Thursday, October 31, 2019

Yappy Howloween!

Yappy Howloween pals!!

Dis year we are doing a Día de los Muertos theme. We wanted to get this post up early, so if ya wanna see da mommas, ya is gonna have to check back tomorrow.

Trick or treat! Give us somefin good to eat!!

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

No Tricks, Just Treats for Shelters!

It are Howloween Eve and for da furst time in our lives, da mommas has already finished wif da costume-makin and da pumpkin carvin! OMD, what are they gonna do wif demselves tomorrow??

Well, we has an idea for em. Since we are participating in da No Tricks, Just Treats for Shelters blog hop (money for each blog post goes to help shelters), we think dey should spend tomorrow donating things to our local shelters. Pacifically, things like dog shampoo and da towels dey use to dry us off after baffs. I'm SHURE those shelter pups would luv a nice baff.  

Hey, it's worth a shot anyways. Yappy Howloween!

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Getting Ready for Howloween!

Well, da mommas has been busy gettin ready for HOWLoween! I think I should get to go trick or treatin. After all, I are WAY cuter dan all dose kids dat come to da door and I know da perfect TRICK to put in naybor's yards who don't hand out treats. 

I don't think da mommas are gonna let us do that though. For some reason, Brinley's momma are always picking up our tricks and putting em in a bag. Maybe da garbage man collects em?? I dunno. 

It's gotten WAY cold and rainy here. Which means we're SUPPOSED to do our bizness quick. Yeah, right.

And we are NOT supposed to do it inside instead (cough cough Finley) (cough cough Brinley).

Yeah, I'm the GOOD dog today. Scary, huh???

Oh and it's National Cat Day. So I'm wearing a dress wif a kitty on it. And I'm gonna give Bowie tons of kisses and play polar bear wif him because I LUV him and he LUVS me and we are meant to be togethers furevers momma, I don't care if ya say we is nuts. She is threatening to dress us up as Romeo and Juliet next HOWLoween. BOL BOL!

Sunday, October 27, 2019

Sunday Selfies

Hey pals! Well, furst up, I has some good news. My kitty brofur Travis are doing a lil better. He had to have some medicines which he are not a big fan of, but he didn't get da pukeys today.

Da mommas has been very worried bout him - he's a sweet kitty and he just can't seem to kick dis illness, even though he's been to da vet multiple times.

We're all happy he's feeling a lil better today.

We wuz all also happy it stopped raining, so we didn't hafta have soggy selfies!!

Plus, we got our walks in.

It's VERY important to be on da lookout for zombies dis time of year - dey are everywhere!

Friday, October 25, 2019

Soggy Paws

It has been WET and cold here for da last couple days. Which means we has a case of soggy paws!

Ya ever noticed how mommas really want ya to do your bizness quick when it are wet and cold?? Don't dey know we is just enjoying da weather of our ancestral homeland?? 

Finley says dis kinda weather and for da burds. And by burds she means penguins.

So, as ya can tell, our backyard time has been non-existent and we didn't get a long walk either.

Guess we're just gonna hafta find things inside to bark at.

Our kitty Travis has had another relapse of being sick - momma is so confused. She's trying to get him better, but he just keeps gettin sick. We're hoping it's nuffin serious. I think westie kissies would help, but momma said no. I say ya never know unless ya try . . .

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Scary Winds!

Hey pals, didja hear about da tornadoes dat hit Dallas? Yeah, it wuz scary wind dat did NOT come outta Finley's butt, BOL. Don't worry, da three of us are ok.

Da sirens went off here and we had to all go to my momma's bathroom for a lil bit. Da tornadoes hit south of us - dere wuz 9 total in the Metroplex and the biggest one an EF-3 wuz in north Dallas/Richardson. 

In case ya don't know, we live in Plano, which are da suburb directly north of Richardson. Dere wuz a lotta damage, but luckily nobody died.

Now it are just time to relax and watch da World Series. 

Go 'Stros! Texas needs somefin good after dis weekend.

Sunday, October 20, 2019

TockTober and Sunday Selfies!

Hey pals! It's Sunday, so we've got our selfies ready to go!  

But dat's not all!

It are also TockTober, da day created by Angel Derby to show off your tocks!

Mostly it are kittehs showing off their tocks. But while kitty butts are cute (and good for sniffin) there's nuffin like a terrier derrière! Don't believe me??

Are ya ready for some fluffy tocks?? 

How bout tocks where their hair swirls?? 

Finley's tocks are a lil bony, but she's still got it goin on for a 13 year old. Shake dat booty!

Happy TockTober!

Saturday, October 19, 2019

Caturday Art

Hook 'em horns!

We're ready to bark da longhorns on to victory tonite!

And bark da mommas on to sharin some of those game day snacks!

And we got a lil artsy (but not fartsy) wif da photos today.

By da way, these were the pre-mud photos. Yeah, we got to get good and DIRTY today. And all we got wuz a quick hose off instead of a BAFF!

So uhhh, about those snacks??