Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Baff Time With Viva La Dog Spa

Hey y'all!  A couple weeks ago, I wuz contacted by Viva La Dog Spa and asked if I wanted to review dere products.  Well, ya knows how I luv baffs, so of course my answer were yes.  And momma had used dere products before too, so we wuz already familiar wif em.

Den lastest week, I got a package in da mail.

I got send da Viva La Dog Spa Dog Facial Wipes and da Gold Medal Pets Whitening Blue Diamond Dog Shampoo.  Hmmm, dat cutie on da bottle looks a lil familiar.

I were real excited to get my baff in da huge baff tub.  Dat thing are ginormous.

Every pup knows ya gotta shake da water all over da place.

Ok momma, I are ready for da shampooin!

Da shampoo lathered up real good and smelled nice.  It were a mild fruity smell, not too strong or overpowering.

Da shampoo are recommended for white pups, including samoyeds, malteses, and poodles.  And obviously westies since we is on da bottle, well, we are da cutest.  Da bottle even said you could use it on white kitties, I don't think Maurice are gonna be wanting to test that out!

Da shampoo wuz blue!  At first I wondered what da woof my momma were doin, I mean, I knows me and her are big UCLA fans, but blue hair are goin too far!  But it all washed out and left me pretty and white.   Well, except for where dat reddish brown hair are growin, but momma says gettin rid of dat would probably require peroxide.  She should know bout dat one, BOL BOL!

See how pretty and white I looks?  Da shampoo also has a special secret ingredient called Cardoplex, which sposed to make pups dry faster.  And momma did notice dat I dried faster dan normal, it usually takes me a bajillion years or somefin.  And maybe it were only a zillion dis time.  BOL BOL!

I also got to try out da Viva La Dog Spa Dog Facial Wipes.  Dese wipes are nice lil moist circular wipes to wipe off dirty faces wifout havin to do da whole baff thing.  Which are good, cuz I can be kind of a messy eater and get stuff stuck in my beard.  Da wipes had a nice cucumber fragrance and cleaned me up good after breakfast!

Fanks for helpin me look so good Viva La Dog Spa!  If ya are interested in Viva La Dog Spa, ya can check out dere website or Faceybook.  Ya can also look for their products in your local pet stores or on Amazon.

And just in case y'all are interested, here are a close up view of da dress my momma made me for my birfday.  Well, one side anyways.  She did a pretty good job.

Note:  Da products in dis review were provided in exchange for a unbiased review.  Cept for da dress, dat wuz provided for my birfday, BOL BOL!


  1. Woof woof you look so pretty and I bet you smell nice too. I love your little dress cause you look beautiful in it.

    Aroo to you,

  2. I'm grey enough! No more white (no offense, Whitley), I wanna go back to looking like I'm 3!

    1. Sorry Kyla, I think what ya needs is some Clairol for dat one to happen.

  3. Wow Whitley...that looks like some great shampoo...being the only girl AND the only (mostly white)dawg, I might have to try some!!
    PeeEss...I might have to teach Mama how to sew dresses too!

    1. If my momma can manage it, I think anybody's momma can.

  4. Ah, now I understand why Gail always says my coat is quick drying compared to Hamish. She should have used that special shampoo on him. As for me I am wondering if there is a product for dogs with black and brown bits. Oh, Gail says its called Scottish river water and is free...
    Toodle pip!
    PS You do look pretty in that frock.

  5. That is one excellent spa day... I have a need for some rough whitening around here. I might have to check it out. But there is no way my boys would allow such fun shower photographs to be taken. You are a very brave westie!

  6. Sounds like good products. And what a stunning dog.

  7. Oh no waterboarding. Despite that looking good Whitley. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

    1. I actually like baffs, so it weren't a big deal for me.

  8. pawsome review and it did make you look so pretty

  9. you look great and I can smell this wonderful scent when I press my nose on the screen :o)

  10. We have those Face/NOSE wipes and they are SUPER. We have had that brand of Shampoos before and they really Do do a grrrreat job. Excellent review Whitley. Sorry that you had to have a Baff to do it though...
    LOVE your Dress.

  11. Oh, we're going through the bath and grooming right about now too. Mom always tells Miss Jacquie not to put any doggie perfume on us because it makes her sneeze. It makes us sneeze too! Bleah! When we need a bath between groomings, Mom just uses Dad's Pert shampoo. It makes our fur all nice and soft.

  12. Ohhh Dakota reviewed the Viva La Dog Spa dog wipes about 2 yrs ago....we LOVE them!

  13. You look beautiful after your spa day Whitley
    Mr Bailey & Hazel

  14. -Lovely smells for da woofie are important! You look fabulous!

  15. Pawsome!
    If you like baths...as I do *not*!! BOL!
    Growlmy thinks I could benefit from that shampoo...but...um...I'm going to hide now!

  16. Yu smell so gud, Whitwey! Sewiouswy, I can smell yu fwum heer! BOL :D
    We wuff yur tewwier dwess! Yur Momma did a gwate job!

    I hate baffs, by da way!

  17. We can definitely see how beautiful you are!

    Love Zoe, Peyton, Webster, Liberty & Whitney

  18. Yep, thats good stuffs, used it several times, even though I am Black, Mom like the smell and the help in drying. Yo Doggies, we missed the birthday, Sos anywho HAPPY BIRTHDAY, liken that dress. :)

    Da Sus
    Hey Whitley, be sure and check out our post Friday and let Finley knows also!

  19. You look clean and fluffy and beautiful as always, Whitley, and your new dress looks so pretty on you!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  20. You look beautiful!!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  21. Well Whitley you sure look like a sparkly clean poochie now :) and of course beautiful ..and the new dress is adorable..well done mum :) loves Fozziemum xxxx


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