Sunday, February 26, 2012

My Weekend

Well, dis weekend was pretty good!  I got some good walks in.

NotMe made an appearance in my place yesterday.  He peed right on my special Whitley pad which soaked through to da rug which soaked through to da floor.  Can you believe da nerbe of dat guy???  Then my momma blamed me and said if I had to pee, I coulda at least gone on da bare floor where it was easy to clean.  But it wasn't me!  It was NotMe.  Hope dat guy don't make no more appearances since I got blamed for his bad behavior.

I also got a bath yesterday which I liked.  But then I had to get stripped and dat was no fun at all.  Dat grooming stuff should be illegal or something.  At least I didn't get no toenail torture, dat are another advantage of all my walkin' I been doing!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

It Are Summer!

Well, at least it are here!  It's been 80 for the last couple days and I am loving it!  All this warm weather means I am gettin' my walks!  Now if only I could get to play a little pool ball, I'd be really happy.

I have a lotta fun on my walks.  I see tons of kitties, which momma won't let me sniff because she are mean.  Sometimes I see little dogs and sometimes I gets to sniff them.  And yesterday I saw chickens!  I thought it would be a good idea to bring one home for dinner, but momma didn't think so.

For the last couple days, I also been seeing girl scouts.  They's selling cookies and they all wanna pet me!  Which are good, because I love getting attention!  Plus, they smells like cookies, so that are good too.  

So I'm hopin' this nice weather sticks around so I can keep on gettin' my walkses!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Happy Mardi Gras!

Happy Mardi Gras everybody!  Hope everybody is havin' lots of fun partyin' and stuffs!  I's been havin' a pretty good day today - I wore my Mardi Gras dress and it was a lotta fun!

Monday, February 20, 2012

I Needs a New Typist!

My momma are no good at her job.  I keep dictating blog entries for her, and she are too lazy to types them up.  If any of you pupses now where I can get some good help, lets me now.  My pal over on Dogster, Jelly, mentioned her momma had read Da Help.  Well, my momma watched it and read it and it did not teach her how's to be good help.  So I don't know if I'd recommend it - it didn't teach my momma nothing.

Last weekend, Finley's momma came down to see me!  I had such a good time with her.  We all went over to Kerrville to see my Nana and Pawpaw.  Well, ok, dey is my momma's nana and pawpaw, but I thinks I get to claim them too on counts of how much dey like me.  I did my usual cute stuff.  Only I couldn't get up in Nana's lap because she'd had surgery.  Dat stinkeded, but my momma held me up near her so she could pet me.

Dat Nana and Pawpaw got the besets backyard - I was able to run and run and bounce!  It were so much fun.  Since I lives in an apartment, I never gets to be off leash.  So getting to run like that was real fun.  And I ran the fence with the dogs that lived next door, a basset and a pit bull, and barked 'em good.  Dat basset reminded me of my basset pals from when I was younger - it was a lot of fun to bark and play.

I finally got a walk today.  I ain't been getting 'em lately because of all da rain.  So I was glad that stopped.  I also got a bath and groomed so I am lookin' all pretty now!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Dat Running Stuff Ain't For Me Momma!

Pupses, my momma have gone all crazy.  See me and her, and sometimes Ally, go on walkses most everyday.  And these are not little round the block walks either, they are bout an hour-long walkses.  And I loves them.

Yesterday, my momma got a crazy idea in her head.  She got da idea to try to jog with me.  See, my momma have been exorcising lots and she thought she could run with me on counts of I always pull and go crazy when I see a big dog running along with a person.  I always act like I wanna go too.  So yesterday she tried to run with me.  Well, I did that for about two blockses, then I gave up.  Running ain't for me momma!  So she says we will just stick with the walkin' with only a little bits of running.  If she wants to run, da gym downstairs gots a treadmill and a liptical - she can run on dose!

My back is looking a lot better.  I gots a little bit of dry skin back there, but it are not so red and stuff as it were before.

Here's a picture of me looking all cute and stuffs.