Sunday, April 9, 2017

Sunday Selfies

Hi pals!

Well, my momma has been busy makin us anudder dress.

Dis one has bunnies on it.

My momma luvs bunnies.

So do we.  At least, we luv chasin em!

One side has bunnies and strawberries on it wif lil strawberry buttons.

Da udder side of da dress are pink.

And it has bunnies baking!

Ok, I's seen a LOT of bunnies round here and I has never seen one baking.

I don't know if I'd trust what dey'd bake - dey seem to like clover way too much.

But we do look cute, right?

And maybe dese bunny dresses will get us in good wif dis Easter Bunny dude I keep hearin bout.

It even has bunny buttons!

We wuz sad to hear about our fellow fashionista pup Dory going to da Rainbow Bridge today.   We are all gonna miss her.

 To celebrate Dory, we are co-sponsoring a speshul blog hop wif da pups of Idaho Pug Ranch.

Since Dory luved her Flower Friday blog hop, Friday, April 21, all of Blogville are gonna post Flowers for Dory.  Ya can post pictures of flowers, yourself in da flowers, well, ya get da idea.  And ya can talk about Dory and any speshul memories ya have of her.  Feel free to snag the badge and publicize da event - we want everybody to know so dey can participate.


  1. Don't eat the little, round black pellets that the bunnies leave for you.

    1. Momma are always pullin us away from sniffin those.

  2. Just adorable - we think we like those bunnies on your dresses better than the ones that invade our yard.

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  3. Loving the bunny baking print. Super duper CUTE!

  4. Hi Kindly, I think with that fab dress, the Easter Bunny is sure to pop by with something special, just for you!
    Purrs, ERin

  5. More adorable dresses. Not sure about wearing wabbits, though.

  6. That's a great idea about honoring Dory with a special flower Friday. I'm sure a few more flowers will be blooming in my yard by then. We're going to miss her a lot!

    PS: Your dresses are adorable!

  7. Cute dresses for Easter now no chasing bunnies this time of year,xx Speedy

    1. Momma never lets me chase em. She luvs bunnies.

  8. We think you have the pawfect way to honor Dory. We'll definitely pawticipate!

    We LOVE bunnies too. This morning, Jessie uncovered a bunny nest!! The baby bunny came flopping out of it, trying to hop away but it was too tiny. It was squeaking the whole time. Momma pulled us away before Jessie could get to it, though.

    1. OMD! Momma said we had baby bunnies here last year, but a cat got em.

  9. Your dresses are so adorable! We love the bunny buttons!

  10. OMD!! Bunnies on your dresses. Bunnies that you can't chase, BOL!!! Now you are all ready for Easter.

    We didn't know sweet little Dory that well...but we sent her a memento, full of flowers of course. Maybe we will use that on April 21...and we are sure there are some of MJF in the spring blooms around here from a previous springtime. The blooms of 2017 are yet to be in their glory, though we do have bluebells and some daffies.

  11. Kinley, our Mama loves bunnies too! She just bought a bunny collar for Wilhelmina and will post about it on Ester! The bunny baking print is way too cute for words! We will post on the 21 st for Dory.

    the critters in the cottage xo


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