Monday, April 29, 2024


Hey pals!

Well, Brinley had to go back to Plano today.

But momma had us do photoshoots of our new dresses before she left.

Dis are one side of da dress dat my momma made us for our birthdays.

Here are a close up.

And here are my BFF looking cute.

We had a lotta fun together.

I can't wait to see her again!

Saturday, April 27, 2024

Fiesta Pooch Parade!

Hey pals!!

Well, today wuz da Fiesta Pooch Parade.

Me and Brinley had to discuss which dresses we were gonna wear yesterday.

After some in-tents debaterinatin, we decided on dis one.

I mean, we gotta look our best.

There wuz so many pups there! At first I wuz a lil freaked and I tucked my tail between my legs - did my momma bring me to some kinda doggie gang bang? But den I relaxed when I realized all da other pups wuz chill and wuz able to just have fun.

Some pups even had floats!

But me and Brinley just walked since we luv a good walk.

Plus, walkin meant we could sniff and meet some new pals!

But since we's besties, we did stick together for da whole walk through Alamo Heights.

There wuz even refreshments along da way, but me and Brinley wuz more interested in getting pets.

We had a really fun time!

I luvs being a Fiesta Pooch!

And so does Brinley!

At da end of da parade, we met up wif a LONG time pup pal - Miss Lulu!

We had to give her some luvin!

And we got to meet her pup, Barkley!

He wuz a real sweetie!

We had a ton of fun!

Friday, April 26, 2024

Brinley's Birthday!

Hey pals!

Well, I got a PAWSOME surprise on Wednesday!

Brinley came to visit!

We got to spend her birthday together yesterday!

It wuz so much fun!

My momma got her da bellini. BOL BOL.

And she got a couple of turtle toys too.

And tomorrow we are making our Pooch Parade Debut!

Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Happy Birthday to ME!

It are my birthday today!

I are 8!

I got some pawsome presents!

Ally gave me a cute lil raccoon toy.

Grandma got me dis pawsome crab!

And momma got me dis avocado toast toy along wif cookies and a new dress she made.

Really momma, avocado toast? Well, you are a millennial and dis are why we can't afford a house wif a yard. BOL!

And momma also got me dis birthday cookie! YUM!