Saturday, April 30, 2016

Eggy Weggies and Pool Time

Well, last nite wuz kinda tuff. I wuz havin a hard time standin at all to do my bizness (my momma had me double-slung up) and when I finally went, I ended up havin to have a baff afterwards.  At least I like buffs, so dat wuzn't a big deal.  But instead of doin da normal rollin and all, I just laid there on a folded up towel after my momma dried me off.  She said I wuz being a real trooper, but it made her sad cuz it are so unlike how I used to act - I used to run through da house like a crazy dog, thrashin into anything and everything.  Not now.  Kinda like how I'll go days wifout barkin now.  I used to nonstop bark. 

I had anudeer shakey nite last nite.  I did better for most of today, but den I had some shakin in-sa-dents tonite.


I wish I could shake off dis feelin bad stuff, but it are real tuff y'all.

I did get fried eggy weggies and some bacon for brekkyfast - yum!  I wuzn't much interested in my kibble, but yeah, who wouldn't prefur eggie weggies??

I kept momma company while she made some Momma's Day cards (zzzzzz), den me and Finley got to go on our Zombie Patrol.  Da nayborhood are now Zombie Free, thanks to us.

Da sun came out dis afternoon, so me and momma wuz out by da pool of course!

Da pool water shure felt good.

I wuz a happy pup to get on da S.S. Whitley.

And look, my momma's feetsies are on right today!  BOL BOL!

Tonite, I snoopervised some more wallpaper removal, den me and momma watched da Spurs whup up on OKC.  I know da real reason dey won, it are all cuz I wuz wearin my lucky Spurs shirt.

And bestest of all, tonite I got some cheeze!!

A big happy birfday to my pal Freckles - he are 14 today!  Dat are even older dan me!!

Friday, April 29, 2016

I Could Teach You, But I'd Have To Charge

Hey y'all!  TGIF!  Today wuz ok, but I didn't have a good nite last nite.  I wuz shakin and pantin multiple times - mostly I just wanted my momma to hold me.

But today I seems to be doing a lil better, I has only had a couple of shakin in-sa-dents.  I's still not movin much though.  Maybe I are feelin better cuz of da cute diner-themed dress Finley's momma made me?  It are da opposite side of my burger dress.

And it has burgers, fries, hot dogs, pies, and milkyshakes on it!

Wif milkyshake buttons!

Yeah, my milkshake brings all da boys to da yard and I could teach ya, but I'd have to charge.

Da boys are waiting . . . .

BOL BOL!  Damn right, it's better dan yours!

Anyways, we had a stormy day today, so no stroller patrols or pool time.  I did get to go on a car ride - it wuz to da vet's, but only to pick up some meddysins for Finley.  I did get to see a couple of my vet tech friends though.  Den my momma left to go take some boring test (she passed by da way) and I watched Oklahoma wif Finley's momma.  And we ate LOTSA Nillas together.

Den da mommas worked on strippin off da ugly wallpaper in da kitchen and I took a nap in my UCLA bed where I could snoopervise em.

My momma made pizza tonite (yeah, if ya notice, everyone round here likes different things on dere pizza - my momma are like da Home Alone kid and are all bout da cheeze pizza).  I gots some crust and some sossidge (my momma has no problem handin dat out since she don't want it on her pizza, BOL!)  I's hopin for a better nite tonite and so are my momma, she said somefin bout wantin to be able to get some sleep.  BOL!

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Sweet Cherry Pie

Hey y'all.  Today I thought I'd show off da udder side of my cherry dress dat my momma made me.

It are pink!

It are basically da same as da mint side, but wif different cherry buttons.

And I gots some musical accompanyment for y'all again.

Sweet cherry pie, BOL BOL!  I fink dose dudes' hair are ALMOST as crazy as mine.

I may not be feelin da best, but I can still pose cute.

It are bout all I can do nowadays.

I spent pretty much all day wif my momma.

I gots to go on Stroller Patrol today - and didn't have to deal wif anyone sayin anything rude bout da Whitley Wagon.

Finley matched me again - da nayborhood better watch out for da cherry girls!

Den me and momma went outdoors!

Wif weather like dat, ya knew we was gonna.

Do ya see how I's sittin all weird wif my leg tucked up under me funny? Yeah, I been doin dat a lot lately.

I even did it on da S.S. Whitley.

I let momma get on da S.S. Whitley wif me and we floated round for a while.  We had to enjoy it today since it are sposed to storm tomorrow.

After all dat floating round I needed to nap.

Den it wuz time for Frosty Paws wif Finley!  Yummmm!  I didn't really eat any kibble dis morning, but I got after my Frosty Paws dis afternoon.

And I gots a speshul treat tonite too.  Da peeps wuz havin shrimp pasta and I got my very own shrimpy!  And a tiny bit of gin and tonic!!

Yum yum, more please!!

I wuzn't doing very good tonite - I wuz shakin again.  I woke my momma up at 5 AM shakin like crazy - she knows I couldn't have been cold since it wuz 78 in her bedroom. And I wuz shakin again tonite off and on while my momma and me watched Grey's Anatomy, Scandal, and da Blacklist.  I spent da nite all cuddled up in snuggly fleece wif my momma (and sometimes Crockett too).

It are time for my momma to go make my dinner now, so I'll bark at y'all tomorrow.  I's still not movin any better - momma are gettin really upset and worried bout me.  I guess I gets it, after all, I used to get really upset when she would get sick when we lived by ourselves.  We depends on each udder I guess, at least I don't have to help my momma go do her bizness by holdin her up - even if I does like to snoopervise, BOL BOL!!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Whataburger Wednesday

Normally, I'd be doing a Wordless Wednesday post, but since I may not have dat much longer to bark at y'all, dere are no way I can spend a day bein wordless.  Even if I are barkin less and less in real life (don't worry, I's still barkin some, just not nearly as much as I used too).

My momma ain't da only one who made me a new dress dis week!  Finley's momma also did - and she made me a dress wif all kindsa tasty noms on it - burgers, fries, hot dogs, and milkshakes!

It wuz da perfect dress to wear for Whataburger Wednesday (yup, dat are what we do round here - Wednesdays at Whataburger.  It's a Texas thing y'all).

It even has burger buttons!  YUMMM!

I may not be feelin da best, but I still pose adorably. And models get paid in burgers right?  Which are why peeps is always sayin dat models look like dey need to eat a hamburger I finks.  Even though my momma hates dat eggspresshun - espeshually when it got directed at her recently.  Mostly cuz she are one of dose weirdos dat don't even like burgers, she always gets chikken samwiches.  I'll take any burgers you don't want momma. And your chikken samwich.  And da fries.  BOL BOL!

I even gots some musical accompanyment for dis dress too!

Ok, now dat I has got y'all hungry, BOL BOL!

Me and momma got in lotsa cuddles today.

We also went on a walk. But we had to run into anudder rude person who had to yell at us about how "funny" we were.  Finley's momma yelled back dat I wuz crippled and it isn't funny.  I don't know why peeps can't just mind dere own bizness - didn't dey ever watch Bambi??

All I gotta say is dat dere are some peeples who should consider demselves very lucky dat my momma don't carry.

Anyways, udder dan da rude dude, our walk went ok.

Den me and momma (and later Finley and her momma too) hung out by da pool.

Momma put me on da S.S.Whitley to float round some.  It wuz good to get cooled off.

Den it wuz time for a car ride to Whataburger!  And I wuz dressed perfectly!

I can chase dem Frenchy fries now!!!

Da orange and white A-frame, AKA, da promised land of BURGERS!

I'll take a Patty Melt please!

And an eggstra large order of fries!

Ok, I's ready to dig in!

Nuffin like Whataburger Wednesdays!

I got to share fries wif da mommas and I got some of Finley's momma's Patty Melt and some of my momma's Honey BBQ chikken strip samwich (I told ya she don't really like burgers, BOL!)  YUMMMM!  I think it made up for da rude dood.