Sunday, January 31, 2016

Sunday StuART

So today I's honorin my gone-too-soon Scottie pal Stuart wif dis arty-tistikal picture of me at da beach in Sanibel, Florida.  It are not quite dat warm here right now, but I did get to spend some more time lyin out wif momma while she read.  I are ready for summer and anudder beach trip, how bout y'all??

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Sunny Saturday

It wuz in da seventies and sunny here today!

Right after brekkyfast, me and momma headed outside so we could work on our tans.

Yeah, dis are da life.  You Yankee pups can keep your blizzards and all dat.  Da only kinda blizzard I wanna see comes from DQ.  And speakin of icy cream, dis warm weather meant me and Finn got to lick out icy cream bowls tonite, YUMMMM!  I luvs me some Blue Bell.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Shirley Ya Knows . . .

Hey pals!  Da Mayor doodz Murphy and Stanley (and Shirley ya knows dem, are I right?) are hostin dis blog hop to help us introduce our bloggin pals dat we thought everybody knew but maybe dey don't.  But just whichest Shirley is dey talkin bout?

She are cute, but I don't think she are da right Shirley.

I are not shure she are either.

Ok, ya know I luvs me some Oklahoma, but I are not shure she are da right Shirley either.

And I don't think it are her.

Ok, so I are not shure bout dis Shirley thing (BOL BOL!), but I is shure dey are some bloggers ya SHOULD know, whether ya does or not.

Shirley, ya should know my fellow fashionista Dory and her cutie pie brofurs!  Dey's a pack of four pups and like me, dey is Texas/California pups (ya did know I lived in Lost Angulus for two years, right??)  And dat cutie Bilbo are my Valentine's date, so shirley ya should know dat.  

And shirley ya should know da K girls (and no, I ain't talkin bout da Kardashians).  I's talkin Kismet, Blogville's squawktastic bird blogger and da pups Kaci and Kali.  If ya don't know dem, ya's missin out.  Big time.

And shirley, ya really oughta know Freckles.  He are one of my oldest pals (and I are not sayin dat just cuz he are even older dan me, even though he's got me beat by bout 6 months).   He are my pal from MitchAgain and we's been friends since da Dogster days, way way back in 2009 or 2010, I ain't even shure, we's been pals for so long.  He's a real cutie.  And be shure to check out his kitty brofurs, Pipo and Minko too.

Speakin of Dogster pals, shirley ya should know Charlie too.  He are an Aussie bloke, and ya know how me (and momma) luv dem accents.  And he are always at da beach, dat lucky dog!!

And shirley ya know Bentley and Pierre right??  Momma had bassets growin up, and to dis day dey is one of da only "bigger" pups dat I ackshually get along wif (sorry pals, but dis are #truthtime and I can tends to get a bit crazy at pups bigger dan me.  Cept for bassets.  I luvs dem).  I still miss Sammy, Hanky, and Delilah and I know my momma misses dem too (along wif Maybelline who wuz way before my time).  We wish dere wuz some more basset bloggers, but we is so glad to be friends with Bentley and Pierre - I mean a basset and a westie, what could be better???  Dey is from Loozy-anna and dere momma are a writer, if ya don't know dem, go check em out.

Well, I's gonna stop there, dere are tons more bloggers I knows and luvs, and I could keep going all night, but it are gettin late and I wants my dinner.  So Shirley, whoever ya is, make shure ya get on over dere and check out dese bloggers.

Well, ok, a couple more, but I's keepin it in da family now.  Shirley, of course ya know my BFF and sisfur (or are it aunt, it are so confuserating) Finley, right??

And my trio of kitty besties and siblings, Travis, Crockett, and Angelique??

If ya don't know my whole family, well, what are ya waitin for??

Ok, I's really gettin hungry now, so I's off to go get my chikken now.  Aroooo!

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Sunday Selfie

Hey y'all!  It wuzn't all dat eggciting of a Sunday round here, cept for da eggy weggy plates I got to lick up and my walkie (do I still calls it a walkie even if I don't walk on it?  Since it are my blog and I make da rules, I says I does.  After all, momma are walkin.  And Finley and her momma, BOL BOL!  I's da only princess who gets to ride).  Udder dan dat, it has been watchin da footballs and nappin (well, I has been nappin).  Den it are gonna be watchin Downtown Tabby and da Ex-Files and more nappin for me.

I'm just hopin for somefin tasty tonite!

Saturday, January 23, 2016

My January Dress

Well, dis lastest week, me and Finley scored BIG TIME in da clothes department.  We each got two new dresses - Finley's momma made us da Route 66 ones and my momma made dis one.  Yeah, dis year she are makin at least one dress a month for me AND Finley.

I guess da mommas had mint on da brain dis month - maybe it wuz all da Peppermint Icy Creams.  Or mojitos or grasshoppers.  I are not really sure, but mint are a good color on me.

One side of my dress has lil westies on it - and da trim fabric has bones and pawprints!

Dere are even Scottie buttons!!!  I guess #BlackDogsMatter too.  BOL!

Yeah, I's stylin and I knows it!

I got to wear da udder side today.

It are a retro kinda Sputnik print.

Here are da close up . . .

Pretty cool huh??

Yesterday, my momma gots a new sewin ma-sheen.  Finley's momma got it for her since she has ackshually been sewin so much.  And da old one wuz not very good and made momma use a lotta, well, what Blogville calls "HBO Wurdz."  And not, I are not talkin wurdz like West-Or-Roast or Ka-Lee-See.  If ya knows what I mean.  And if ya does knows what I mean, well, ya's probably a big Game of Thrones nerd like me and momma (#TyrionFanForLife - ok, well, Jon Snow are pretty cute and Dany and Arya are badass too, but Tyrion are da bestest character - maybe it are cuz he are short, smart, and pretty badass - kinda reminds me of a terrierist).  Anyways, I digressed a bit there.   Dis are da new ma-sheen.

Ok momma, time to get to work on anudder new dress for me and my BFF!

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Get Your Kicks . . .

Hey pupses!  And kittehs and burds and bunnehs and whoever else might be readin.  Apparently I are kinda a big deal in Rush-a, seems dat da Ruskies have been readin my bloggie.  Maybe it are cuz I lived in da People's Republick of Cambridge, AKA Moscow on da Charles for a while.  I dunno.

Anyways, I promised y'all dat I'd show off da newest dress dat Finley's momma made me.  So here it are!  One side are plaid - kinda perfect for a Scottish pup like me.  Ok, I's a Texan (well originally an Oklahoman) pup, but I are a Scottish breed.

Dere are cute lil watty-melon buttons - I just wish it was watty-melon season.  Ya knows what I mean??

I think dis pose deserves eggstra treats, don't you?

Well, like most of my dresses, dis one are reversible.  And here are a moosical clue as to what da theme are . . .

Ok, I has been most of da places in dat song.  Not ALL of em (Chicago, St. Louis, and Joplin to name some) but most of em.  Oklahoma City, Amarillo, Gallup, Flagstaff, Winona, Kingman, Barstow, San Bernadino, Lost Angulus, yup, yup, yup.  Even if it has been a few years.

So yup, I got my own Route 66 dress!!

Here are a close up - dere are even Route 66 buttons!!

Now, when are da Road Trip comin up??  Cuz I are READY now!  Okay, not for Chicago in da wintertimes, BOL BOL.  But Lost Angulus and da reprisin my role as Malibu Puppy are somefun I could handle.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Natural Balance Wild Pursuit Venison Lung Bites from Chewy

Hi y'all!  I has anudder Chewy review for ya today.  Chewy are da online pet store dat delivers foods and treats right to your doorstep.  Dis month, I got to test out da Natural Balance Wild Pursuit Venison Lung Bites.

I luvs to bark at deers when I go visit Nana and Pawpaw, so I figgered I'd luv eatin em too.

Da Natural Balance Wild Pursuit Venison Lung Bites are high-protein grain-free and gluten-free snacks.

Dese treats are packed in da USA and sourced from 100% New Zealand venison.  Momma probably got all eggcited bout da New Zealand part, thinkin bout Lord of da Rings and Orlando Bloom as an elf or somefin.   Maybe dat are why she picked dese. 

But nope, Mr. Legolas didn't come wif da treats.  Too bad, he are a cutie.  Anyways, da only ingredient in da treats are dehydrated venison lung - so no artifishul colors, flavors, or preservatives.  Since Finley don't got no allerjeez to any meatz (includin deers) she got to have some too.  Dey come in an 2.5 oz bag.

Looks yummy!

Momma are teasin me again.

Nom nom nom, dat wuz yummy!

My assistant taste-tester are ready to try em out too.

Ya best watch your fingers momma!

Finley scarfed hers right down!

I think she wants seconds too!  

Me and Finn both liked da Natural Balance Wild Pursuit Venison Lung Bites - dey earned 8 paws up and 2 waggin tails!  And as always we wuz impressed by Chewy's fast shippin - our treats came right away.  Fanks so much Chewy!

Disclaimer: As part of the Chewy Blogger Program, I wuz provided the treat for free for an honest review, but wuz not paid for my opinion.  Since I didn't win da PowerBall last week, I still could use a new hot pink Mustang convertible Chewy.  Are ya listenin??  And my momma says she could take a visit from Orlando Bloom too.  ;)

P.S.  Did ya notice I are wearin a new dress today?  Check back tomorrow to see da whole outfit!