Sunday, November 30, 2014

Sunday Selfie

I know how to rock da bed head, BOL BOL!

It's not been a real eggcitin day round here.  Me and Finley went on Zombie Patrol™ earlier dis mornin, and I made sure dat da nayborhood wuz safe.  At least for another day.  And I got to bark at a couple of dem nasty skwerrils, dey is everywhere cuz of all da acorns on da ground.  Rackin frackin varmints.

Den I snoopervised my momma finishin up my Christmassy cards.  See, every year my momma and Finley's momma handmakes dere own Christmassy cards.

I are not showin no more right now so ya can be surprised when ya gets your card.  Each one are a hundred purrcent you-neek.

My momma makes em for me and Finley's momma makes em for Finley.  And for herself.  Every year us pups beat our mommas, wif my momma it are not even a contest since lastest year she got eggsactly one Christmassy card.  And it wuz from Finley's momma.  Kinda pathetic right?   A lot of peeps her age don't really do da Christmassy cards, guess dey is busy on Faceybook or Instagram or Tumblr or somefin.  Anyways, she likes da Christmassy cards and we always display all of mine on a bulletin board in my room.

And now I wants to clear up a lil confushun.  Ya mighta seen dis already over on Finley's blog and if ya did, well sorry, I's repeatin.  Me and Finley belong to different peeps who each do dere own Christmassy cards.  Finley (and Crockett) are owned by Finley's momma and daddy (Donna and Cameron).  Me and Travis are owned by my momma, Kim, who are Donna and Cameron's daughter.  And we all lives together right now, but me and Finley don't like to share too much.  We have to share some stuff and being terrierists, we don't like it.  Many a toy has gone to da Toy Graveyard on counts of us sharin.  So if ya sends us a card to share, it might wind up in da Card Graveyard from our sharin ways.  BOL BOL!  Or ya might only get one card back when ya coulda gotten two and two cards is better dan one, right?  Some of your peeps may not be as pathetic in da card race as my momma wif her one card, and ya know us pups gotta beat em.

Oh, and if I exchanged cards wif ya lastest year, ya's on da Christmassy card list, so start checkin da mail pretty soon - momma says dat mine are probably gonna go out dis week.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Sepia Saturday

Hey y'all!  Happy Sepia Saturday!  I are havin a pretty good day, it are nice and warm here - it are bout 77 right now.  Yeah, I's rubbin it in.  And it are real windy too, so da leaves are blowin everywhere.  Which wuz fun weather to have on my walk.  Even if my momma forced me to walk when I woulda prefurred to sit.  I dunno what it are wif her and da walkin.  But I had a good time, I wuz even friendly to another pup who came up to sniff butts.  Momma were proud of me not tryin to start fights - well duh momma, I only tries to start fights wif big pups to protect YOU.  Sometimes she are so ungrateful.  

I gots a baff today, which I really liked.  And den I got da towel rubdown of bliss and got to roll round all over da place.  So it's been a pretty good day so far.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Fanksgivin!

Happy Fanksgivin y'all!  I's been practicin barkin all day.  Fanksgivin are always kinda a barkapalooza for me, ya gots to bark a lot to get some of dat delishus burd.

I are all dressed up in my Texas Longhorns shirt today since dey are gonna be playin foozball tonight.  Da peeps are watchin da Cowboys, and so far dey is not impressin.  And tomorrow, momma's team, UCLA, takes on da dancin trees of Leland Stanfurd Junior University, so I are gonna be all dressed up for dat too.

But Fanksgivin weekend are bout more da foodz and football.  It are bout shoppin for cute LWDs too.  Wait, whut momma?  Dat are not what it are bout??  Oh yeah, it are also bout bein fankful and dat are why I are joinin in da Thanks Blogville! bloghop.

I's so fankful for all my pals in Blogville.  Some of y'all I has known for years, since over on dat Dogster place.  And we's all grown up (and some of us has grown old) together.  And some of y'all are newer pals who welcomed me when I started up bloggin again.  I are so fankful for all of y'all.  I got pals all over dis country, and I even got pals in places I are never gonna get to go sniff, like da land Down Under, Canookistan, my ancestral home Scotland, France, South Africa, well, really, all over da place!  And I are so fankful for all of y'all - I luvs readin bout your lives and feel so lucky to have so many pawsome, nice (and CUTE!) pals.  Luv y'all - hope ya get some turkey (or other treat if you's not in America) today.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Happy Birthday Momma!

Happy birfday to my momma!  She are totally ancient, she are 28 today.  And she calls me an old pup, uh, who are da old one around here?  I are only 12.  Momma was kinda sick on her birthday, but she had a good day anyways.  Lotsa presents and tasty foods, I got to lick up da brekkyfast plate.  

Da past couple days, me and Finley gots to go on road trip to Kerrville to see da old peeps.  Dey are my momma's grandparents, I likes em a whole lot.  Dey give pretty good pets.  And dey got a big yard to run round in and dey even gots deer to bark there.  Barkin deers are fun!

Dis are Finley's momma and her dad.  Me and momma calls him Pawpaw.  He are a cool guy, he even gave me and Finley some fried shrimp!

And dis are Finley's momma and her mom.  Me and momma calls her Nana.  She are real nice and gives some real good pets.

I are gettin ready for Fanksgivin tomorrow - I are gonna be barkin for lotsa turkey for sure.  It are kinda a tradishun, my firstest Fankgivin I got locked up for barkin so much.  Da peeps don't even bother no more.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

All Dressed Up

Well, it are Saturday round here, which means da peeps are watchin football.  Hahvahd already beat Yale, which we wuz happy bout.  Now Arizona are playin, dat are where Finley's daddy went.  And den it are time for da UCLA-$C game, and I's all dressed up and ready!  Da onliest one of our teams dat ain't playin today are Texas, dey has da week off.  

At least dere are somefin good to do round here, since da weather are kinda wet and yucky.  And I got to share some of da bacon da peeps had for brunch dis mornin, dat sure was tasty!

Hope ya gets some tasty treats today too.

Monday, November 17, 2014


Snow?  In Texas?  In November?

Yup, we had a lil bit of snow on da ground last night.  My momma wuz not happy bout it.  Neither wuz Finley.  But I liked it and were snuffin round in it.

It are all gone now.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Sunday Selfie

Look, I are doin my Crockett impreshun!  For dose of ya who don't know, Crockett are one of our kitties and he are always givin raspberries.

It are a cold dreary nasty wet day here.  So no Zombie Patrol today.  But we did have a Zombie Encounter, some weird old guy walkin his dog in front of our yard while we wuz out dere leavin yard art.  So I started goin crazy and my momma pulled on my leash and told me she wuz not in da mood for dat.  And da old man zombie told momma she wuz rude to me and bein aboosive.  Well, I'll show him aboosive, I'll give him a butt bite for dat.  So I barked him and he left.  Momma just said she didn't ask for his opinion, she restrained herself from using da #$^! words, which are pretty good since she wuz kinda cranky bout bein woken up at 7 in da mornin and bein out in da cold.  And den havin some weirdo tell her she was aboosin her dog.

Do I look aboosed?  BOL!

My aboosive momma got me a new sweater da other day from Petco, it are all cute and pink.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Sepia Saturday

Hey y'all.  It's gotten real cold here, more like January cold dan November cold.  Of course, da cold here don't compare to Bawston, but dat doesn't mean my momma aren't complainin bout it tons.  But even da cold are not stoppin her from draggin me on da Bataan Death March taking me on a walk.  It are not really much of a Zombie Patrol™ since it are too cold for zombies.  Well, unless dey's Game of Thrones zombies, but I ain't seen none of dose.  Dey's probably up in Mini-Soda or somefin.  Anyways, momma actually expected me to be grateful for gettin to go on a walk in da cold and not try to sit down.  BOL, she are delushunal.  

We did run into one weird zombie dude drivin a car who had to stop and tell da mommas dat dey looked like pumpkins wif legs (dey wuz wearing UT sweatshirts today).  Zombies apparently got really weird senses of humor I guess.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Birthday Fun

Yesterday it wuz my grandma's, Finley's momma's, birthday.  She are even older dan me!  But I are older dan here in dog years.  She had a pretty good day - she got crabcakes eggs benedict for breakfast wif a couple of mimosas.  And she got a whole lotta presents, but none of em squeak.

Da peeps went to Pappaddeaux for dinner.  Dey brought back some foodz, but didn't give me none.  Whadaya mean I don't need crawfish e-too-fay momma??  Anyways, den dey had key lime pie for dessert, at least I gotta lick da plate!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Sunday Selfie

Guess who woke her momma up at 6:30 dis mornin?  Dat are right, it wuz me.  I'd gotten down to drink water and I wanted back up on da bed.  I's not quite as good at jumpin as I used to be, so I just whined till she woke up and picked me up.

But look, she still luvs me.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Sepia Saturday

Well, my Gotcha Day got even betterer.  I got a Häagen Dogs ice cream toy, den I got da real stuff too.  Not Häagen Dazs, but Bluebell Homemade Vanilla.  It sure wuz tasty.

Today wuz pretty good, I went on my Bataan Death March Zombie Patrol™ dis mornin.  And I barked some soccer playin zombies, I mean dey never once kicked da ball cross da street to me.  Who do they think they are?  Da only pets I got wuz from my peeps, even though some other people commented on my dress dey didn't pet me.  I bet dey wuz zombies, dat are da onliest explanshun.

Friday, November 7, 2014

My Gotcha Day!

Hey everybody, it are my Gotcha Day.  Twelve years ago, my grandma went and got me for my momma.  I wuz my momma's 16th birthday present, and she got me a couple weeks early.  She'd wanted a car for her birthday and a westie puppy for Christmas, but she hadn't gotten her learner's permit so dat she had it for 6 months before her birthday.  So since she wasn't gonna be able to have a license until Christmas, she decided she wanted a puppy for her birthday and a car for Christmas.  I guess I's lucky my peeps got all confuserated on da law, BOL BOL!

Anyways, I came down from Oklahoma wif my sisters and I met my grandma.  She liked me right away, I wuz da friendliest pup and I already had my lil ears up.  Even if dey wuz big ol bunny ears.  So she picked me out.

My momma got outta school early so she could meet me right away.  She went to da nurse and said she'd thrown up so she could leave.  BOL!  And she luved me right away and I luved her right back.  We spent da day together, she even took me back to school when it wuz over so I could meet her pals.  And I gotta meet Jezebel the cat, and our bassets, Sam, Hank, and Delilah.  They wuz so much fun to play wif, specially cuz I wuz way smaller and could dart all round em and confuse em.  Specially Hank, he got confuserated a lot.  I miss ya basset buddies.

I's been all over da country wif my momma.  We lived in Lost Angulus when she wuz in college and den we lived in Bawston (well, Cambridge which are right next to it) while she went to law school.  And I gotta pee in Hahvahd Yahd a lot.  We also lived in Austin for a year, and now we's back in Plano.  And I got to meet my BFF Finley eight years ago, well she weren't a BFF at first.  BOL BOL!  And I's had lotsa kitty pals besides Jezebel too, Maurice, Charlie, Travis, and Crockett.  Charlie, Jezebel, and Maurice, I still miss y'all.      

And I's had all kindsa adventures, killin rodents, swimmin, goin to beaches, travellin on planes, bein Head of Security, bein on da Zombie Squad, eggsplorin da Grand Canyon, meetin some famous or sorta-famous peeps, includin actors, football players, a Supreme Court justice, and a senator.  And den dere were some not so good adventures, like gettin attacked by a big mean dog and havin dat woman try to steal me.  But everything turned out ok.

I guess I are pretty glad dey gotted me 12 years ago.

I wuz just barkin and momma said it has been 12 years of dat.  BOL, ain't she lucky??  My first Thanksgiving, I got locked up in my crate for being too barky.  Da peeps don't even bother anymore.

Look, I still got my bunny ears.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Worthless Wednesday

I are joinin in wif my pal Sully today for Worthless Wednesday.  It are wet, it are cool, well it are November and dat are typical in Dallas.  Which also means it are kinda a worthless day, cept for breakfast.  Dat part wuz good.  

I are sendin big POTP to Macey, da granddaughter of da momma of da Three Little Pugs.

She are havin to have all kindsa medical tests and have da doctors poke and prod here, which ain't no fun.  So I's sendin ya some Westie kisses Macey, I luvs da kidses, specially lil girls, so I are sure we would have a pawsome time together.  Hope da doctors can figure out what are goin on and help ya.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Sunday Selfie

Hey y'all.  Dis are my selfie.  Don't ya wish your ears were dis big?  I know ya does.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Sepia Saturday

Hey y'all.  We had a pretty uneventful Howloween here, only bout 8 miniature zombies showed up beggin treats.  I think it wuz all cuz of my barkin, but momma said it are cuz we's in da middle of da block and da peeps at da ends of da block keep dere houses all dark.  Whatever, I know it are all cuz I are so feroshus.  

Da mommas abandoned us and went to a Haunted House.  Dey said it wuz fun.  I dunno, cuz I wuz on Zombie Patrol here.  My momma dressed up as a flapper.

It wuz a lot cooler today, which I liked.  Momma didn't since she had to wear long sleeves and pants. It are not my fault she don't have gorgeous fluffy furs like me.