Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Yappy New Year!

Yappy New Year!  Yeah, I gots to da champagne a lil early, but I likes to start early and stay late.

Here are a lil throwback from three years ago - I'm pretty sure my momma are gonna go find da New Year's hats again.

I's busy makin my resolushins.  So fars I gots:

1. Bark more.
2. Kill more skwerrils and rats.
3. Watch for zombies from da back of da couch more.
4. Bark more.
5. Get my momma to make me some more dresses.
6. Find a way to gets more people foodz.
7. Bark more.

Are I missin anything??

Hopin y'all have a yappy 2015, I know I will.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Sunday Selfie

It are a Schnooter Selfie, BOL BOL!  My hot spot are a lil better today, but it are still nasty and no fun.  It's a cold day here, so I's just snoozin on da back of da couch bein Head of Security™ and guardin da house from da invadin zombie hoards.  Yeah, dat are what I are doin.

Crockett are keepin me company.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Sepia Saturday

Well pupses, I are not feelin too hot.  Or maybe I are feelin too hot and dat are da problem.  Da problem are my back - I gots a nasty hot spot on it.  I's gotten em before, but dis one are da biggest and da worstest.  I gots in on da night on da 23rd, and it are still hanging round.

I would show ya a picture, but it are kinda gross.  Oozy, bright red, and my hair are fallin out where it are.  Da skin are also real hot to da touch.  Momma's been cleanin it off and I's been wearin jackets cuz otherwise I'd be scratchin and it would get even worse.  We gots all kinds lotions and stuff on counts of Finley havin da itchies, so momma's been usin some of dem on me too.  But da hot spot are still lookin bad and I's probably gonna have to go to da vet on Monday.

Dis whole hot spot thing are makin me feel kinda down, it seems like I been gettin more of em since I developed all dese back wrinkles - dey start down in a wrinkle and are tuffer to get rid of.  Here's hopin I can say goodbye to dis one before da new year.  I needs my furs, it are gettin cold out there.

Friday, December 26, 2014

Dory's Birthday Pawty

Well, all dat Christmassy stuff sure wuz fun, but today it are Dory's birthday and I are headin over to her big birthday bash.

I wuz gonna be flyin solo, cuz I usually prefur havin at least 5 male admirers adorin me, but den Ruby fixed me up wif a pawsome date.  I are highly recommendin her yente services, she got me and Finley both pawsome dates.  Not so tall, dark, and handsome, what more could a girl want?

Yeah, dat are right, my date are dat fearsome Dingo hunter, Sully.  I wonder how Ruby knew I had a thing for scotties, my firstest ever crush wuz dat cute Barney Bush - momma and I used to watch his Christmas videos (y'all remember those, don't ya?)  Anyways, like me, Sully are a Texan, and Texans know how to treat ladies, so I knew we wuz gonna have a pawsome time.

Sully came down da highway to pick me up and I invited him in for some cookies, nog, and toy shakin.  Den we wuz on our way to California for Dory's pawty!

Once we got there, we wuz pretty busy canoodlin and imbibin nog I mean protectin da pawty from some fearsome Dingo Zombies.  Luckily, me and Sully wuz on da job, so da pawty stayed safe.  We wuz so busy canoodlin barkin dem Dingo Zombies dat we barely made it over to da photo booth for our picture.

But we did.  So ingore any skurrilus roomors bout us bein busy canoodlin, dat Finley are just startin goosip tryin to Sully my reputashun.  BOL!

Den me and Sully showed off our dance moves, I showed him how to do my signachure Westie Party move - ya rolls on your back and shake it till ya break it.  Him are a natural!  We also did some Texas two-steppin, I mean, what would ya eggspect a couple Texas pups to do?

Fanks Dory for hostin a pawsome pawty for all of us in Blogville!  Happy birthday!

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas Y'all!

Merry Christmas y'all!  Here's what Christmas looks like round here.

First da peeps opened dere presents.  I got right in da middle of my momma and Ally, but watchin dem open stuff got boring pretty fast.

Den it wuz my turn!  Finley opens her presents like a crazy turbo-charged pup and she gets a lil over-enthusiatical bout openin presents - she'll try to open mine, da kitties, da peeps.  So her daddy held her while I gots to open mine.

I ended up wif 5 new shirts, 2 brand new leash, collar, and harness sets, and 5 toys (a hedgyhog, a Clarice reindeer, a Frozen snowman, a polar bear, and a scottie pup ).

I heard ya like warm hugs Olaf.  So does I.

Den me and Finley wuz on skwerril patrol - can ya believe dat dude showin up outside our window on Christmassy??  We barked him good.

Hope y'all had a very merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all my pals in Blogville!  I hope y'all have a pawsome Christmas wif lotsa presents from Santa Paws.

I know I sent lotsa of y'all paper cards - if ya got one dat wuz just signed from me and ya sents me and Finley a joint one, well, consider yours from my BFF Finley too, ok?  My momma also made up a quicky ecard in Photoshop lastest night for some of my overseas pals - and for anybody else who wants it!  BOL!  Merry Christmas.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas Cookies

Well, dat's what da peeps wuz up to today - making dere decorated sugar cookies.  And dey actually finished em before Christmas Eve - it must be some kinda Christmas miracle.

Dey looks tasty right?  My favorite are da westie.  Of course.  Dere are a plain westie - it are not da scruffulent, so it are sposed to be Finley.  Den dere are da coconut westie, dat are sposed to be me cuz it are extra scruffulent.

And me and Finley ALMOST got a cookie today too.  Angelique jumped on da table da mommas wuz decoratin at and knocked down a tree.  Well, me and Finn both went for it, den we started fightin wif each other and both ended up missin out on da cookie.  Dat stank.  I think Ally ate it.

Our Christmas tree are lookin better - dere are more and more presents round it.

Momma are still makin me wear antlers for pictures.  I deserve cookies AND nog for dis.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

A Major Award™

Remember when I barked bout winnin a Major Award™?  How I won Bentley's Favorite Things Giveaway from my pals Bentley and Pierre???  Well, I finally gots to open it today!  And no, it wuz not a leg lamp, BOL BOL!

Well, it don't say frah-gee-lay, so I guess it are not Eyetalian.

It's a Major Award™.  I won it.

Look at da inside!!

I even gots a rose from Bentley and Pierre.  A rose from cute basset and westie boys in da same week dat I has dat handsome Texas scottie Sully as my date to Dory's Pawty?  I are a lucky girl!

I gots autographed copies of two books by Bentley and Pierre's momma/grandma!  I are gonna read these to my momma, kinda like how I read all dose law books to her when she I went to da Hahvahd School of Law and Barkings.

I also got Mardi Gras beads!

Dey wuz not for you momma, da box was adddressed to ME!

And I wears em better too.  You can go earn yours in New Orleans.

Oh boy, I gots a fun rope tug toy from Damien's Best Dog Toys.  I's investorgatin it.

The Honest Kitchen Winter Warmers Chicken Consomme.  Smells yummy!

Caru Chicken Stew - I can't wait to try it!

Louisiana alligator treats!  Oh boy!  My momma ate some gator last month when she went to a cajun restaurant and she said it wuz ymmy.  I can't wait to try it.  And I know momma's sister, Ally, ain't gonna steal it since she likes dem gators so much she didn't want to eat any.

One time I wuz goin through Louisiana on I-10 and barkin and my momma said I wuz lucky dat I didn't become gator food.  Well now da gator are gonna be MY foodz!!  BOL!

Indigo Smokehouse Bacon Strips?  I are gonna have to hide dese from Travis, ya can see him lurkin round in da background if ya looks careful.

I also won a bracelet from Pawz 'n Clawz jewelry and I wuz so nice I let my momma have it as an early Christmas gift.

I are not gonna let her have my chicken and cranberry treats.

Travis, get away from my gator treats!  Dat silly cat wants to eat a gator - he'll eat anything as long as it don't eat him first.

Don't even think bout gettin near da bacon.

I think da bacon'll go great wif dese Breakfast Medleys treats.

Sweet potato treats??  Yum!!!

And I gots gator jerky - yummmm.

And crawfish jerky.  My momma luvs crawfish, so I bet dis are real yummy!

Look at my haul!  It are like a warm up for Christmas!!