Saturday, March 17, 2018

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Us Scottish pups is gettin our Irish on.

I-RISH I wuzn't still on "restrickted duty" and havin to wear a cone if I wuzn't being snoopervised by momma.

At least we is almost done wif it.

Which means walks and bike rides again soon!

And me and Brinley is healing up good, so we'll be ready to get back to Active Duty on Monday!  YAY!

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Tuffin It Out

So I are gettin really tired of all of dese rules.  No runnin, no jumpin, no lickin my wound, no scratchin my wound, no backyard time, no walks, NO FUN!

It are so boring!

Finley says we just gotta tuff it out.

Look at dis get up!!  Socks, a baby onesie, and a cone.  SIGH.  It are tuff tuffin it out.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Restricted Duty

Me and Brinley has been placed on restricted duty.  No jumpin, runnin, walks, basically no fun.

We has been nappin a lot.  And I keep tryin to get at my wound.

Which is why I gotta wear da Cone of Shame™, socks, and a baby onesie.  Yeah, a literal baby onesie.

And Finley tries to crawl on top of our crates.  What da woof big sister???  Restricted duty are not so much fun.

In udder news, my momma has launched her new bizness, Lean Girls Fitness.  She are a pawsonal trainer and is offering personal training, group boot camp classes, and an online fitness program.  Here's her first video.

Best of all, she's said I might get to be in some future videos!

Monday, March 12, 2018


Well today wuz a WEIRD not good day.  We woke up kinda early, went out to do our bidness, den da two of us got in da car.

Wifout breakfast!

Den we went to da vets.  We got weighed, den we went to sleep and woke up feelin not so great.  Our bellies hurt and we has dese scars on em - I don't know WHAT happened.

Finley says welcome to da Big Girls Club and dat now we don't gotta worry bout puppies, unless da mommas decide to torture us in our golden years wif pesky lil sisters - or somefin like dat.  I don't know what she are talkin bout, I are just tired.

We is havin to wear da Cone of Shame™, spend a lotta time in da crate, and our momma's even got us baby onesies.  Since I are bad licker and keep tryin to scratch.  And Brinley has mastered da Cone of Shame™ and can get it off (momma says she are too smart).  I fink I are gonna go back to sleep now.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Sunday Selfies

I are not shure WHAT are goin on.  Somefin BIG are happenin tomorrow and momma are worried bout it.  She says I are gonna be ok though, but she still are worried.  

Da mommas made us get groomed today (dese pics are PRE-groomin) - dey said we is not gonna be able to have a baff for a while.  Sounds GOOD to us!


Finley says it are no big deal, but I are still not shure about it.

We is within a happy 16th birthday to our pal Madi and takin part in da Road Trip blog hop to sell-a-brates.  Well, we wuz not round when my momma got her license, but a mess up wif da dates just may be da reason we are here.  See, dere wuz a new law for da year my momma turned 16 - you had to have a permit for 6 months before you could get a license.  Well, da mommas didn't know dat and my momma didn't get her permit until June 26 - 5 months before her birthday.  So no license and car for her 16th birthday - she had to wait until Christmas.  Instead, she got . . . WHITLEY!  Whitley wuz da family's furst westie, and she wuz such a winner dat dey kept on gettin em.  A westie are a much better present dan a car anyways . . .

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Caturday Art

Well, we tried to get artsy today.

At least it beats being fartsy.


We had a fun day here - we gotta go out back while my momma tanned today!

And we got nice walk tonite!

And I had a super fun bike ride!

Momma and me went on da Chisholm Trail bike trail.  Ya can bike under da busy streets - it are really nice!

We biked by a creek and saw a bazillion quackers!

But da best part wuz where da trail ended.  Y'all know da REAL Chisholm Trial wuz used for drivin cattle.  So it only seemed fittin dat it ended at a steakhouse.

I didn't get a steak though.  So I wondered . . . 

Maybe momma wuz in da mood for tacos??  But nope, I didn't get nuffin.  Bring your wallet and get us a snack next time momma!

At least a margarita!