Monday, November 20, 2017

Turkey Time??

Da mommas are talkin bout it being Turkey Time soon.

Da three of us cannot wait to get our paws (and really our jaws!) on some of dat burd!

Do ya think I'll get some eggstra turkey if I give momma my cute look while wearin my turkey dress??

Momma saw dis on da Book of Faces dis weekend and thought of my pal Kismet.

Better start practicin dat woof!

Sunday Selfies

It are Sunday (well, it are still barely Sunday) and it are selfie time!

Finley are all in pink for her selfie!

Brinley are showin a groomin before and after!

Yeah, Brinley's momma groomed us both up while my momma wuz drivin all over da state doin interviews (she says it are very eggzaustin and she are glad to see my happy face again).

Ya wouldn't believe how much hair came off of me and yet I are STILL dis fluffy!

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Birfday Fun Times!

Hi y'all!  Yesterday it wuz Brinley and Finley's momma's birthday.

My momma made some tasty food - crabbycakes eggs benedict for brekkyfast, crawfish eh-too-fay, and key lime pie for dessert (and she'll be puttin up da recipe for dat one soon too).  All I got wuz a lick or two of da whippy cream for da pie.

We might not have scored big in da foodz department, but we did get to play in dat wrappin paper and we got in some good snuggly times too!

Da three of us also kept da mommas company while dey watched some movies.  And yeah, Brinley had to bark da TV.

Today wuz not dat eggcitin, but we did get a nice long walk.  And we got a TON of play time today!

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Sunday Selfies

Happy Sunday y'all!

Me and Brinley wuz all dressed up to bark for da Cowboys.

Uhhh, I think dey needs some more barkin.

Finley thought dey deserved da stink eye for today.

We has been havin a fun fall - lotsa chasin skwerrils!

I just wish da leaves would stop tryin to attack my va-jay-jay.  I sits down when a leaf gets near my privacy please.  For some reason, momma thinks dis are so funny.

Finley says tomorrow are a speshul day in our house.

We're hopin we get somefin good to eat becuz of it!

How could dey say no to dis face??

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Dragonfly Dress

Hi y'all! Well, today me and Brinley FINALLY got to wear our dragonfly dresses - dey are what are on da udder side of da fairy wing dresses I showed ya last week.

Dey is all blue and sparkly!

Just like da dragonflies we has in da backyard in da summer!

We looked eggstra cute on our walk today!

But don't worry, we wuz still furoshusly protection our mommas.  Dat "ROAD WORK AHEAD" sign was very threatening.

Here are a close up of da buttons - as ya can see dey is all shiny and iridescent like a dragonfly's wings.

Friday, November 3, 2017

Fashion Friday

Hi y'all!

Yesterday, we wore da udder side of our Day of the Dead dresses - we wuz gettin very festive!

Momma had made our dresses we wuz gonna use for our fairy costumes before we decided to go as witches.

So we is gonna show em off today!

Dis side has pretty blue wings on it.

For da costume, momma wuz gonna attach fairy wings to da back.

Maybe next year.

But at least we has da dresses to wear now.

Here's a close up - dere are dragonfly buttons.

And Finley has a matchin jacket too - so we has a good part of next year's costume done!