Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Dat Running Stuff Ain't For Me Momma!

Pupses, my momma have gone all crazy.  See me and her, and sometimes Ally, go on walkses most everyday.  And these are not little round the block walks either, they are bout an hour-long walkses.  And I loves them.

Yesterday, my momma got a crazy idea in her head.  She got da idea to try to jog with me.  See, my momma have been exorcising lots and she thought she could run with me on counts of I always pull and go crazy when I see a big dog running along with a person.  I always act like I wanna go too.  So yesterday she tried to run with me.  Well, I did that for about two blockses, then I gave up.  Running ain't for me momma!  So she says we will just stick with the walkin' with only a little bits of running.  If she wants to run, da gym downstairs gots a treadmill and a liptical - she can run on dose!

My back is looking a lot better.  I gots a little bit of dry skin back there, but it are not so red and stuff as it were before.

Here's a picture of me looking all cute and stuffs.


  1. Whitley you just take it steady and take your Mum on nice sensible walks.
    Running speed is used for catching squirrels and balls.

  2. I'm a big fan of long walkies and hikes, but I don't care much for jogging. Definitely overrated!

    What a great photo! You look adorable, Whitley! How do you like living in Texas? It's such a big state for a little dog :)

    1. I like livin' in Texas. I may be little, but I gotsa BIG personality so I think Texas suits me pretty good! BOL!

  3. My Momma tried that runnin' stuff we me and I was like, hey, Momma, where's the squirrelie or rat or bunny we's chasin'?? Cuz I ain't seein' it!!

    Really, that woman gots no sense-- runnin' if fer chasin' things!!


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