Monday, December 31, 2018

Yappy New Year's Eve!

Yappy New Year's Eve!

2018 wuz a pawsome year for us - tons of fun, food, and friends! 

And we are hoping 2019 are goin to be even more terrierific. Maybe wif a few more treats and a few less baffs though (it never hurts to ask). 

Unlike some RUDE brofurs, I are not making a list of demands (and I know he really likes my kisses too).

Now it are time to pawty and bark in da new year! Wif lotsa treats and maybe a sip of champagne for da pretty pup??

Sunday, December 30, 2018

Sunday Selfies

Well, in case ya can't figger it out by my dress, da three of us has been watchin football wif da mommas.

It are fun and all to watch.

But don't ya think dey need some westie receivers on da team???

Saturday, December 29, 2018

Caturday Art

We's startin wif da artsy photos since well, dat are kinda da point of da blog hop.  

I heard dat momma may ackshually try to do a westie painting soon - I hope so!  

Everyone's just been relaxin after Christmouse.

And momma said we might get SNOW next week!


Me and Brinley has never seen snow!

Do ya think we'll like it??

Finley says she used to like it, but now she prefurs being warm and snuggly.

I bet we'll have fun finding out about it.

If it happens dat are.

And if it doesn't, I think we should get cookies to make up for it.  

In fact, we should get cookies if it snows too. 

After all, we'll need extra energy, right??

Sounds like a good reason to me anyways!

Finley had to go to da vet on Thursday - dey stole her blood to re-check her trip-glis-erides and she got some Aunty Biotics for an ear infeckshun.

Da vet said her heart sounded good (she has a congenital heart murmur) and dat her skin looked pretty good (considering da allergies and all) - not too bad for 12 1/2!

Now uhhh, bout dose cookies??

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Yappy Christmouse!

Yappy Christmouse pals!

We had a pawsome day!

We even got a Christmouse Eve pressie! Santa Scottie dog jammies!

Ok, I ate Santa Paws' cookie. It wuz worth it though. 

Den it wuz off to bed to wait for Santa Paws!

Good things we bribed Aubrey McTwinkle and Elwood O'Jingle wif cookies and nog! And warned Aubrey - he better tell Elwood and Santa we is good pups or we'd reveal his "nose candy" habit.

Yeah, we got a good report from dem elves, he he he.

Dis morning, I rushed out to da tree!

I couldn't wait to see what Santa Paws delivered! 

Neither could my BFF!

We wuz hopin dat blackmail worked . . . 

Finley tried to say all da presents wuz for her.

Nice try Finley!

Den we changed into our Christmas morning dresses.

Good thing we didn't give all da cookies to Santa, I needs em if I are gonna keep posin!

Brinley wuz lookin like a real Christmas cutie!

Does Santa give extra presents for cuteness??

Dis are what our tree looked like.

Yeah, it are kind of a big deal.

My momma and me took a picture together too!

Christmas are so pretty at our house!

And look at all da presents Santa left!

He even filled da human's stockings!

Da humans opened dere presents and I wuz all smiles!

Den it wuz our turn! Queen Toy Opener Finley went furst.

Yeah, ya can't get pictures of her becuz she are so fast!

My momma made her some new jackets too.

She did not want to share, BOL!

I ackshually got into opening some dis year!

I use my paws more than Finley though - she are all jaws!

I got lotsa fun toys!

Guess Brinley shouldn't have stayed up so late waiting for Santa, BOL!

She wuz so happy wif her new dragon she had to sing about it! 

I guess it tasted good, BOL!

Brinley also got 2 new dresses.

And a bear from Aunt Ally!

I got a fun new parrot toy.

It even talks!

Hey Kismet . . . 

I got lotsa toys and 2 new dresses!

And den we got to open our Secret Santa present!

Our Secret Santa wuz da pups over at All Things Collie.

And look at all dis pawsome stuff! 

Four fun toys and some tasty treats!

Fanks so much!

I already got some good chewin in . . .

And Brinley are barkin THANKS all da way to Connecticut!

I say we bust open those treats soon. 

Yappy Christmouse!