Saturday, May 31, 2014

Sepia Saturday

Hey pupses, I are exhausted.  I went on zombie patrol dis mornin and barked all kindsa zombies - dog zombies, walkin zombies, a policeman zombie, I were so busy!

Den I played pool ball wif Finley, my momma, and grandpa.  It were lotsa fun - I were really gettin after it.  Momma thinks da new thing da vampire vet gave me for my arthur-eye-tis may be helpin some already. 

I has also been playin wif da lil cutie pie kitten Crockett.  He are just da cutest and funnest lil guy.

So I's earned me a nap!

Friday, May 30, 2014

Da Vampire Vet

Hey pals!  Firstest things first, I wanted to show y'all dis cute lil bow dat my pal Goose sent me.

Dese ties come from da Kula Project - a non-profit who are helpin women in Rwanda by teachin dem a trade and payin dem for dere work - in dis case my pretty bow!  So it are not just a pretty bow, it are helpin peeps too.

My pal Goose has are a very sweet Weimeraner - and he has not been feelin too good - he were in da hospital all last weekend wif internal bleedins.  But he are back home wif his momma now and we's sending him lotsa POTP.  If ya don't know him yet, check out his blog at Gospel of Goose.

Ok, now on to my trip da vampire vet.  I were real excited bout da car ride, but I were not too excited bout bein at da vet.  Dey had me and Finley go to an exam room immediately, I guess dey didn't want me barkin up da waitin room.  Well, I whined and barked while hidin under da chair.  Finley got examined firstest and I was hopin dey wouldn't see me since da floor were white too, but dey did.

And dey stole my bloods and weighed me.  I are up to 20.3 pounds - momma were callin me chunky buns since I weighs more dan Finley.  I tried to tell her dat dat extra weight are just furs, but I don't know if she believed me.  And on top of all dis humiliashun, da vampire vet started lookin at my wrinkles.  And he made some kinda joke bout plastic surgery and loose skins.  And den Finley's momma joked bout a 2-for-1 deal dat she wanted in on too!!!  OMD, da humiliashuns.

In case y'all didn't know, I gots back wrinkles.  My momma sometimes calls me Ruffles, cuz Ruffles has ridges.  Yeah, she finks she's funny - at least someone does.

Can ya sees em?  Dey are more noticeable in person dan in photos, but I developed wrinkles in da past couple years.  I tried tellin momma I were just tryin to look more like her bassets since I know she misses dem, but I are not sure if she believed me.  I fink wrinkles just makes me even more you-neek.  And I don't need no plastic surgeries, so no vampire vet, ya are not gettin more money dat way.  Ya already got lotsa money for suckin my bloods.  We's sposed to get da blood results back nextest week - I hope dey says dat I are in needs of more pool ball!

Thursday, May 29, 2014


Dat were one tasty cookie!  

Anyways, today are a pretty good day.  I got some good barkins in on my walk - I started off barkin some dogs on my block (I are pretty sure dey are zombie dogs) den I just kept up da barkins - barkin lawn-mowin zombies, skwerrilz, da sky, da whole world, well ya names it.  Den after I ate some breakyfast, I went outside and played pool ball and barked my momma to throw da balls faster.

So what if I bounce da balls outta da pool?  You's sposed to go get dem momma, right now!  BARK BARK BARK!

Momma said somefin bout me goin to see da vampire tomorrow, on counts dat dey want my bloods.  Well hey, I want my bloods too, I need my bloods to bark.  Oh well, guess I'll have to show off my barkin for dem too.

P.S.   It are Finley's momma's and daddy's annifursary today.  Dey been married for 32 years or somefin, OMD, dat are like furever!  And I fink dey are join out to eat tonight which means I won't get to bark dem for dinner.  Don't worry, I'll bark dem plenty when dey get home.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Happy Memorial Day!

Hey pupses, hope y'all are havin a happy Memorial Day.  It has been a pretty boring day today - it were rainin and stuffs, so no walk and no pool ball.  Which are a big ol snooze fest.  Least I got some eggy weggy, since Finley's momma broke a eggy weggy while she were fryin it dis mornin.  It were tasty.  

I wore my patriotical dress as ya can sees, here are a better view of it.

It are reversible too, da other side are navy.

Just becuz it were borin did not mean I did not find fings to bark at.  I barked cuz I's still bein kept separated from lil Crockett, well most da time.  We play some, but I wants to sniff him up all da time.  I barked cuz I didn't get no pool ball and I barked when da peeps ate and when dey came in da room and I barked Finley for sittin and cuz it were Monday.  Ya know, da usual stuffs.  I always find somefin to bark about.

Hope your day were more excitin dat mine.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Black and White Sunday

Today were an ok day, I guess.  We went on our zombie patrol today and I barked dem zombies away. Den it rained, so I didn't get to play pool ball, which stinks.  I mean, I already would be wet in da pool so I don't see what da problem were.  Momma said it had somefin to do wif no wanna to get electromocuted or somefin since dere were some lightnin.  Dat sounds like a made-up excuse to me.

I didn't get some time to sniff dat new lil guy, Crockett.  He sure are a cutie.  I wish we could play more, but momma won't lemme yet since he are such a lil dude.  I just luv da kitties though and get mad when I can't play wif him.

See, ain't he a cutie??

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Sepia Saturday

Happy Sepia Satuday y'all!  It has been a pretty good day - we went on Zombie Patrol and we got to bark all da nayborhood.  I barked it up real good - momma says dey could probably hear me all da way over in Fort Worth, but I think she are exagamarratin.  Maybe Arlington.  Hee hee!

Den I got to play pool ball too - it were a lotta fun.  Hope ya had a pawsome day too!

P.S. If any boy pup don't like us wearin our dresses, dey needs to go sit on dere own pip and toodle it, whatefur dat means.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Happy birthday Finley!

Today it are my BFF's birthday!  She are 8 today!  Happy birthday Finley!!

It has been a good day - we started da day out wif a walk where we went patrollin for zombiez.

Finley are good at barkin da naybor dogs wif - I fink dey are zombie dogs, but I are not sure.

Ain't my BFF cute?

Da only fing cuter dan one of us are both of us!

I's happy!

Den we came home and Finley's momma made da yummiest birthday breakfast for us - bacon and pancakes! Yum yum, dey were so tasty!!

I wore my birfday dress today to celebrate.

Finley are pawsome at openin presents!!

Den we went outside and played some pool ball.

And I heard somefin bout cheeseburgerz tonite - dis are turnin out to be a great day!  Luvya BFF!!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Date Day!

It are Blogville Date Day today, which Sarge are hostin for us!

Me and Finley went on a plutotonic date wif our pal Charlie, who comes from a land down under.  We had da bestest time!!  A whole bunch of our pals came too!  Charlie already wrote all about our date, but I's gonna tell ya bout da trip down and Finley are gonna tell ya bout da plane ride back.

Look at dose eyes!  What a cutie!!

HunBun picked us up in his Leer Jet.  We went down to Luv Field to meets him, yep dat are what one of our airports are called.  Luv Field, which are kinda perfect for Date Day, even if it are a plutotonic date.  Since we was not flyin comershul, I didn't get to see my TSA peeps.  I'd made pretty good friends wif some of dem when I was flyin all da time, dey always liked my Security shirt.  And I luved gettin da pat downs!  For some reason, my momma didn't feel da same way bout da pat downs.  I fink dose TSA peeps were confusin terrierists wif terrorists back den, but anyways, enuf of dis digreshun.  We met our plane at Luv Field.

See, da inside of dis Lear Jet are pretty nice, no havin to hide in da lil carrier at anybody's feet on dis plane.  Charlie had even arranged for da movie to be Oklahoma! which I apprecamatated since it are my favorite movie!

All our pals who were comin were already on board.  HunBun had picked up Bertie from Scotland and he had picked up Buddy from da middle of nowheres in Canookistan.  And he'd gotten Zoe from Idunno, Freckles from Mitch Again, and Puffy from New Mexico.  Puffy's sisfur, da lovely and bootiful Miss Coco Rose passed away dis week, so we was drinkin da cocktails in her honor on da way Down Under.  She were a pup who loved a pawty, so we wuz celebratin for her.

I asked HunBun "Did ya remember to stop at da Haggis Trees when you was in Scotland pickin up Bertie?  And did ya stock da Leer Jet wif Glenfiddich."

And HunBun told me "Gud gweif, ob course I did dat.  Oy bey, you pupses fink I can't remember nuffin."

And I told him dat I were just makin sure, ya know how us terrierists are.  Gotta check everything.  So we was all enjoyin some Haggis and Scotch and den I started makin da cocktails for everypup.  Den we brought out da BBQ so we could have a real good pawty!  

Bertie were da life of da pawty, tellin all kindsa jokes.  I fink he were tryin to impress Finley.  Finley got da idea in her head dat she could start singing.  Well, Finley are an ok singer when she are not pretendin she are a mezzo-soprano in da opera or somefin.  Den da squeakin makes ya wish ya had earplugs.  I barked her good and told her we didn't wanna be deaf by da time we got to our date.

Well, we wuz partyin on da plane, or pre-gamin as ya might call it, BOL!  Zoe were battin her lashes at everypup around, she are a big ol flirt despite all dis tomboy talk.  I are not sure if she are usin Maybelline Great Lash or some of dose fake eyelashes.  Dey looked kinda like dose Eylure Katy Perry false eyelashes to me, but I dunno know.

Maybe she's born wif it (I don't fink so) or maybe it are Maybelline.

Anyways, we wuz playin music too, specially Men At Work since we was headin to Australia for a roo hunt.  I was practicin my crikeys too.

Den we landed in Australia . . . if ya wants to read bout da rest of our date, head on over to Charlie Down Under in Oz.  It were a fun time - lotsa bootiful places, a roo hunt, swimmin and playin water polo, and a romantically dinner.  It were da bestest date ever, dose Aussie blokes know how to do a date right.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

OMD!!!! New Kitty!!!!

I gots me a new kitty, and as you can tell I are pretty excited bout it!  He are such a cute lil guy, his name are Crockett.

OMD, I luvs him so much already.  Momma says my luv can be a bit too much for a lil dude though, so I are not gettin to get as up close and personal as I'd like, but we's sniffed and all.  He are just da sweetest.  Dere are nuffin better dan dat kitten smell!

It are like an early birfday present!!

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Sepia Saturday

Happy Sepia Saturday!  I got some good barkin in today - I barked dem zombie soccer players in dat field good!  I knowed dey was zombies becuz dey were not even interested in comin over and pettin me or kickin da ball to me so I could play.  So I barked em up good!

My momma disappeared and came home smellin like kittens.  I wonder where she were . . . 

In other news, me and momma were very sad to read dat Miss Beazley, Prezident Bush's scottie, passed away today.  She were such a cute lil pup.

Us terrierists just got dat certain somefin, ya know??

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

A Sad Almost Wordless Wednesday


We just read dat my pal Coco Rose had to go to da Rainbow Bridge.  I's so sad, Coco Rose was a pawsome pal and we are all gonna miss her tons.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Limerick Day

So pups, it are Limerick Day and my pal Oz the Terrier are hostin a Limerick Day contest so I thought I would put my poetical skills to use and writes y'all a limerick to read.

Dere was a pup who loved to arooo
She would bark da sky for bein blue
Today she woofed some dirt
Mom's laffs, well dey hurt
So den she turned and barked at her too!

Now, bout dis barkin dirt stuff, I are pretty sure it were a zombie risin right outta da ground to attack da neighborhood, instead of it bein somebody diggin round dere sprinkler system likes momma finks.  I are confident dat it are my barkin dat kept da zombiez in da ground where dey belong!  I were not confusin it for a bunny multiple times, despite da roomers dat my momma has been spreadin.  I were keepin da neighborhood safe from zombiez.

See, dis are da face of a proud member of da #zombiesquad defendin da town.  Not a pup who confuses dirt clods wif bunnies.

I did not no pool ball today on counts of it stormin like crazy.  Da thunder boomers do not bother me none, cept for da lack of pool ball times.  Momma says I may not get no pool ball for a couple days becuz it are gonna be cold and stormy tomorrow too.  Dis stinks!!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Black and White Momma's Day

Happy momma's day to all you momma's out dere!  Remember to bark extra loud and often today, mommas just luv when dey know you are da loyal Head of Security lookin out for dem and keepin dem safe from zombies.

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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Sepia Saturday

Hey pals!  Hope y'all are gavin a fun Saturday!  I are - I gotta go on a walk dis mornin!  I were bein a real pain in da butt according to my momma becuz I kept pullin and tryin to sit down and stuff.  Well, a girl's gotta sniff when she wants to sniff!!  BOL!

Den me and momma played pool ball and I went swimmin, dat were a lotta fun!  And I gots a new shirt too dat I are wearin . . .

Go Spurs Go!

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Friday, May 9, 2014

Best Elk Antlers Review and Giveaway!

Hi pals!  Da peeples at Best Elk Antlers asked me if I were interested in doin a review.  Of course I said yes.  I's not gonna pass up free treats! 

Dey sent me da one pound bag of small antler filet chews.  I'd never tried an antler chew before, so I were real interested.  Da website says dat dese treats are pawfect for small dogs, puppies, and older pups who like to chew.  Well, since I's small and gettin up dere in years, dis describes me pretty good.

Dese treats are made in da USA and 100% natural.  Best Elk Antlers uses da naturally shed elk antlers of wild-roamin elks from Colorado.  Y'all may not know dis, but I has actually seen elks before.  It were on a road trip when we were nears Flagstaff, Arizona and my momma and Finley's momma saw a whole bunch of elks cross da highway.  Da first thought in dere headses were "horses" since dey are Texas girls, but den dey figured out what dey were seein.  One boy elk and a whole bunch of his girlfriends.  I woulda barked dem if I hadn't been in da car since I bark deer and dey are kinda da same. Anyways, enuf with dis digreshun and back to da review . . . 

Dese are what da antlers look like.

At first I had to sniff da treat - I always believe in a good sniff when I's given somefin new.

Smells pretty good to me.  Momma says dey do not smell at all to her, and she has a pretty good sniffer for a person.  Which we all know is means nuffin since dey cannot smell at all, but she liked dat da treats were not stinky.

Now I's gettin into chewin . . .

Dis are real tasty!

Momma made me share wif Finley - she liked da elk antlers a ton!

She were afraid my momma were gonna steal her antler back - dat are why she are givin da camera da stink eye.

We liked dat dis are a one-ingredient treat - it do not have any of da stuff dat Finley are allyergick to - it's just an all-natural, preservative-free chew treat!

Da treats do not splinter and break and dey are very long-lasting.  Me and Finley wuz chewin on dem for hours today, and we barely made a dent in them!  Momma and me wuz both very happy wif dis treat.  You can check dem out at and on Facebook.

Now for da fun part for y'all - da peeples at Best Elk Antlers told me I could giveaway a package to one of my pals!  Dis giveaway are USA-only, so sorry for all you Australian, European, Canadian, and other pupses.

If you's interested in gettin a bag of elk antlers just for yourself - enter below.

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