Friday, August 18, 2017

Bad Poetry Day

Today it are Bad Poetry Day.  I worked a LONG time on makin dis poem eggstra bad for y'all . . . 

Hi, my name are Kinley
I's not fat, but I's not thin-ley 
My name are not Brinley
Before she poops, she does a spin-ley
And my name are not Finley
She are eleven, older dan ten-ley
Wif strangers we is not super friend-ley
I speshully like to growl da men-ley
Hi, my name are Kinley.

I fink Brinley are laffin at my bad poem!

Happy weekend!

Thursday, August 17, 2017

I Luvs My Feets Day

So today it are "I Luv My Feet" Day - or as I prefur to call it, Appresheates Da Feets Day.  I has da fluffiest Clydesdale feet in da whole world.

Brinley's feet are furry too.

But as ya can tell, mine take da furry-footed look to a new level of fluffitude.

Ya wouldn't believe da stuff momma finds em durin da daily torture brushing seshuns.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Nashinul Rum Day

Today it are Nashinul Rum Day!

Bring on da cuba libres, daiquiris, mai tais, and mojitos!

Me and Brinley wore our cocktail dresses to sell-a-brate.

Now, if only we could get to sell-a-brate wif a taste of da mommas' drinkies!

Yeah, it ain't probably gonna happen.

Yeah, a pup can dream . . .

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Relacksayshun Day

Today it are Relacksayshun Day.

Da three of us always relacks after our morning walks.  I mean, after all dat barkin at udder dogs, chasin at skwerrils, cars, bunnehs, and joggers,  and growlin at dangerous branches we is ready for a bit of relacksin!

After all, we have to have enerjeez for all da all-nite BarkFest!

Monday, August 14, 2017

Nashinul Creamsicle Day

Today it are Nashinul Creamsicle Day.

So we is wearin our ice cream truck dresses.

I'm just hopin we can get an ice cream truck to show up so we can get dem creamsicles.

Faces dis cute deserve creamsicles, dontcha think?

Did ya see da popsicle buttons??

Hope ya get to enjoy a tasty creamsicle today!

Now make wif da frozen goodness momma!

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Internashinul Left Hander's Day

Today it are Internashinul Left Hander's Day. We has one of dose in da house (Brinley's daddy) and to sell-a-brate, we all decided to take our selfies wif our left paws today.

So left-pawed, or right-pawed, dere's just a whole lotta fluff goin on.

More importantly, a whole lotta treats goin on.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Middle Child's Day

Today it are Middle Child's Day. I's kinda surprised da day wuzn't just forgotten, BOL! I don't know bout what order I wuz born in, but I am da Middle Westie here.  Dat means I should get eggstra treats today, right momma??

Brinley and my momma said nope. Dat's becuz Brinley is da youngest (by 2 days) and my momma is an oldest. None of our peeps is middle children here.

Ok, so I didn't get eggstra treats, but I do get to show off da udder side of my new dress. Dis side has waves!

I think we kinda figgered out dat momma wuz wishin we coulda gotten our beach trip too.

Here's a close up of da buttons.


Hope ya have a whale of a time dis weekend! Whether you're a middle child or not.