Friday, January 31, 2020

Fashion Friday

Hi pals!

Well, we've been having a fun couple of days.

We got walkies in today and yesterday! 

And we also got to wear the new dresses my momma made.

They're winter-themed.

This side has aspen trees.

Here's a closeup.

So we've wuz stylin!

The other side are winter-themed too.

There's a whole winter scene on it.

Not that we've ever seen anything like dat here, BOL!

And deers!!

It's been years since we got to bark deers.

Here's a closeup - there's snowflake buttons on this side too.

Today on the bike ride, me and momma saw Travis' cuzzin Bob again. And this time Bob let us get a  photo. It's not da best becuz it wuz on her ancient iPhone, but we thought you might like to see Bob.

He wuz a pretty chill dude and momma really liked seeing him. I don't think I could get away wif chasin dat kitty!

Have a pawsome weekend!

Monday, January 27, 2020

Monday Selfies

So we're late wif da selfies dis week.

But when you're dis cute, they're worth waitin for.

Besides, it are better dat momma are late wif da selfies dan somefin important. Like dinner!

We had a good couple of days - I got 2 bike rides and walks.

And we got in LOTSA of barking!

Da westie crew, keeping da nayborhood safe!!

Saturday, January 25, 2020

Year of da RAT???

Happy Chinese New Year!

Wait, it are year of the rat? WHAT DA WOOF????

They better mean catchin rats, that's what us terriers are made to do.

And all three of us have kills to our name.

Too bad there aren't any rats around to celebrate wif. Heh heh. 

Guess we'll have to stick to beggin - da mommas are making spicy cashew chikken, maybe we can get some chikken before it gets TOO spicy. 

Happy Chinese New Year anyways - hope ya catch lotsa rats!

And I know you've probably seen a bajillion of these Dolly Parton challenge memes, but this is mine, so I know ya wanna see it, BOL BOL.

Thursday, January 23, 2020

You Ordered a WHAT???

What da woof momma? You ordered a what?? A westie torture device?? I thought only good stuff came in Chewy boxes. Ok, maybe some shampoo might sneak in sometimes. But I wuz SOOOO wrong.

Don't be fooled by da tongue, I wuz not happy.  

Ok, maybe gettin da extra hair off felt good. And yeah, it took a lot less time wif da torture device. 

And I am looking good. But I looked good before, right??

Momma says da grooming table are worth every dollar. I'd prefur those dollars go to tennis balls and dog treats!

And in case you thought my BFF escaped, grandma got her as soon as my momma wuz done wif me. And we both got pedicures from my momma. Oh, da horrors. 

Finley are glad she escaped. But SHE had to have a baff today cuz some senior citizen decided to roll in somefin VERY nasty. So she can't be smirkin too much about our torture yesterday.

Well, we did look pretty cute on today's walk. 

And I'm shure I got extra compliments on my bike ride. Unfortunately, da rotting possum carcass wuz gone. And I never even got a chance to roll in it! Grooming tables and vanishing carcasses, life are unfair.