Sunday, April 29, 2018

Sunday Selfies

So, I's extra fluffy for today's selfie.

Brinley are a lil extra fluffy too.  We all had to get baffs yesterday.

Finley had da world's biggest smile today.  I's usually da smiliest one of us three, but I couldn't compete wif Finley today.

Me and Brinley got to wear da udder side of our tropical dresses.

Dere's tons of flowers, leaves, and pineapples!

Here are a close up.

I tried to convince momma I needed a piña colada to go wif it, but yeah, she says she don't want me turning into a BoozeHound.

Silly momma.  I wouldn't be a Booze Hound.  Just a Tipsy Terrier!  P.S. Happy birfday to Allie!

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Caturday Art

Happy Caturday!

Well, dat are what da cats say it are.  I don't know why dey gets a day and we duz not.  

It seems species-ist to me.  Or somefin like dat.  But at least we gets to do da artsy stuff too.

But I don't worry too much about all of dat stuff, I are just too busy being HAPPY!

I are happy cuz I got a nice long bike ride today (and lotsa compliments!)

And me and Brinley got to wear anudder one of our new dresses.

Dis one are a tropicool.

Momma says it makes her want a tropical drink.

But to be fair, wakin up in da mornin duz dat.

Here's a closeup - dere are birdies and birdie buttons.

And I are not even barkin em!

Ok, back to snugglin!

Friday, April 27, 2018

Fashion (and Flower) Friday

First up, da fashion!

Today me and Brinley wore our new cowboy dresses!

All Texas ladies need a cowboy dress, right?

Brinley shure makes a cute lil cowpoke.

Here are a closeup for ya.

Brinley and Finley's momma did a pawsome job on dese dresses - fanks so much!

I bet Finley are gonna get some real cute stuff for her birfday next month.

Ok, and now for da flowers.  Da eye-rises are still going strong.

Da white one and da pink one are in da Whitley Memorial Garden.  Momma says she still misses her and can't believe it has been almost two years.

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Wif Calves Like Dat . . .

Ya gotta be a cowgirl!

Yup, me and Brinley is wearin our new cowgirl dresses!

Git along lil dogies.

Or lil doggies as it are.  

Brinley's momma did a pawsome job on da dresses!

Here's a close up pic for y'all.

Yeehaw!  I are guessing I look pretty cute since I even had someone ask me and momma if she could take our pickshure on today's bike ride!

And I has some more pawsome news, Finley and Brinley are gettin back to bloggin.  Yay!  But dey'll still be showin up here and maybe I'll even show up over dere.  Dere's just gonna be lil white dogs EVERYWHERE!  

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Happy Birthday Brinley!

Happy birthday Brinley!

Yeah, today it are my BFF's second birthday!

Welcome to being TWO!

We all got some of Brinley's tasty bacon and cheesy birfday omelet!

Dis birfday stuff ROCKS - when are it your birfday again Finley?  What, we has to wait almost a whole month???

Da weather did not cooperate wif us, so we had to settle for playin inside.

Brinley got some fun toys too - a dubble squeaker sheep from her momma.

And Frenchy fries and a bunneh from my momma!

And she wore da birfday hat Chewy sent me.

Yeah, I don't know how much she liked dat.

 But she did like her presents.  She got da same leash/harness/collar sets and dresses as me.

Tonite me and Brinley watched TV.  And we kept my momma's legs warm, BOL!

Den it wuz time for Brinley's birfday dinner - STEAK!!!!


And we had birfday pupcakes again!

Happy birfday BFF!