Thursday, December 14, 2017

Llama Navidad

Ok, so I guess I spilled da beans on da theme of da newest Chrissymouse dress.

It are llamas!

In case ya don't know . . .

Seriously, dey is da unicorn of Fall/Winter 2017, so of course we needed llama dresses.

And not just any llamas, Christmas llamas!

And for colder days, we all has llama jackets, as modeled by Miss Finley.

I says we is llamarific!

And da dresses has stocking buttons to go wif da llamas in dere sweaters and socks.

Yeah, we's all llama-ed up.

Of course, ya can't go wrong wif da Chissymouse westie either . . .

And we luv bein pretty in pink!

Well, when we aren't busy barkin at Scut Farkus on TV (yeah, momma is watchin A Christmas Story and Brinley are not a fan of da bully).

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Terrier Tuesday

Hey pals!

Da two of us had to go to da vet yesterday (just for a check up).

And we both checked our perfect!  

Our t-shirts even got a laff.

Finley got to stay home since she had her check up earlier.

Today my momma found da Santa hats.

At least it isn't da antlers.

Yet . . .

Happy Hanukkah pals!!

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Sunday Selfies

Happy Sunday y'all!

Well, da Chrissymouse tree are done, so we got to take his selfies in front of it!

And we got to wear da udder side of our new Chrissymouse dresses!

I know my pal Bentley would luv em!

Because dey are decoramorated wif Chrissymouse bassets!  Momma said she had four bassets growin up and she LUVS em.

Here are a close up . . .

And I guess I figgered out why we got da baffs yesterday - if you're a westie who's gonna wear white, you'd better be clean otherwise ya look all dingy.

As ya can see, no dingy dog here.  And den dat cray cray McTwinkle wanted to take a dubble selfie wif me.  I are tryin to stay on his good side, so here goes . . .

I hasn't deaded him. YET.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Our New Dresses!

Hi pals!

Today we got some new Chrissymouse dresses.

OMD, dese are so cute!

I know Santa will bring us LOTS of presents when he sees this.

Even if dat ELF spreads lies, rumors, and false accumasashuns.  Da Elf on da Shelf, are FAKE NEWS, believe me!

Da new dress has lil holly buttons.

Did momma ackshually say da BAFF word??

We don't need no stinkin baffs.  I don't care if Santa are watchin.

It's not like he has smell-o-vishuns.

Friday, December 8, 2017

HE's Back!

Santa's sneaky lil spy, Aubrey McTwinkle, are back.  And he has been spyin on us for a whole WEEK. 

We thought we'd be done wif him after we tricked him into drinkin too much nog last year so he couldn't report on us to Santa Paws.

But dere must be some kinda elf union, becuz he didn't get fired.  Instead he are back and he has been suckin down da coffee to stay awake while he spies!

A girl can't even eat brekkyfast in peace around here!

We need to figger out how to deal wif dis guy FAST!

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Brrrraving da Cold!

Winter are not comin as dey says on da dragon TeeVee show, it are HERE! It has gotten COLD here in Texas, it did not even get outta da thirties today.  And yeah, I knows dat are not even dat cold for a lot of y'all, but my momma are a summer girl and she cannot stand winter (and for some reason went to da School of Laws in Bawston, but dat wuz before I wuz here). Anyways, me and Brinley LUVS da cold - it makes us eggstra zippy and playfull. Finley and da mommas, well, not so much. But we all still went on our daily walk today anyways.

And it wuz a good walk, even if it wuz cold. Definitely better dan on Sunday - we had a scary incident.  We wuz just walkin along, bein good pups and mindin our own bizness when outta nowhere, dis crazy French bulldog attacked Brinley! She wagged when he came at her, but he wuz NOT in da mood to play. Luckily she are ok and did not get hurt, but her Christmas t-shirt got ruined  (and it wuz a vintage one circa 2007 too).  And dat dog's people wuz CRAZY too - da guy kept followin da mommas and da woman demanded Brinley's momma apologize for her language - she cursed when da dog wuz attackin Brinley.  Well, dat got my momma to get her crazy ratchet self goin - to quote A Christmas Story . . .

Just change "father" to "momma" and "Lake Michigan" to "Plano" and yeah, ya has da idea.  Dere are a reason she likes terrierists, we is just as feisty as her.  Me and Finley woulda joined in da may-lay if we hadn't been picked up - and dat crazy lil Frenchie should consider itself lucky we weren't able to defend our sisfur - ya don't mess wif terriers!

So, even though it wuz pretty cold, at least today's walk wuz uneventful compared to Sunday's!