Monday, May 19, 2014

Date Day!

It are Blogville Date Day today, which Sarge are hostin for us!

Me and Finley went on a plutotonic date wif our pal Charlie, who comes from a land down under.  We had da bestest time!!  A whole bunch of our pals came too!  Charlie already wrote all about our date, but I's gonna tell ya bout da trip down and Finley are gonna tell ya bout da plane ride back.

Look at dose eyes!  What a cutie!!

HunBun picked us up in his Leer Jet.  We went down to Luv Field to meets him, yep dat are what one of our airports are called.  Luv Field, which are kinda perfect for Date Day, even if it are a plutotonic date.  Since we was not flyin comershul, I didn't get to see my TSA peeps.  I'd made pretty good friends wif some of dem when I was flyin all da time, dey always liked my Security shirt.  And I luved gettin da pat downs!  For some reason, my momma didn't feel da same way bout da pat downs.  I fink dose TSA peeps were confusin terrierists wif terrorists back den, but anyways, enuf of dis digreshun.  We met our plane at Luv Field.

See, da inside of dis Lear Jet are pretty nice, no havin to hide in da lil carrier at anybody's feet on dis plane.  Charlie had even arranged for da movie to be Oklahoma! which I apprecamatated since it are my favorite movie!

All our pals who were comin were already on board.  HunBun had picked up Bertie from Scotland and he had picked up Buddy from da middle of nowheres in Canookistan.  And he'd gotten Zoe from Idunno, Freckles from Mitch Again, and Puffy from New Mexico.  Puffy's sisfur, da lovely and bootiful Miss Coco Rose passed away dis week, so we was drinkin da cocktails in her honor on da way Down Under.  She were a pup who loved a pawty, so we wuz celebratin for her.

I asked HunBun "Did ya remember to stop at da Haggis Trees when you was in Scotland pickin up Bertie?  And did ya stock da Leer Jet wif Glenfiddich."

And HunBun told me "Gud gweif, ob course I did dat.  Oy bey, you pupses fink I can't remember nuffin."

And I told him dat I were just makin sure, ya know how us terrierists are.  Gotta check everything.  So we was all enjoyin some Haggis and Scotch and den I started makin da cocktails for everypup.  Den we brought out da BBQ so we could have a real good pawty!  

Bertie were da life of da pawty, tellin all kindsa jokes.  I fink he were tryin to impress Finley.  Finley got da idea in her head dat she could start singing.  Well, Finley are an ok singer when she are not pretendin she are a mezzo-soprano in da opera or somefin.  Den da squeakin makes ya wish ya had earplugs.  I barked her good and told her we didn't wanna be deaf by da time we got to our date.

Well, we wuz partyin on da plane, or pre-gamin as ya might call it, BOL!  Zoe were battin her lashes at everypup around, she are a big ol flirt despite all dis tomboy talk.  I are not sure if she are usin Maybelline Great Lash or some of dose fake eyelashes.  Dey looked kinda like dose Eylure Katy Perry false eyelashes to me, but I dunno know.

Maybe she's born wif it (I don't fink so) or maybe it are Maybelline.

Anyways, we wuz playin music too, specially Men At Work since we was headin to Australia for a roo hunt.  I was practicin my crikeys too.

Den we landed in Australia . . . if ya wants to read bout da rest of our date, head on over to Charlie Down Under in Oz.  It were a fun time - lotsa bootiful places, a roo hunt, swimmin and playin water polo, and a romantically dinner.  It were da bestest date ever, dose Aussie blokes know how to do a date right.


  1. But, honest Whit! I wuz bornded with it!

    Bol! Mommy LOL'd an snorted when she saw that haggis tree stuff!

    Fun times were had by all, heh?

  2. Hey Whitley!
    Wow, you got to ride in a lear jet! That's really pawesome and I love that the movie was O K La Ho Ma Oklahooooommmmaaaaa okay. What a fun movie! Gee, that BBQ is making me drool all over my Mr Dell puter. Thanks for joining in and I'm glad you are having fun!
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, Furiend

  3. WOW Whitley.... you gotted to have HAGGIS ... bet Bertie Loved that pawt too.
    OMD we think this is the bestest PLUTO Tonic Date that EVER has been. Crikey that Charlie is NEW butt NO grass grows under HIS Paws... Or his Bow tie either. THAT One TRULY took you fur some FUN Adventures. We like the chasing of the Roo Mob the bestest. THAT was THRILLING.

    1. Yep, it were one pawsome date. Dat Charlie really are da best.

  4. You guys had a feast!' I don't see any chaperones anywhere! Yes, those eyes are dreamy
    Lily & Edward

  5. What a cool jet that was, eh? Gotta do the Canadian stuff, eh? Its a holiday there and that is where growlmy & Zaidie & Buddy come (Victoria Day)

    That I loves me a lot of things this time, BOL!

    I loved the singing too, it was great, and I think we all agree a star has been born, eh?! BOL!
    How come you didn't sing like your sisfur, Whitley?

    Since I am an old wisended dude, I just let all the younger pups do the batting of lashes and suchlike...and now i gotta go and sleep cause after I got home, I have been helping growlmy mow the woodsy part of our yard. Thats how she spends a holiday?
    Crikey, ey?!


    1. Now come on Freckles, you's not dat old, you's only a few months older dan me! And I saw Zoe flutterin her lashes at ya too!

    2. I know it...but it sounded like a good excuse, BOL!!

      Zoe could knock over Methuselah with her fluttering lashes...

  6. Well I think Finley has an absolutely beautiful singing voice.
    Toodle pip?
    Bertie (just a wee bit smitten).
    PS Haggis trees. Tee hee!

  7. The AirePlane ride looks fabulous and that's just the start! What a fun date!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  8. BOL glad you girls had such a great time.

    Aroo to you,

    1. It were a pawsome time, dat Charlie knows how to treat a Sheila.

  9. Crikey Whitley .... You DID have a good time on the trip out, aye? I wondered what that was on your breath .... Haggis!! OMD you could have given that a miss. Just how many of those cocktails did you have?? How good is Zadie, aye? I loved the choice of music and you all sure practiced those crikey's real good, aye? You almost sounded like you came from the land downunder. How come you're not sleeping? I'm exhausted!!!!!!

    1. Crikey Whitley .... I forgot .... I think I got a problem with Enid!! What's the go there? She's been missing in action for two whole months and she just pops up today out of the blue!! What's with that? She playing games with me or something?? I need advice again but this time I think I need it from you Sheilas'. You might have an idea of what's going on. We blokes got no idea about things like this. What's she thinkin'?? Thanks for coming on the date. You and Finley were great dates ..... we had a good time, aye??

    2. Fanks for da pawsome date Charlie - you's da best.

      Now, bout Enid. I's finking she mighta been reading "The Rules" - it are some kinda dating book to help Sheilas catch blokes or somefin. I don't know. Just kinda finkin out loud here . . .

    3. P.S. - I's never needed no books in dat department, BOL!

  10. Charlie, I think dat Enid's been readin' dat "The Rules" book.... definitely playin' games, and I ain't talkin' "fetch"....

  11. How romantic and dreamy eyes indeed. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  12. Whitely you sure do know how to whip up the cocktails! Lear jetting with the rich and the famous. Well you definitely can dress for the occasion with all your pretty outfits you wear. I know it was a plutotonic date with both Finley and you but maybe you should try and snag that Aussie Charlie.
    Sweet William The Scot

    1. Well, it looks like he are back wif Enid. I been ditched for one of dose skinny supermodel types, sob sob.

      Luckily, dere's lotsa cuties out dere. Ya got a brother?

  13. Oh those eye'z are too dreamy BOL.. Hope'z you didn't drink all dat booze and WOW haggis :) What a super date xxoxxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  14. Oh my . it looks like you had a pawsome time!!!

    Love Zoe, Peyton, Webster, Liberty & Whitney


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