Friday, July 20, 2018

Flower Friday

Well pals, it has been crazy hot here.

We had to go on an early morning walk today since it wuz too hot to walk last nite - at 10 at nite, it wuz still 100!

But even wif da crazy hots, we still has flowers bloomin.

A coneflower. It don't look like a cone . . . 

A zinnia.

A hi-biskit.

Anudder hi-biskit.

An althaea.

Anudder althaea.

A different althaea.

Ok, da althaeas wuz really pretty today.

A tropical hi-biskit.

And a daylily too!

Stay cool pals!

And drink plenty of water.

Dat way, ya won't gets dehydrated. And ya can leave lotsa pee-mail for your pals!

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Westie Wednesday

Hey pals!

Today wuz a fun day - we got to bark at my momma while she swam. And we got to bark at da naybor's lawn crew. 

And we smell pizza cookin!!!

We also got to wear da udder side of da dresses we got for our Gotcha Day.

I think Brinley wuz happy to model!

And ya know I wuz!

Ok, I wuz also happy bout da cookie momma wuz holdin.

Dis summery dress goes great wif da HOTS we is havin here. Even if we only wore da dress in da Ay-See. 

After all, when da temperature are higher dan your momma's weight, it are too hot for wearin a dress.  Really, it are too hot for much of anything.

But here's a close up of da buttons anyways.

Now bout dat pizza smell.

Fanks so much Dalton and Pipo for our Gotcha Day card! We luvs it!

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Our Second Gotcha Day!

It are HERE! Our Gotcha Day!

Well, not Finley's Gotcha Day. Dat wuz a few weeks ago.

Two years ago, our mommas flew up to Oh-Hi-Oh and dey gotted us! 

Yeah, we wuz cute.

And we still is!

My momma made us a new dress for our Gotcha Day!

It are all summery!

Brinley makes a pawfect model!

Dere are cute lil flower buttons!

We's glad our mommas gotted us and we know dey is very happy dey has us - who wouldn't be??

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Sunday Selfies

Yappy Sunday! It wuz a Sunday Funday for me - a bike ride, barkin, and bunny chasin! Ya knows, da three B's! 

It are gonna be late nite walkies for us - da hots are here to stay! Unfortunately for momma, dese hots are NOT named Zac Efron. But hey, maybe Chace Crawford are around (here are from here). 

Yeah, momma wishes! BOL BOL!

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Caturday Art

So furst, da artsy pics.  

We wore our Eiffel Tower dresses for Ba-steel Day.

Ooh la la!  

It has been a tuff week for da mommas.

Da good news are dat Nana are seeming to get better from her na-moan-ia.

Da bad news are dat she are now in a one-star rehab facility, and da mommas can't do anything.

Da grandparents has decided dey would rather trust my momma's aunt and her family instead of Brinley's momma.

We don't agree wif da desishun.

And momma has had to deal wif her cuzzin who spent all of high school calling her a whore and a slut. 

Momma said dis always wuz so rude, since if she were a whore, she woulda had a nicer car. 

Momma finks her Nana deserves better dan a one-star rehab place - but dere are nuffin we can do. 

We is just lucky we has a FIVE star home.