Saturday, January 31, 2015

Sepia Saturday

Momma actually did it.  She finished my January dress in da month of January.  I are surprised.  She didn't finish it early enuf for me to model it for y'all, cuz it wuz all dark and da pics wouldn't have been very good.  So I'll be showin it off tomorrow.  Unfortunately, my hot spot are not doin too good, so I won't be able to wear it all day, on counts of scratchin.  Dat thing are just impossible, momma are doin everythin she can, but it is still oozin.  Last night after me and Finley got into a bit of Bitey Face, it wuz bleedin.  But not from Finley bitin it or nuffin, just from me movin round so much.  

But I can wears da dress for pictures tomorrow, and I wills.  Until den, dis are a lil preview and proof dat my momma did actually finish it today.  

She woulda finished it earlier, cept she went shoppin wif Finley's momma, who bought a real fancy sewin machine.  She better put it to work makin lotsa dresses and jackets for me and Finley.

Hey momma, ya is awares dat February do not have 31 days to make a dress??  It are only 28, you're gonna have to get to work quicker.

Friday, January 30, 2015

Fractured Fryday Hairy Tails

Most of my New Year's Resolushins are good ones - like barkin more and killin more varmints and barkin more.  And did I menshun barkin more.  But dis year I resolved to get my momma to make me a new dress a month.  And it are almost da end of January and dis are all she's done.

It was the worst New Year's Resolution I ever made.   Wif my lazy momma, I shoulda demanded a new dress a week, den I might have gotten one a month.  She are gonna have to get to work to get dis finished by tomorrow.

At least I has a new t-shirt to show off from Christmas.  All I needs to do now are go to Lost Vegas and win big.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Welcome Weezy!

My pal Eloise (some of my pals from Dogster probably know her brofurs, Beanie and Bacon and her angel siblings, Miss Izzy B and Ernie George) got herself a bloggie!  She are a cute lil cairn terrierist girl puppy from Minnesnowdah.

Warnin: her bloggie may give your peeps a case of da Puppy Fever™ - dat are what lookin at all her cute pictures on da Faceybook has done to my momma.  But y'all should head on over there and say hi anyways.   Ya can check out her blog here.

Well, and now for an update on da hot spot dat just won't go away - it got less red and inflamed, but wuz still oozin in da wrinkles and crustin, even though momma was real good bout da loshin and cleanin it off everyday.  So now I'm on some Auntie-Bye-Otics.  Here's hopin dat dis'll finally clear it up.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Backyard Patrol

As y'all know, I's now a Junior Officer in da Blogville Police, as well as bein a member of Zombie Squad and da longstandin Head Chief of Homeland Security.  So in addishun to da nayborhood patrol (which I are back to doin full force), I went on a patrol of da backyard today.

I are checkin for zombies and other criminal elements, like dem nasty skwerrils and rats.

Are dat a skwerril I hears??  Too bad it are next door, otherwise I'd show it who are boss.

I luvs doin my patrols.

And havin nice weather to do em in in January makes me a happy pup.

All dis patrol work are exhausterating though, so it are nice to lie down and relax.

I's also a bilingual officer, no chupacapras are gonna be sneakin into my backyard and botherin me and my momma!

And while you pupses in da northeast wuz havin your blizzard, dis are what we is doin in Texas.  Yeah, me and momma don't miss Bawston at all right now!


Dis are what are happenin in Bawston right now.  A real life yeti prowlin da streets of Somerville, which are right near my old stompin grounds.  Dis are what happens when ya get feets of snow and pups can't patrol for zombies.  And yetis.  Scary stuff, ya yankee pupses better be on da lookout.

Monday, January 26, 2015

I Celebrates Australia Day

Y'all might be wonderin what I are doin celebratin Australia Day, since I's a lil Scottish pup who lives in Texas.  Well, my pal Charlie sent me a cool package of all dis Australian stuff and it got here today, on Australia Day (well, at least it are still da 26th here even it are not in Australia no mores).  

Fanks so much Charlie!  I's so happy da customs dudes didn't steal any of it!

Charlie and his momma are so pawsome, dey even included stuff for da mommas and da kitties!

Dese are da kitties' toys - dey's already playin wif em!

And dis are for da mommas!

And now one to da good stuff, da stuff for me and Finley!

Roo sticks, doggy-mite treats, and cute lil Australian collars!

See, I match ya now Charlie!  I think I make a pretty good honorary Aussie!

Me and Finley both really luved da roo sticks - dey are super tasty!  We woofed em down right away - as ya can tell as I wuz in a big hurry to get to workin on mine!

So I hopes all my pals down under had a pawsome Australia Day!  I are also hopin all my pals who are in da path of dat blizzard are gonna be ok too, I lived in Bawston for three years, so I knows all bout dat stuff.  It are nuffin like dat here in Dallas, I spent da afternoon in da backyard wif my momma enjoyin our 70 degree weather while she wuz tannin.  BOL BOL!  Yeah, I likes to rub it in.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sunday Selfie

Y'all might notice I's lookin a lil guilty in dis selfie.  Well, all I gotta say is it are not my fault!  I's blamin it all on da roids.  Roids make a girl very thirsty.  And pups who's drunk a whole bowl a water sometimes can't wait till dere mommas wake up.  And den dey also sometimes can't wait for dere mommas to put on clothes so dey can take dem out.  It are not my fault.  I don't know how Mark McGuire and Barry Bonds and all dose guys handled it.  Maybe dat are why dey ran for home so fast.

Friday, January 23, 2015

A New Jacket

Hey y'all.  Since I are one of Blogville's Fashun Directors (along wif BFF Finley) I thought I'd show y'all my newest outfit.

It are a warm fleecey jacket!  And not only are it fashunable (pink and green always go good together, just ask Lilly Pulitzer - I mean dey named a whole prize after her), it are practical too.

It helps keep me nice and snuggly warm.  And I know I are not livin where it are super cold, but since I has gotten older, I don't like da cold very much, so bein snuggly and warm has it's appeal.  And it keeps me from scratchin up my hot spot and makin it worse.  Finley wears these jackets lots on counts of her itchies, dey keep her from gettin at herself too.  She got a matchin one, so we wuz both rockin da preppy look.

And it hides where dey stole all my furs in order to show off my inner shar pei puppy, or whatever are goin on back there.  Wif my lil jacket on, ya can'ts even tell I are missin all dat hair.

Fanks Finley's momma for da new jacket!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Oh da Horrors!

Well, momma's been threatenin me wif a visit to da vet for a while.  Mostly cuz of dat dumb ol hotspot not gettin better and just gettin worse and worse.  I's had em before, but momma has always managed to get em under control at home.

My arthur-eye-tis wuz doin a lil better today, so I may be ready for another Zombie Patrol™ on Friday.  I are not patrollin tomorrow on counts of it sposed to be rainy and stuff, so if da mommas are dumb enuf to venture out in dat, dey are just gonna have to deal wif da zombies on dere own.

Anyways, I went to see da vet.  I had to wait for a while since he'd been outta town and was apparently pretty popular.  There were a couple other dogs there waitin, a cocker spaniel and a lil dachshund.  Momma just held me in her lap so I wouldn't bark everyone too much.  I are kinda a known loudmouth round there, last time I got my teeth cleaned dey called momma early to come take me home since dey wuz tired of my barkin.

I think dey got revenge on me for all my barkins at dem.  Either dat or da vetman wanted to give me a bald spot to match his.  Yeah, dey shaved my back where da hot spot had taken over.  Let's just say it are a good thing I likes wearin clothes, cuz dis ain't pretty.

Oh my gorgeous furs!  Gone, all gone!!  I sure hope dey grow back.

Dose are da wrinkles I got.  Da vetman and all da techs are still pretty confuserated bout dem - dey don't mean anything bad, dey's just never seen a westie wif wrinkles.  But ya can see how red and inflamed my poor lil back are.  And dat it are kinda oozy and nasty-lookin, and dis are after bein medicated.  I gots some more lotion for my back and da vetman wants me on steroids for a few days too (which means I gotta stop takin my Metacam for a few days since he don't want me on steroids and an NSAID at da same time).

Dis are not a good look.  And I are not a happy dog.  Da only good part of da day wuz dat da mommas went to Whataburger on da way home from da vet and I gotta eat fries in da car.  And some fries at home too.  I don't think frenchie fries make up for dis though, I think I deserved a whole Whataburger.  And some new clothes, I are definitely gonna need em to hide dis.

Finley's momma are already at work sewin right now.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Sunny Monday

Well pals, I wuz not feelin too good dis mornin.  I still gots my stinkin ol hot spot and my arthur-eye-tis wuz bein particularly nasty, I could barely walk.  Momma wuz ready to take me to da vet, but da vetman wuzn't there today, so I got outta dat one.  I wuz feelin too bad for Zombie Patrol™, but da weather here wuz so perfect - 70 and sunny.  So momma went outside to tan and I went outside to lay in da sun (and bark dat zombie dog cross da alley).  I couldn't do my Varmint Patrol™ in da backyard, so I relied on my Deputy Chief of Homeland Security, BFF Finley.  She reported back wif no varmints found, so I wuz able to just relax in da sun.

And I think da sunshine helped, becuz I am walkin better dis afternoon.  Still not one hundred percent, not even for me, but I are doin better.  And momma did another round of cleanin and medicatin da hotspot.  Hopin it goes away soon.

And I heard talk bout da peeps gettin wings tonight - wings mean dey also gets rolls which means I gets some bread!  Yummmm!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Sunday Selfie

Well, I gots some bacon dis mornin, now I are off on da Death March Zombie Patrol™.  Wish me luck.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Sepia Saturday

Hey y'all.  I survived today's Death March Zombie Patrol™ and even got to bark a few zombies.  I's been havin a real hard time on da walks for da past few days - I think da winter are makin my arthur-eye-tis worse.  And of course, I's a terrierist and real stubborn, so when I don't wanna go, I just lie down.  Momma keeps tryin to make me move though.  Dat exorcisin stuff are fine for her to do, I just don't know why she's gotta involve me in.  I do provide some good resistance work for her since she are draggin 17 pounds of stubborn westie round da nayborhood for an hour.

My hot spot are still not all healed up.  Momma says I are gonna have to go to da vet on Monday if it ain't better by den, so I need some POTP for it since I don't really wanna go see da Vetman.  I don't mind seein him too much, but ever since I had to get stitched up one time, I hasn't liked goin to da vet (even though dat wuz da mergency vet).  So I'm hopin it's better.

Momma wuz talkin bout cuttin out some dresses for me, so maybe she are actually gonna get to work tonight.  A girl can hope.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Hot Hot Hot

Not da weather.  Dat are cold and dreary.  Maybe not super cold for ya yankee pupses.  I's lived in Bawston, so I know what da super colds are like.  But it are cold enuf for me and momma and gray and dreary too.  So I been spendin a lot of time hybernatin.

But da nasty hot spot I got at da end of December are back wif a venjanse.  It had pretty much healed up and wuz just a lil scabby.  But yesterday, right next to wear da firstest one wuz, a new hot spot popped up.  It wuz oozin green stuff - real nasty.  My whole back are red and funky lookin right now, I's havin to wear a fleecey jacket so I won't be scratchin it too much.  Momma are puttin Dermacton on it and cleanin it off.  Dese hot spots sure ain't fun.

Oh and some nasty NotMe pup came in my bedroom last night when da door wuz closed and peed AND pooped on da floor!  Can ya believe da nerve of dat NotMe dog???

Monday, January 12, 2015

Blogville Fashun Director

Hi y'all!  Da newly inaugurated mayors, Murphy and Stanley, gave me a pawsition in dere administayshun.  Me and my BFF Finley are da Blogville Fashun Directors!  We are here to help ya out wif fashun related isshoos and show off our stylin clothes.

I wuz finkin, dis kinda makes me da Anna Winter of Blogville.  Only I like summer a lot better dan winter since I gets to play pool ball then.  So maybe I'll be Anna Summer.  Anyways, I started preparin for dis job by watchin Da Devil Wears Prada lastest night.  My momma said if I wuz talkin bout myself, it'd be called Da Devil Chews Prada.  And dat are why da speshul Prada shoes are inside a bag, inside a box, on a shelf in da closet dat are always closed.  

Seriously momma, I mean, I chewed up one pair of pink leather sandals (and bout 87 flip flops) as a PUPPY and I are still hearin bout it 12 years later.  So what if dey wuz your favorites, I hasn't chewed shoes in years.  Get a grip, woman.

See, I are not even interested in chewin.

Anyways, me and BFF Finley will be modelin and discussin both off-da-rack and co-chure fashuns, dat are, if we can get our lazy mommas back to sewin us clothes.  I mean, my momma figured out how to make a dog dress and how many has she made me?  One, and dat wuz in September.  She needs to get to work, I wuz gettin inspired by watchin dat movie lastest night and think I are gonna have to start bein a lil tougher on her.  One of her New Year's Resolishuns (besides da borin ones bout billions of hours of exorcisin) wuz to make me one dog dress a month.  Which are a good start.  I mean, part of my job are to be lookin good and modelin clothes, right??  I are sposed to be da Heidi Klum of Blogville.  Which means I need new clothes all da time.  So what if I has more clothes dan most kidses??  Dey are just gonna outgrow em, I are done growin so I needs as much as you have momma!

So me and Finley will both be doin fashun related posts.  If ya has any fashun questuns, feel free to ask us and we'll try to help ya out.  Oh, and just so ya knows, I are also a junior officer in da Blogville Police Department and Officer Ruby's trainee.  I are sure we are gonna have all kindsa margaritas adventures together.  Well, all da best adventures start and end wif margaritas anyways.  And I are also in da Blogville Choir, I are gonna be a busy pup!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Sunday Selfie

Well, it are another cold, wet, dreary day here - basically it are winter in Dallas.  I think dat means it are hybernatin time.  I gots a bath yesterday and since it wuz cold, I got blow dried, which was nice.  It made my extra floofy.  Den my momma attacked me and started strippin out my poor lil furs - I dunno what are wrong wif her - I think she must be jealous of my floofs.  But I still got a good fluffitude going on, so I guess she didn't strip too many out.  Which are good cuz wif dis weather, I needs it.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Madi's Box Bash

Sarge is hostin a Box Bash for our departin Mayoress, Miss Madi!  And ya know me, I's gonna be there at da pawty!  Normally it are da kitties round here who are real fond of boxes, but I think I could get used to em too.  

Way to go on your term as Blogville mayor Madi, da dudes got some big paws to fill.  Well, not literally since ya kitties got dem tiny cute lil toesies, but ya gets da idea.  I's off to gets a margarita from Ruby, den I'll have a reason for not makin sense.  I'd rather make dollars anyways.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Inauguration Day

As some of y'all may know, I's joined da Blogville Police Force as a Junior Officer.  And for those of ya wonderin how a 12-year old westie girl can be a junior anything, well, shut your yappers.  I's bringin years of experience as Head of Homeland Security.  And if anyone deserves a donut, it's me and I's heard dat are a benefit of bein on da police force.  Not to menshun some of da cute officers . . . 

Today I are monitorin da Inauguration of our new Blogville Mayors, Murphy and Stanley.  So don't even think bout interruptin da ceremony you nasty skwerrils.

I ain't afraid of participatin in a lil police brutality, AKA, da shakey shakey, if ya gets my drift ya nasty tree rats.

For more on da Blogville Police activities on Inauguration Day, check out Officer Sully, Top Cop Bites, Commissioner Sarge, Officer Gussy, Officer Abby, Officer Ranger, and Junior Officer Riley.


After I finish my police duties, I are headin over to take part in da Blogville Choir concert - ya knows I luvs singin!  Ya can check out da more bout da choir over at Susie and Sidebite's.

And after all da Inauguration eggcitment, I are headin to Dory's pajama pawty - I sure hope Ruby brings her margarita machine!

Junior Officer Whitley