Thursday, April 30, 2020

Sunshine Pups

Sometimes momma says we are her sunshine.

Maybe it are becuz we are always happy to see her (well, unless she has grooming tools in hand, but ya can't blame us for dat). Maybe it are cuz everyday we get so excited about everything - walks, going out in da backyard, DINNER, you name it.

Maybe it are cuz we give hugs and kisses all da time. Oh, and by da way, Finley are now walking on a leash to go out to do her bizness - no more sling for her!  

We don't really know why she says we are sunshine pups, but we do know we have sunshine dresses. Wif moons and stars on em too. 

Here's a close up - there's moon buttons on this side.

So we'll just keep being the happy sunshine pups.

The world needs more of it.

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

April Showers

Hi pals! We had some LOUD boomers last nite!

And they are back tonite. And da sky are lighting up!


Sounds like it are a good day to wear our new April showers dresses dat my momma made us. 

Luckily for us, the April showers stayed away during the day so we got to go out in the backyard and play. And bark. And we got a walk today too!

Our dresses has peeples wif umbrellas on em.

There's even lil duck buttons wif umbrellas!

But there are no westies standing out in da rain taking their time to do their bizness! BOL BOL!

Monday, April 27, 2020

Music Monday

Hey pals!

We hope y'all are doing ok. Da three of us are!

Finley thinks she can run around the yard again. Ya can't keep a good terrier down.

We thought we'd show off another one of da new dresses we got for our birthdays.  

This one has a retro sweet shop theme! 

It's da perfect dress for Brinley since she has a major league sweet tooth. Seriously, she'll try to steal candy!

A close up . . .

See, it are a sweet dress! And now for da MUSIC. Well, da theme this week are Angels. Yeah, not exactly my momma's for-tay, BOL, but we'll try.


Momma luvs this song. And Dolly Parton.

I guess angels (like everyone else) don't have anywhere else to look right now.


Even Green Day has a song with Angel in the title!

Willie Nelson and Ray Charles. Ya can't go wrong there.

And this one is by Lindi Ortega - momma LUVS her. So whether you're angelic (like me 😉) or more like momma, hope ya liked da tunes. 

Sunday, April 26, 2020

Sunday Selfies

Hi pals! Well, we didn't have any birthdays to celebrate today, but we had a fun day!

Even if steak woulda made it better!

And we remembered to take our selfies before we went out in the backyard for Zombie Rodent Patrol. Yeah, dere is zombie rodents and since we're now FOUR we is uniquely qualified to bark em. We saw one, a very suspishus skewerril, we are pretty shure he wuz planning on attacking my momma. We barked him away. 

Well, before Zombie Rodent Patrol, we also got to model one of our new dresses. Brinley's momma made it.

We got it for Brinley's birthday. Yeah, that's when I got it too. 

It's got a celestial theme wif moons, suns, and stars. 

Which are fitting since we are stars.

And modest too!

Saturday, April 25, 2020

Happy Birthday Brinley!!

Today it are my BFF Brinley's birthday!

Happy birthday cuz!

You're rocking that birthday hat!

Now we are both 4! 

Finley wuz glad it wuz her bithday too. 

Cuz birthdays mean tasty noms for all!

Bacon and eggs and cheese!


My momma grabbed Brinley for a birthday selfie too. 

This afternoon we got to go out and patrol the backyard. And bark my momma while she swims.  

Then we got to go on a walk!

We tried to invite Mister Bunny to come over for birthday dinner, but he said he wuz socially distancing. 

Oh well. Da birthday girl found some good stuff to sniff.

Then we got to walk in the park!

While momma wuz taking pictures of Brinley, I decided to lie down. 

It's not LAZY, it's smart.

Brinley always stands like this, she looks ready for the show ring!

We had lotsa fun sniffing together.

Then when we got home, Brinley got to open her presents.

She wuz one happy birthday girl!

She got two new stuffies.

Hmmm, those stuffies look familiar. Good thing I know mine are in my room! 

And she got 4 dresses! 

Or are it 8???

Then it wuz time for STEAK for dinner!


We also had cuppycakes for dessert.

Happy birthday Brinley!