Friday, January 26, 2018

Final Friday Fickshun and Fashun!

Furstest we is gonna do da fickshun, den we is gonna do da fashun, ok?

Da idea of da Final Friday Fiction blog hop are to take a book, turn to page 87, and take a word or a line from lines 8,12, and 16 and writes a poem or short story (max 500 words) wif em.  Ya can learn more bout it from Yamini.

So here goes my furstest effort.

Da Book: Hank the Cowdog 68: The Secret Pledge (a pretty quality book since it are bout Texas dogs, even if it could use a few more westies in it).
Da Lines: "boiled turkey necks" (line 8), "stretched like a rubber band" (line 12), and "Sir Barksalot" (line 16)

A Romantickal Dream by Kinley Westie

Once upon a time dere wuz a trio of beautiful girl westies.  Dere wuz Finley Westie, she wuz da oldest sister and wise in da ways of scruffin.  Dere wuz Brinley Westie who luved to watch da televishun and bark at commercials and da Orange Dictator dat ruled da land.  And dere wuz Kinley Westie, who wuz da fluffiest girl in da whole world.  Her breeder even said she looked like a cartoon dog for children.
Kinley Westie went to sleep one dark and stormy night.  And she had da most romantickal dream.  Kinley Westie wuz going out on her Zombie and Rodent Patrol wif her sisfurs when she met a handsome boy westie.  He introduced himself as Sir Barksalot.  He said "Oh Kinley, you is so pretty and such a smart girl, I just luv you.  Let's chase skwerrils together."  And so Kinley and Sir Barksalot ran through da park chasin squirrels.  And den dey caught one - Kinley had da head of da skwerril and Sir Barksalot had the tail.  They shook and shook and dat tree rat stretched like a rubber band.  And talk about delishus.  Dat varmint tasted just like boiled turkey necks.  And just like in da Lady and da Tramp, dey chewed on da tree rat togefur until dey kissed.
Den Kinley Westie woke up and went to go tell Brinley about her dream.  Or wuz it a dream?  Becuz she could still taste da taste of boiled turkey necks on her lips.

See, dat story had it all - a beeyootifull princess, a handsome prince, adventure, dinner, dead tree rats . . . 


Ok, Finley are "not impressed."  Everyone are a critic!

Let's move on to da fashun.

My momma made us sloth dresses!

Sloths are one of da "in" animals right now - kinda like llamas and unicorns.  So yeah, sloth dresses.  

Me and Brinley has to keep up wif da trends!

And yeah, dere are even sloth buttons.

Maybe dis dress will gimme an excuse for being slow and sniffin round when momma takes me out again tonite.  I mean, she can't expect us to be speedy in a sloth dress, right??


  1. Hari OM
    OMD OMD OMD Kinley - this was a most fantastikul eFFFort at da fickshun!!! I's so glad you decided to join and I think you are going to be furry good at lots of entertaining stories. I just LOVED this!!! Brava brava. Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  2. Great story. You had some strange phrases to put into story form, but you did it well.

    1. Yeah, it probably helps dat I are a strange pup.

  3. Kinley, we are very impressed with your story. A romantic tale involving a dead tree rat. We doubt that Dickens or Tolstoy could match that!
    Toodle pip!

  4. That was a great story. Your dresses are so cute too. We really love those buttons.

  5. That's a great story! I would love to eat a stretched squirrel!

    1. I figgered if pulled pork are good, stretched skwerril has gotta be yummy!

  6. I can't do this. I don't have any books and all my peeps' books are 100% pictures.

  7. I just luff your story especially da part about the yummy treat rat ;) And those dresses are just da cutest!!!

    Matt (& Matilda)

  8. You are not only fashinable and cute but you are great storytelers

  9. What a pawsome story, Kinley!! Rosy want to know if the dreamy Prince Barksalot has a younger brother!
    Jakey, Arty & Rosy

    PeeEss...Love your beautimous sloth dresses!

  10. Wow! That was a fun story you made out of those lines:)
    Sometimes petcretary has called me a Sir Barksalot...but mostly it has been Sir Lick-a-Lot over the years. Thanks to my Boss-Boy! BOL! We could call Dalton a Sir Barksalot too...and his bark is shrill and annoying. Not like my deep JRT voice...

    Cute dresses of sloth!!

    1. Momma ackshually used to have "sir" and "lady" names for da bassets - Sam wuz Sir Barksalot, Hank wuz Sir Pissalot, and Delilah wuz Lady Steal Your Chewie (yeah, momma wuz a weird kid, BOL!)


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