Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Yappy Mardi Paws!

Yappy Mardi Paws y'all!

We's ready to celebrate - even if momma ain't sharin dat yummy Cajun food and her Hurricane.  I really think she should share wif her lil girl, but she are being greedy!

Finley are all ready to pawty!

Come on Brinley, let's go find Bourbon Street!!

Laissez les bon temps rouler!

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Sunday Selfies

Didn't my BFF take a pawsome selfie today?

I fink I did pretty good too!

Momma dressed us up in our Mardi Gras dresses again today.

She also finished some new dresses, but y'all gotta wait to see em.

Anybody wanna guess what are on em??

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Happy 10 Months Brinley!

Happy 10 Month Birthday BFF!

Me and Brinley wuz smart enuf to be born a lil bit apart - so we is lookin forward to a whole BIRFDAY WEEK in April.

Udder dan dat, we has been gettin ready for Mardi Paws by testin out dese Mardi Gras dresses.

Laissez les bon temps rouler, right??

It got way colder today, but we still got our walk in.

It are almost time to watch da basketball wif momma.

Go Bruins!!

I also paw-ticipated in da Blogville Arts Self Portrait Challenge - ya can see all da entries on da Blogville Arts and Entertainment blog!

Thursday, February 23, 2017

10 Months!!

I are 10 months old today!!

Me and Brinley got a little trim last night - now we can see again.

And dis week somefin amazin happened - I has been gettin to sleep in da big bed wif my momma!!  She knew I wuzn't feelin da bestest cuz of my bein in heat, so she thought she would lemme up there. And I has been a perfect lil girl every night!  If I keep it up, I get to keep sleepin up there!

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

ACANA Mackerel and Greens Treats from Chewy!

Hi y'all!  I gets to do my Chewy review today!!

In case ya duzn't know, Chewy are da online pet store dat delivers foods and treats right to your doorstep.

Holy Mackerel!  Dis month, Chewy sent me ACANA Mackeral & Greens treats to try!

We couldn't wait to try em out!

Finley wuz just as eager as us puppies!

ACANA Mackeral & Greens treats are chewy freeze-dried made wif New England mackerel, Kentucky spinach greens, sarsaparilla root and mixed tocopherols.  Dey are loaded wif Omega-3 and fiber from da spinach.

Dey are made in da USA and only has 3.9 calories per treat.  

Which means we should get lots!!

Finley are used to my momma makin her pose.

But when she got dat treat, she scarfed it down!

Brinley wanted dat treat BAD!

And she wuz a blur when she got it!

I wuz focused on dat treat.


Can we has some more??  


Me, Finley, and Brinley is givin da ACANA Mackeral & Greens treats 12 paws up and 3 waggin tails!  We wuz impressed by Chewy's fast shippin - our treats came right away.  Fanks so much Chewy!

Disclaimer: As part of the Chewy Blogger Program, I wuz provided the treat for free for an honest review, but wuz not paid for my opinion.  Although eggstra treats and toys are always eggcepted.  ;)

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Sunday Selfies

Well, I is feelin HOT HOT HOT, and let's say it's not cuz of da weather.

Brinley went through dis already - now I know why she wuz a lil cranky.  It are not very much fun.

Momma says as cute as I are, I don't get to have a boyfriend.  I don't need no silly boys anyways.

All I need are my BFF.  And to sit on my momma's elbow.  Or her shoulder.  For some reason, she thinks I weigh a lil too much to do dat.