Monday, March 3, 2014

More Liebster Questions

So, I's got nominated for da Liebster Award dis time by my pals Rudy and Izzy.  If ya don'ts know dem, dey are a couple cutie pie Schnauzers from Canookistan or somewhere like dat where it are really freezy cold.  Even colder dan dat Bawston place where I lived for a whiles.  Anyways, since I already tagged some of my palses for dis here MAJOR AWARD, I's just gonna answer Rudy and Izzy's questions.

1.  Who feeds you in your house and what times do you get fed?
Usually it are my momma who feeds me and Finley, but occasionally it are Finley's momma.  Most da time it are my momma.  We get fed once in da morning and once at night.
2.  What do you eat for meals?
We eats our kibble (it are Merrick beef or bison usually) and ground beefs on top!  Sometimes dere are other stuff on top, like turkey or chicken or somefin, but most da time it are ground beefs.
3.  Do you get special treats for your birthday, and if so, what are they?
Yeah!  I usually gets a birthday breakfast of eggie weggie.  And extra treats thoughout da day and sometimes somefin special at night.   I's tryin to convince momma to make me a pupcake dis year.
4.  Do you share your house with other pets, and where do they fall in the pet hierarchy?
I lives with my BFF Finley, and da kitties Jezebel, Travis, and Maurice.  I are da Head of Security and do da mostest barkin, but I are not sure bout no hierarchy.  I luvs da kitties and sometimes dey is definitely in charge of me.  Finley likes to think she are Top Dawg, but I don't agree.  Maybe we's all equal, or maybe somes of us animals are just a lil more equal dan others.  BOL BOL!  Bonus points if ya knows what I's barkin bout!
5.  Where is the best place in your world to play?
Da pool are da bestest place to play, but it are not warm enuf to dat right now.
6.  Do you go on walks?  For how long and how often?
I usually go on bout an hour long walk each day as long as da weather are good.
7.  How often do you get groomed?
I don't go to no groomer, but my momma pins me down and tortures me by pulling out my pretty hairs bout once a week.  I get brushed pretty much every day, sometimes every other day.
8.  How often do you have to have a BATH?
Well, it are not "having to have" as I actually luv da baths - I jump in da tub all by myself, sometimes even when I are not sposed to!  BOL BOL!  But I gets a bath bout once a week.
9.  Do you like to watch tv?
Da only thing I likes to watch on TV are da movie Oklahoma.  I's an Oklahoma native in dis house full of Texans and I just luvs my Oklahoma movie.  I gets all excited even hearin da music - at da end of da Oscars last night dey played a tiny bit and I lifted my head right up to look.  I always fall sleep during da dream part though - it are borin.  But I wake up in time for Da Farmer and Da Cowman Should Be Friends.  I know it sounds like I are makin dis up, but it are one hundred percent true - I luvs my Oklahoma movie and nuffin else.  Momma even has a DVD of it for me (mostly for me, she likes it too, but she do not luv it like I do.)
10.  What is da best smell in the world to you?
I fink dat would be da smell of Plano, which are where I live.  Sees, I's lived lotsa places - Lost Angulus, Bawston, Austin, but Plano are home.  It are where my swimmin pool are and when I goes on a road trip, I gets real excited bout smellin it.  When I lived in Lost Angulus and would come back home I couldn't smell it from very far away since da wind blows west to east.  But when I lived in Bawston, I could start smellin it from bout 2 hours away and I start whimperin and huffin da air to get dat sweet Plano smell into my nostrils.  Momma made some jokes bout what Plano smells like - money, Bibles, swimmin pools, heroine, Republicans, curry (yeah, momma are a real jokester, BOL BOL!)  It are not really any of dose particular smells (well, maybe da swimmin pools), but it are somefin special bout my hometown dat I just luv.  Momma says I are bout da onliest one who loves it, BOL BOL!

Anyways, pupses, it are FREEZING here.  Which means no walks today.  But I did get to wear my new Tinkerbell sweater dat momma found for me at Petsmart.  It were on sale since it are March, but it were good to have today.

I also gots a Minnie Mouse one and a Grumpy one.  Momma said da Grumpy one were perfect since I are always barkin at everythin and being a grump.  Guess I are lucky dey did not make Dopey, den guess what I'd have to hear from her.  She thinks she are so funny, she are not.

Hope all y'all have a pawsome Mardi Gras tomorrow and I hope my Spring weather shows up again soon!


  1. Crikey Whitley ... you are such a sweetheart. My Mum loves Oklahoma too. She plays the movie all the time. She loves the song O-K-L-A-H-O-M-A best and she hasn't even been there. She sings along! It's tragic .... she's completely tone deaf!! I love your tinkerbell sweater.That colour really suits you!! Hey .... don't laugh ... that's the way we in Australia spell color!!

    1. Hey, my momma are tone-deaf too, so I feels your pain, BOL BOL! And I wouldn't laff, I knows us Americans like to make all da words shorter - hee hee! We's just efficient dat way. Not lazy or nuffin, BOL!

  2. Pawppy used that quote about the more equal than others, yesterday, but now I furgot who said it, some important dude, a piggy on an animal farm... BOL!

    We spell Colour that way, too, Charlie...and Neighbour...well growlmy is a Canadian, and they spell words longer than the Americans, BOL! And in the USA they say zed for 'z' but growlmy would say zee...ask her how funny it was when she had her first job in a doctors office, and all the MD's there had a 'z' in their names...

    1. Freckles, I fink you must have dat backwards, cuz I's pretty sure we say zee for Z, not zed. Unless dey do somefin different up in Mitch-Again dan dey do everywheres else here . . .

    2. Oopsie,Growlmy should go to bed when she gets home from work instead of blogging, BOL! You of course are right, Whitley!

      At least growlmy knew it is different...

    3. About that quote: Napoleon the piggy trying to pretend at being Stalin?

    4. Yep, dat are right Freckles! Bonus points for ya! You's a smart pupper.

  3. We just love the part about bonus points for what the heck you're barkin' about. Mom is forever wondering what I'm hearing and barking about! She says it's a senior thing.

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

    1. I's been barkin on and on pretty much my whole life - I's a regular barkaholic.

  4. Stay warm and cosy Whitley and we hope the weather warms up and you can go out an about and even enjoy the pool. I am head of security too .....big sigh some one has to do all that hard work. Congratulations on your award. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

    1. Yeah, it are a tuff job, but some dog's got to do it.

  5. It is VERY MUCH nice to know MORE about you. Our Mom and Sarge's mom went to see the Stage Play... OKLAHOMA. Mom loves the POOR JED song bestest.
    Ernie watches EVERYTHINGY on TV... butt he Barks at all the Dogs and Cats on there.


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