Sunday, September 28, 2014

Sunday Selfie

Well, it are another schnooterific selfie for ya, dat are what happens when ya gots short lil legs.  I guess my momma must be so good at selfies cuz of her long monkey arms.  

Anyways, today wuz a pretty good day, complete wif a Zombie Patrol™, swimmin and pool ball, and a baff (which I actually like).  I just need to hide before my momma finds da strippin comb.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Sepia Saturday

Hey y'all!  I had some good barkin on my Zombie Patrol™ today.  I barked da cricket playin zombies dat hang out over in MY field - I don't know why dey wanna play somefin named after a bug, but dey does.  I don't like it, so I barked em.  And I barked a Kerry Blue terrier who had da odd-ass-ity to walk down MY street.  Dis are my terriertory, and I shares it wif my BFF and my kitties, but no one else.  And dere wuz some other lil pups to bark on my walk too and a whole gang of bigger dogs.  I got so busy wif barkin dat I forgot to Ted for a while, but den I remembered and lied down.  I dunno why momma complains bout me Teddin, she are da one who are always doin da exorcise videos.  I are just helpin wif da resistance trainin on our walks.

P.S.  My pal Kyla got some bad news today, da melanoma are back and it has spread.  Head on over to her page and send her lotsa POTP.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Throwback Thursday

Hey y'all.  I are doin Throwback Thursday today since my momma went and broke her computer.  She are not really sure what happened, she just closed it and da glass on da screen cracked.  So I's havin to use her old MacBook.  Dat are why I ain't been round too much.  

Dis are one of my favorite fall pictures, it were taken at Hahvahd Yahd from when I lived in Bawston.  Or Cambridge if ya wants to be particularistic.  It are not lookin nuffin like dat round dese parts, it are still warm enuf for me to play pool ball.  Ya notice how perfectly my fall dress blends in when dose leaves?  Great camouflage when ya's huntin skwerrils.  And dere wuz lotsa skwerrils at Hahvahd.  And not just da four-legged, bushy-tailed kind neither.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Sepia Saturday

Hey y'all, I had some good barkin round here today.  Da repair dudes were back doin more stuffs to da house and I barked dem for hours or years or somefin.  I been busy barkin em all week.

In other news, Maurice are feelin better.  He has been startin to eat good again, and we's all real happy bout dat.  He had us scared!  He are bein a bit more active too, guess da Aunty-Bye-Otics and other medicines are workin for him.

And check out da Oktoberfest pawty over at Casey and Cinderella's.  I'm ready for some more beer fräulein!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Almost Wordless Wednesday

Dis are da other side of da dress my momma made me - see all da cute lil westies and scotties??

Speaking of Scottish things, alba gu bràth!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Baff Time With Viva La Dog Spa

Hey y'all!  A couple weeks ago, I wuz contacted by Viva La Dog Spa and asked if I wanted to review dere products.  Well, ya knows how I luv baffs, so of course my answer were yes.  And momma had used dere products before too, so we wuz already familiar wif em.

Den lastest week, I got a package in da mail.

I got send da Viva La Dog Spa Dog Facial Wipes and da Gold Medal Pets Whitening Blue Diamond Dog Shampoo.  Hmmm, dat cutie on da bottle looks a lil familiar.

I were real excited to get my baff in da huge baff tub.  Dat thing are ginormous.

Every pup knows ya gotta shake da water all over da place.

Ok momma, I are ready for da shampooin!

Da shampoo lathered up real good and smelled nice.  It were a mild fruity smell, not too strong or overpowering.

Da shampoo are recommended for white pups, including samoyeds, malteses, and poodles.  And obviously westies since we is on da bottle, well, we are da cutest.  Da bottle even said you could use it on white kitties, I don't think Maurice are gonna be wanting to test that out!

Da shampoo wuz blue!  At first I wondered what da woof my momma were doin, I mean, I knows me and her are big UCLA fans, but blue hair are goin too far!  But it all washed out and left me pretty and white.   Well, except for where dat reddish brown hair are growin, but momma says gettin rid of dat would probably require peroxide.  She should know bout dat one, BOL BOL!

See how pretty and white I looks?  Da shampoo also has a special secret ingredient called Cardoplex, which sposed to make pups dry faster.  And momma did notice dat I dried faster dan normal, it usually takes me a bajillion years or somefin.  And maybe it were only a zillion dis time.  BOL BOL!

I also got to try out da Viva La Dog Spa Dog Facial Wipes.  Dese wipes are nice lil moist circular wipes to wipe off dirty faces wifout havin to do da whole baff thing.  Which are good, cuz I can be kind of a messy eater and get stuff stuck in my beard.  Da wipes had a nice cucumber fragrance and cleaned me up good after breakfast!

Fanks for helpin me look so good Viva La Dog Spa!  If ya are interested in Viva La Dog Spa, ya can check out dere website or Faceybook.  Ya can also look for their products in your local pet stores or on Amazon.

And just in case y'all are interested, here are a close up view of da dress my momma made me for my birfday.  Well, one side anyways.  She did a pretty good job.

Note:  Da products in dis review were provided in exchange for a unbiased review.  Cept for da dress, dat wuz provided for my birfday, BOL BOL!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Monday Monday

Yeah, dis are my Monday face.  Momma says she don't know why I are makin faces since my Monday are pretty much da same as every other day, but I does whats I wants and I wants to make a face on Monday.

I got in a lil pool ball today, so dat part was good.

I also got a present from my pal Daisy.  Daisy are da cutest lil wheaten Scottie girl and she were so nice to sends me some fabric for my momma to make into a dress or bandana or somefin.  Fanks Daisy!

And fanks for all da POTP for Maurice.  He spent da day at da vet - we is waitin on gettin his bloodwork back.  He did get some real tuna tonight and he ate some of dat, so dat are good news.  Keep da POTP up for him, ok y'all??

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Owl A Palooza

Hey y'all.  Fanks for all da birfday wishies.

Well, dis day were pretty good.  I gotta wear da other side of my birfday dress from Finley's momma and it's got dese cute lil owls all over it.

Don't I look stylish??

I been playin wif my new toys - gettin em all good and stiff wif slobber.  And of course I been nappin on em too - I gotta protect dem from da resident Toy Thief.   She may be my BFF, but I are not ready to shares my new birfday toys.

P.S. - My kitty cutie pie boyfriend Maurice are not feelin too good.  He has not been eatin real good and has been kinda lethargic.  Da peeps are takin him to da vet tomorrow, so send a lil POTP his way and some good thoughts and prayers, ok pals??

Friday, September 12, 2014

It Are My Birfday! I Are 12!!!

Hey pupses, it are my birfday today!  I are 12!!

I are wearing my new birfday dress, Finley's momma made it for me.  Ain't it cute??

It are reversible too, da other side has owls on it.  But I'll show ya dat another day.

I had a pretty good birfday - no pool ball or Zombie Patrol™ today cuz it wuz rainin.  But other dan that, the day wuz a lotta fun.

Da day started off wif eggie weggies for breakfast.  OMD!  I luv eggie weggies, dey's just da bestest thing ever!  Den I opened one of my toys.  It wuz a teddy bear.  I luv bears and I luv soft toys, dey is good for nappin on too.

Da nextest toy I got wuz a funny purple monster.  Or as dey says in Bawston "monstah."

I also gots a pellycan.

I opens up my toys by myself.  Finley has gotta be locked up while I does it, since she goes Toy Crazy and won't lemme open em and just steals em herself.

I kinda made a mess openin up Mr. Hedgey.

Dis one is a chikken coop wif a chikken and a foxy.  I got ya Mr. Foxy.

I's a happy girl and luvs all my toys.

But I wuz also on da lookout for da Toy Thief.

Den, somefin happened dat had never happened before.  I got a real birthday cake for my birthday!  My momma had thought bout makin me a cake before, but she never actually did it.  Well, she did dis year and it were delishus.  It wuz a butter cake wif peanut butter frostin covered in my favorite thing ever, nillas!!

Do ya think they noticed me taste-testin??

I ain't gonna tell ya what my birfday wish was.

Dat cake wuz bowl-lickin good.

Me wif all my birfday presents - do ya sees da other dress??  My momma made dat one by herself, well, wif a lil help from Finley's momma.  It are da first dress she has ever made for me, in fact it are da first thing she has sewed since some questionable pajama pants and weird skirt in Home Ec and Fashun Design class.  And it turned out soooo cute, it has lil scotties and westies on it.  I are gonna be showin it off soon.

I got some pretty good loot.

Dis turnin 12 stuff are exhausteratin, I are ready for a nap.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Sad News

My pug pal, Greta from Idaho Pug Ranch, passed away dis mornin.  As some of y'all know, she ate a poisonous mushroom and dose nasty toxins were just too much for her lil body.  She wuz only 2 years old.  I are so sad, da Idaho Pug Ranch pugs are such good pals and very friendly.  We're all gonna miss you Greta.  It has been a sad month round here, wif both Jazzi and Greta goin.  Both dose pretty girls were too young.

Round here, I been barkin a lot.  Da roofers started in wif makin all da noise and 7 AM and dat are bout when I started barkin.  It has been a barky day round here, even Finley were gettin in on da action.

I didn't even have time to get da furs outta my eyes before I started barkin!

Gotta get back to barkin da roof zombies again.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Zombies on Da Roof

Hey pups.  See how fluffy I looks?  Dat are cuz my momma attacked me wif da strippin comb last night - don't worry, I are back to lookin a lil more scruffy now after playin in da pool.  But when I wuz in da pool, I had a Zombie Encounter.  Dere were zombies on my roof!!!

Momma says dey wuz Allstate Zombies, I guess dey is all over da country, not just in Texas.  I just wanted to know what dey were doin on my roof.  Dey wuz up dere lookin and lookin and I think dey looked at me and my momma in her bikini too.  So I barked dem a whole lot.  I were real mad, dis are MY roof, and if anyone are gonna be up dere, it are gonna be me, not Allstate Zombies.

Anyways, momma said da Allstate Zombies decided to give us da money for a new roof, dey wuz gonna deny us but den Finley's momma told em she didn't buy dat somehow our roof wuz da onliest one in da nayborhood not damaged by a hail storm a couple years ago.  Or dat our roof magically healed itself somehow.  I dunno bout all dat.  I think it wuz all cuz of my barkin.  I musta scared em good.  So good dat I made dem leave and cough up some moneys.

And I just found out we are gonna have even more zombies on da roof tomorrow, cuz dat are when da roofers are comin.  And we's gettin some other home repairs done too.  So I are gonna be real busy wif barkin.


Sunday, September 7, 2014

Sunday Selfie

So today I tried dis whole Sunday Selfie thing dat da kitties been doin.  My momma are da selfie expert, she been takin em before dey wuz called dat, for bout 10 years now or somefin.  Anyways, I figured out selfies are hard to take if ya gots a giant head and very short legs.   

Five more days!

P.S. My pal Greta from Idaho Pug Ranch needs some POTP - she ate a nasty mushroom and got poisoned and are at da vet.