today it kinda did since it wuz sunshiney in da afternoon.

These lil lambs are cuties.

And there's lamb buttons.

But I gotta warn ya, quarantine has some perils too.

Like GROOMING! If my momma could go somewhere, she mighta not spent Saturday night sheering me like I wuz a sheep.

Seriously momma! I ended up wif my face a lil shorter dan she woulda liked since I jerked my head at a "bad time" but at least my hair grows fast.

Yikes. Well, at least I can see again.

Friday, March 27, 2020

Fashion Friday!

It's Friday! And we have a new dress to show off.

Yeah, momma actually did something besides freak out or piss off everyone on Facebook.

Shocking I know.

Dey say March comes in like a lion.

So we have lion dresses!

Don't worry Brinley, dey are not real lions. 

We're ready for a safari! Ok, the only safari is gonna be our walks, and we didn't even see any kitties today. Guess we'll just hafta watch da kitties in da house.

And yeah, there's lion buttons too!

We took over momma's bed today. No social distancing here!

Since it are also Nature Friday, we thought we'd show off some of da irises blooming outside.

Lots of em are starting to pop up!

We've got all kindsa different colors.

They are in the front and da back yard.

And some of em smell good too!

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Quarantine Day 568731

Hey pals! Well, we're still doing good here. At least us pups. Momma just might have yelled HBO words at a neighbor and flipped her off on our walk.

Ok, to be fair, da woman stopped her car and motioned for us to cross the street ahead of her and then honked her horn repeatedly while we were right in front of her car. She said she wuz trying to warn us another car was coming, but it scared me. And hurt momma's ears. And she's already very nuts from all this quarantine stuff. 

At least she can never give us a hard time for barking at other dogs! BOL!

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Terrier Tuesday

Hey pals!

We hope all our pals are staying safe. My momma are going crazy - our county has a semi-lockdown. It's kinda confusing, but it duz mean momma are gonna be stuck wif dark roots for a while unless she gets adventurous wif da bleach at home.

Not everyone is lucky enuf to be a platinum blonde.

She are trying to keep busy wif fun stuff like bike rides and playing wif me. But she also gets upset becuz she's seeing people's rights being taken away (and not just the right to a good dye job, BOL) and no one seems to care. She gets the seriousness of all of this, but she's also a lawyer and is seeing some very big infringements on people's rights and she can't get anyone to care, so she gets mad.

We keep telling her to stop reading stuff on the internet that makes her mad and just play wif us.

She did a lil better at that today.

Hope your humans are healthy and less crazy than mine!

I recommend dey get some sunshine if they can - it's da best medicine!