Sunday, February 28, 2016

Sunday Selfie

Hey y'all!  I are here wif my Sunday Selfie, yet again!

A few days ago, we wuz still havin cool weather and I wore anudder one of da new fleecey jackets my momma made me.

It wuz anudder Southwestern themed one.

Guess lots of Southwestern fleeceys are what happens when Finley's momma made all dem Southwestern fleecey blankets for da livin room.

But it got warm yesterday and I spent da day out by da pool - I wuz one happy girl!

I wuz also happy cuz it are warm enuf for my momma to wear shorts which means it are LEG-LICKIN weather!!  Somefin she are a lil less dan enthoosed bouts I think.

Today I wearin my new denim dress I gots from my pals at The Critters in the Cottage.

I fink I are lookin pretty cute in it, fanks so much y'all!

Now I are off to snoopervise my momma while she does some sewin - she has got my next dress cut out.  Da theme are definitely somefin my kitteh siblings (speshully dem silly orange boys) would approve of - can y'all guess what it are??

Friday, February 26, 2016

Fairy Tale Day!

Once upon a time, in a land not so far away, dere lived a beeyootifull Westie princess named Whitley.  Whitley ruled over a vast queendom, spannin all da way from the Metropolis of Lost Angulus to da People's Republick of Cambridge (affeckshunately known as Moscow on da Charles).  Dis westie princess wuz no waitin-round-in-da-tower-for-a-man kinda girl (although she did LUV da boys).  She wuz an Independent Woman (all my women who independent, throw your paws up at me) and wuz fierce huntress.  She defended her various terriertories from ogre-like skwerrilz, evil rat monsters, dangerous flyin dragons, and all da associated weird two-legged creatures ya could find (which considering her terriertories encompassed Lost Angulus, Moscow on da Charles, and "Keep Austin Weird" Texas) meant a LOT of defendin.

Anyways, dis westie gurl wuz on a royal progress to visit a newly acquired terriertory named Sanibel, Florida when she got cursed by an evil witch in Mobeel, Alabama.  And dis evil witch made da Westie Princess not mobile.

Da westie princess' chief lady-in-waiting tried her hardest to figger out how to break da spell and even called in da help of da local sorcerer.  But dere wuz no luck in breakin it.

But da westie princess figgered out a way to get round anyways, wif da help of her Second-in-Line-to-the-Throne's momma, and rode around in a stroller to survery her suburban terriertory.  And bark it of course.

Roomer has it dat da ladies-in-waiting are developin a new spell to counteract what da evil witch did and it involves a set of Westie Wheels.  So stay tuned for more on dis fairy tale y'all!

Thursday, February 25, 2016

X-Ray Update

Well today I went to da vet for some x-rays.  And da news are . . . well, pretty much nuffin.  A lil bit of spinal arthur-eye-tis, but nuffin dat should be causin me da problems I got.  Da vet keeps talkin bout surgery, but momma are not wantin to put me through surgery and rehab when we don't even know if it would fix da problem.  It might be an ACL problem, but it doesn't really eggsplain all of what are goin on.  Because obviously, both of my back legs are bein effected, not just da one.  Nobody can tell us dat da surgery would make me walk again, and I would have to put up wif months of pain and rehab.  Plus, I are 13 1/2, so dere are all dose concerns too.  :(  It are just really frustamaratin to not know what's goin on, whatefur it are are not showin up on xrays.  

Momma are plannin on makin me an appointment wif da chiropractor next week, either they'll be able to do somefin and we'll see results, or we won't.  Dey's also plannin on gettin me wheels so I can do my bizness more independently and move round better.  Well, just movin round at all would be a BIG improvement.

So, since I are gonna have a wheelchair (well, da pup vershun anyways), do I gets to be governor of Texas??  Or maybe I can be president like FDR.  Or just be a genius like Stephen Hawking.  Wait, I already are genius since I get treats just for bein cute.

Speakin of which, I got to wear my new jacket today, so I wuz #prettyinplaid.  Yeah, somefin bout plaid looks really good on us Scottish pups.  Arooooo!

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

New Jacket!

Well, I told y'all my momma has been makin da fleecey jackets, and I ain't kiddin.  She made me EIGHT in da last week or so.  Today I are showin da udder side of da terrierist one I wores yesterday - dis one are kinda like a bandana print, only wif pawprints and bones!  Pawfect for Internashinul Dog Biskit Day - speaking of which, uhhh, momma, I think I needs anudder treat . . .

It has been cold and rainy here today, so mainly I has just been snoozin.  No progress wif my legs, momma got really depressed last night bout it, she just wishes she could get me back to at least movin round da house better.  I are still luvin my foods and I luvs attenshun, she just wishes she could get me mobile again.  We's lookin into a dog chiropractor - we found one who is pretty close. And we's also thinkin bout gettin me some wheels so I can move round in da house at least.  A wheeled Whitley - everybody better watch out!

I may not be able to walk, but I wuz looki eggstra fluffy today - must be da humoriditee in da air.  Let's just say it does not do so nice things for my momma's hair - BOL BOL!  She had to braid it to control it today.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Present Palooza!!

Hey y'all!  Da most pawsome thing happened today.  I wuz just nappin on da couch (hey, it are a cloudy dreary kinda day here - perfect nappin weather) when da doorbell rain and dere wuz a big package for ME!  All da way from Canada!  Yeah, I has gotten packages from all over da world, from Australia to Canada - it are cuz I's Internashinually Famous - even if me and momma has never been outta da U.S. (she has been "really close" to Mexico, but yeah, dat don't really count momma).  Anyways, da package wuz from my pals over at Critters in the Cottage.  I wons it cuz me and momma guessed da breed of dere newest family member, Wilhelmina.

She are a poodle, and an adorable cutie pie of one!

Anyways, me and momma wuz floored by all da packages!  And ya can tell I wuz one happy pup!

Dere wuz pressies for everyone - collars for Travis and Crockett, a nip toy for da kitties, a stuffie for me, lamb treats for me and Finn, booties for me, a jacket for me, a jean dress for Angie (momma said somefin bout how it would also be a good puppy dress when she gets a puppy - her Puppy Fever™ has been actin up again.  I says it are for Angelique - #JustSayNoToPuppies), a jean dress for me, and even chocolates for my momma!  Wow!!!  Fanks so much Wilhelmina, Duffy, Malou, Mitalee, Esme, and Levon!  I guess I are lucky me and momma knows a poodle when we sees one, BOL!

In udder news, I went to da vet today for my laser stuffs.  Dey wuz sposed to do x-rays, but da masheen wuz broken.  Maybe I can't #BreakTheInternet like Kimmy K (I are still confuserated bout why balancin a glass of shampain on your bootie are sposed to do dat), but I can #BreakTheXRayMachine I guess.  So x-rays has been moved to Thursday.

At least I gots to wear one of da new fleecey jackets my momma made (she has made me a TON lately).  Dis one a pretty terrierific I says - scotties and westies, ya can't get better dan dat!

And Happy Nashinal Margarita Day!  Wait, dat are not everyday???

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Sunday Selfie

Fanks for all da nice and encouragin words yesterday y'all.  It are pawsome to have a bunch of pals like y'all!  Sometimes, some peeps are not so nice, I get a lotta laffs from people when I's out in my stroller (it kinda makes my momma want to go punch em in da face, she may be itsy bitsy, but she has got a temper, BOL!)  But sometimes we get some really nice comments and we always get nice comments from da kiddos.  Dey LUV my puppy stroller, almost as much as I does.  I's always liked kiddos, ever since I lived in my furstest apawtment in Lost Angulus wif my momma and became friends wif two lil girls who lived dere (it are kinda crazy to think dat dey are now 15 and 13, OMD!!)  And now I knows why, it are cuz for da mostest part, kiddos are lots better and kinder dan adults.  Plus, dere faces are down lower, so dey is easier to lick.

Anyways, I are kinda pretty much da same today as I has been, not any better, but not really any worse.  I are gettin kinda CRAZY attached to my momma though, cuz I knows I need her.  I can freak out if she leaves da room and start tryin to drag myself to her (she says it kinda reminds her of what ya see in a war movie when a soldier has been shot and is draggin himself to safety).  So she tries not to leave me, which means we been spendin lotsa time together.  Which I like.  Speshully when dat time involves sewin for me (momma has made me a whole bunch of fleecey jackets - it are gonna get colder here again dis week and being 13 1/2, I don't like da cold one bit).  But ya know what's my favorite time wif momma are??  FOOD TIMES!  Cuz I are gettin to sit in her lap or right next to her when she eats which means MORE SHARIN!  So, dis whole bein a cripple thing has a silver linin I guess.  BOL!

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Leg Update

Well, it wuz all cloudy today, so me and momma didn't get da opportunitee to go sit outside.  But we did get to go on a walky - I had a pawsome time ridin my stroller.

I are still not usin my back legs at all.  When I move at all (which are not very often), I use my front legs and just drag my bootie and back legs along.  Momma are havin to carry me everywhere and sling me up wif an old scarf to do my "bizness" (dat part are a lil embarrassin).  I guess I are lucky she spends dat 2 hours a day workin out so she are strong enuf to carry me round.  She says it just makes her glad dat I are a 20-pounder (or so, ackshaully last time I got weighed I wuz a lil under dat).  I guess she don't wanna do 70-pound dead lifts, BOL BOL!

I are sposed to get some more x-rays at da vet to see what are da issue - are it my knee, my hips, or my back??  It are just real tuff gettin old.  

Friday, February 19, 2016

Spring Sunshine

Well, spring has sprung in Texas and we has been enjoyin some terrierific weather dis week.  As ya can see, our daffydils are up and bloomin and I's happy to get to be spendin so much time outside.

And yeah, I knows it are February, but when your momma's iPhone are showin dis - it are spring!

Uh oh, I are not likin dat Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday stuff - good thing me and momma has been workin on our tans dis week.  I guess it'll gimme a chance to wear some of da new fleecey jackets my momma has been makin.

But I's not just a pretty face, I's an intelleckshual pup too.

Yeah, I's been readin War and Peace to my momma.  Bein a terrierist, I kinda like da war parts best.  Just sayin.  Aroooo!  I are gettin inspired too - maybe I needs a matryoshka-themed dress??  What do y'all think?

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Blue Buffalo Dental Bones from Chewy!

Howdy y'all!  As ya probably already know, February are Pet Dental Health Month.  Dental health are real important, I mean I need to keep my chompers good and sharp in case my momma decides to strip me I means, uhhh, I sees a skwerril or rat dat needs to be deaded.  Which are all of em by da way.  Anyways, strong toofers make better deadin weapons (and groomin deterrents). Chewyda online pet store dat delivers foods and treats right to your doorstep, sent me da Blue Buffalo Dental Bones.

My legs may not be da strongest (ok, confesshun time, I hasn't really moved on my own in a week), but my toofers are still going good - I has been eatin like a real champ!  So I figgered I best be keepin dem in good shape.

Da Blue Buffalo Dental Bones are easily digestible dental chews meant to freshen breath and make toofers sparkle.  Momma says dey did da trick on my breath, so y'all are gonna have to take her word for it.

Dey are made in da USA and are corn, wheat, and soy-free and made wifout artishul flavors, colors, or preservatives.  Dey does contain a lil bit of alfalfa meal, which my BFF are allyergik too, but momma let her have a treat anyways since it are not one of da things she are most allerygik to and it wuz near da bottom of da ingredient list.  Plus, all da opshuns dis month pretty much had somefin Finley wuz allyergik too.  :(   We picked da "small dog" bones, which are meant for pupses 15-25 pounds - we's right in da middle of dat, so it wuz perfect for us.  Dere wuz 21 bones in da 12 oz bag.

Looks yummy!

It smells yummy!  So stop teasin me and gimme my bone momma.  I mean, pickin on da disabled are kinda Donald Trump's thing and your hair ain't DAT bad.

Nom nom nom, dat wuz yummy!  And it are good for my toofers too!

My assistant taste-tester are ready to get her dental health on too, BOL BOL!

She are focused!!

Finley woofed hers down!

Me and Finn both liked da Blue Buffalo Dental Bones - dey earned 8 paws up and 2 waggin tails!  And as always we wuz impressed by Chewy's fast shippin - our treats came right away.  Fanks so much Chewy!

Disclaimer: As part of the Chewy Blogger Program, I wuz provided the treat for free for an honest review, but wuz not paid for my opinion.  Although I would look good ridin shotgun in a pink Mustang convertible.  Just sayin.