Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Travis is Home

Hi pals! Well Travis are home from surgery.

We can't go sniff him though. He are locked up in our dog crates! 

And he are not happy bout it. But he can't be allowed to run or jump for a month and since he cost TONS of money, momma says he just has to get over it.

I did get to sniff him though the wires though.

We's happy he's home.

And we really don't get what his whining is about - we like our crates for naps.

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Travis' Surgery


Hey pals. Well, my kitty brofur had to have surgery today - he had bladder stones that kept making him get blocked. He made it through da surgery and momma thinks she are gonna get to take him home tomorrow.  

We can't wait to have our kitty home.

It has been a weird week here.

Da mommas has been super stressed about Travis and it has been tuff. It's just been a real downer of a week.

So I thought I'd try to cheer everyone up by showing off my new martini dress.

We'll take two barktinis - shaken or stirred! 

These dresses will be pawfect for when da new Bond movie comes out in 2029.

We wore the black side pre-grooming and the red side post-grooming.

You can see my eyes now!

Here's a closeup.

After the week we've had, we definitely need a barktini or 10.

Monday, October 26, 2020

Bad News


I has bad news pals - my kitty brofur Travis are back at da emergency vet again. He has reblocked.

He are dat da emergency vet. They unblocked him, but his bloodwork wuz not good - his glucose wuz high and his kidney values were off. And we don't know why he reblocked. Da mommas has been giving him da urinary food and even putting extra liquid in it to make shure he wuz drinking. Our regular vet seemed to think he needed an ultrasound - she are worried he might have bladder cancer or something that are causing this. And both da emergency vet and our regular vet menshuned a perineal urethrostomy. Which momma are callin da Caitlyn Jenner speshul, but don't worry, Travis are not gonna be changin his name to Caitlyn. 

Tonite da mommas went to see Travis at da emergency vet - dey actually let em in which wuz nice. But dat makes momma worried too - she hopes they were just being nice and letting em in and not letting em becuz Travis are that sick.   

But for tonite Travis are ok. He are resting at da emergency vet. We all just want him home and feeling better. I miss my kitty.

Sunday, October 25, 2020

Sunday Selfies


Hey pals. Well, it wuz a rainy day here, so it wuz just kind of a good day for napping. Travis are doing better today - we think da drugs from da hospital have worn off. He are doing ok - eating good and peein.  

And at least we got a break from da grooming adventures today.

Have a pawsome week pals!

Saturday, October 24, 2020

Travis are Back!


So first up, I are gonna start wif da good news. Travis are back home from da emergency vet. He are still kinda stoned from da drugs, but he are back home where he belongs.

He has a speshul food he's gotta eat and he can't sneak any kibbles anymores. And he are gonna get all his food made into soup to make shure he gets plenty of waters.

We are happy he's home, we missed him.

Finley has kinda always thought it wuz her job to look after da kitties and she was sticking her nose right at his tummy on Thursday. We think she knew somefin wuz wrong.

It wuzn't just a quiet couple days worrying bout Travis though. Momma needed somefin to keep her mind off of it.

Ok, I guess I can see now.

Finley, ya might be next!

Thursday, October 22, 2020

POTP for Travis


So momma had a cute post planned for us today showing off our new dresses. But it are gonna hafta wait cuz today sucked da big one.

My kitty brofur Travis is having to stay at da emergency vet tonite - he had a urinary blockage. It wuz a mixture of a mucus blog and struvite crystals. Da vet said da mommas caught it early, but it are very scary and we all just wish he could be home wif us. 

We're sending lotsa POTP to Travis and we hope he can come home as soon as possible.

We miss ya buddy.

Tuesday, October 20, 2020


It's TockTober Day! Da day kitties celebrate Angel Derby by showing off their tocks. 

And hey, if kitties can do it, so can we! 

After all . . . 

Nuffin like a terrier's derrière!

Finley says she's told old to be showing off her butt on da internet and to hand over da cookies. 

Happy Tocktober!

Monday, October 19, 2020

Music Monday


It's Music Monday, so we've got some spooky tunes for ya today!

Don't worry, it's nuffin too scary. No tunes about windshield wipers or plastic bags or grooming tools.

Momma's Halloween Howloween playlist are over 200 songs, so we made her just pick a few. But Travis has some more if ya wanna get down and get spooky.