Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Endangered Species Challenge

Hi y'all!  I know I normally duz Wordless Wednesday, but today all of Blogville are talkin bout Endangered Species and it are too important for me to be wordless.

I chose da Amur Leopard as my species.  Ok, dis are just a leopard stuffy of my momma's and not a real leopard (I know y'all is shocked), but it are da best I could do.  I mean, I asked momma to paint some spots on Travis and make him pose wif me, but she wuzn't gonna do dat.

Ok, dis are da real deal.  What a pretty big kitty.  Dese eggstremely rare leopards live in da far east of Russia (privet koshka!).  And dey are critically endangered - dere are only about 60 left in the wild today.

Dese beeyootifull animals are so endangered because of habitat loss and prey scarcity.  But mostly they is endangered becuz of nasty humans illegally poachin dem for dere gorgeous furs.

Dese big kitties are teetering on da brink of eggstinkshun.

Ya know I luvs da kitties I live wif, and dese big kitties remind of me of dem.  And da big kitties has always been my momma's favorite wild animals, along wif dolphins.  Which is why she felt sick when she saw someone she knows (not a friend) posing with a dead leopard dey shot on Facebook.  And dat pickshure of da President's sons posin wif a leopard dey killed.  :(  Makes my momma (and me) real sad.  Anyone who has to kill one of these pretty kitties to feel strong or like a real man are not a real man in my momma's book!

I'm hopin dese pretty kitties can make a comeback.

In udder news, we is sellabratin today . . .

Brinley turned 9 months old today!!

And yeah, she are a cutie pie.

We got cookies to sellabrate!

And of course we is wearin pink.  Cuz on Wednesdays we wear pink.


Now it's time for a walk!


  1. Thanks for posting the pictures of the gorgeous leopards, Kinley. It's too sad to think of them on the brink of extinction.

  2. Kinley, I love your post about the endangered leopards. Could you please ask your mom if she would send it to me so I can put it with all of the entries? It is never too late to help the leopards!
    Mimi agrees that if a guy has to murder a leopard to feel like a man - he is not a real man at all. Shooting them with cameras is fine but leave the guns at home!
    Your Furend,
    Louis Dog Armstrong

    1. We sent it to ya.

      Yeah, shootin wif cameras is great. Shootin wif guns?? Well, my momma has some opinions on what should happen to ya if ya does dat . . .

  3. Wow those animals sure have gorgeous colors
    Lily & Edward

  4. I hope those endangered ones get a come william

  5. Replies
    1. My momma luvs da big kitties - always her favorite to see at da zoo.

  6. Those leopards sure are pretty…butts, Travis wiv painted spots, hehe!!!!
    Happy 9 months old Day Brinley, you sweet Cutie Pie
    Have a funs walkies in your gorgeous pink outfits
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  7. The Leopard is such a beautiful big kitty! Happy 9 months Birthday, Brinley!

  8. OMD OMD FINALLY.... your bloggy Popped Up fur Us today... that ReSet must have done the job.
    We saw your Endangered thingy over at Louis D. Armstrong's Blog... THIS was a grand Idea he had... Blogville did a super job of spreading the word about Animals and Insects that are In Danger of Extinction. BRAVO.

    HAPPY DAY... Brinley. Celebrate it like a Pawfessional.

  9. Thank you for teaching us about the Amur Leopard. We are going to pray the survive for a long time. Happy birthday Brinley

  10. Crikey that leopard bloke has eyes just like Travis, aye?? What a beautiful bloke. How could anyone shoot one of them. I hope they don't disappear forever. Happy 9 month birthday Brinley!!

    1. Yeah, Travis always reminds my momma of da big kitties since he is all sleek like dey is.

  11. That leopard is gorgeous...we hope it can be saved. Happy 9 month birthday to Brinley. Glad you got some cookies!

  12. that was great to post about this wonderful feline friends... we hope so much that this animals will be with us furever and ever and that we will not see them only in a book...

  13. I think it was clever of you and Brinley to be born just a few days apart so you get to have TWO celebrations!

  14. I am sad I missed this day! I think this leopard is beautiful and I'm with you 100% on the real men thing. Real men don't hurt animals.

  15. Lovely Leopard! Sad that it may go extinct:(

    Happy Belated Nine-Monther-Day, Brinley!

  16. What a beautiful creature that leopard is! Happy birfday to Brinley!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  17. We are learning lots of things about all the endangered species today.


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