Friday, May 31, 2019

Flower Friday

Hi pals! Well, it's been a while since I did a Flower Friday post.  

It are daylily season at Casa de Westie!

This one's called Kim's Smile and is in the Whitley Memorial garden. Kinda perfect, right??

Finley approves!

There are all kindsa different colors out there.

It really makes da backyard pretty!

Perfect for westies to run through!

Which ya can bet we did today.

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Bring Me Da MEATZ™!

Well, Brinley's momma still has not fired up da smoker, but I are practicin my begging face. I don't she how she could resist dis. Maybe I could hypnotize her . . . 

Ok, I guess Brinley and Finley are practicin too. 

She better go buy some extra MEATZ™!

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Happy Anniversary!

Today it are my grandma and grandpa's annifursary!

Dey's been married 37 years! Time to party!

Dey went out to eat and got some nice presents.

But dere wuz a problem.

Do ya see that thing? It invaded MY living room and did not belong there. I growled it. I think it wuz a zombie. Or maybe an alien. 


Or maybe a robot alien. I know Grandpa likes dose Star Wars movies, but I do not need no R2D2 going beep beep at me. Or no BB8. NO FANKS!

Finley says it are a BBQ smoker and dat Grandma are gonna make some tasty noms in it and I need to not growl it.

I still says robot alien.

Brinley says since it are not on TV, she do not care.

Monday, May 27, 2019

Memorial Day

Happy yappy Memorial Day. And it has been a YAPPY Memorial Day here - I are not a fan of those flags and gotta tell em who are boss. 

Brinley and Finley are not interested in helping me fight the war on flags. 

Guess dis are a battle I'll hafta fight alone. Thank you to all those who made the ultimate sacrifice, we remember and honor you everyday.

Sunday, May 26, 2019

Sunday Selfies

Well, we has had a busy weekend so far.

For da most part, it's been fun.

But the baffs and da grooming - NOT fun.

Since we got groomed tonite, all of these selfies are pre-grooming.

Look at what da mommas got off of us!

Finley got to escape the grooming seshun (she got hers right before her birthday).

Well, she did haft get her nails done, but that wuz it. 

We's been workin hard to cheer up da mommas - it are a tuff job. 

We all miss Crockett a lot.

He left a big hole in everyone's hearts, but we also know he wouldn't want us to sit around and be sad forevers. 

So we is trying to live life to da fullest for Crockett.

And if dat fullest involves bacon and tennis balls, well, so much da better! 

Hmmm, do you think we'll get some tasty Memorial Day treats tomorrow??

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Happy Birthday Finley!

Happy 13th birthday to our big sister Finley!  

Ya is a pawsome big sister - ya taught us how to scruff, how to be friends wif kitties, and how to patrol da nayborhood for zombiez! We couldn't ask for a better big sister and ya deserve da pawsome day ya had.

We started off today wif a speshul birthday brunch (we all got some) - eggs, bacon, and cheeze -  YUMMM!  

And look at all dose presents!

Finley is da queen of opening toys!


She got 4 new squeaky toys.

And a box of cookies, 3 new jackets, 3 new onesies, and 2 new t-shirts for a total of THIRTEEN presents!

And STEAK for dinner!


Finley even got a birthday cake!

Better sing fast mommas!

We all got a lil slice.

Finley devoured hers!

And of course da birthday girl got lotsa snuggles!

Happy birthday Finley! Hope ya has a bajillion more!

And thanks to Pipo, Dalton, and Benji for Finley's birthday card!