Friday, February 23, 2018

Final Friday Fickshun

Hey pals!  It are anudder soggy day here in da Metroplex.  So anudder no walk day - pretty shure I are gonna go crazy!

Finley are NOT a fan of dis wet stuff!

Since I wuz cooped up wif my sisfurs, I decided to writes my Final Friday Fickshun. Da idea of da Final Friday Fiction blog hop are to take a book, turn to page 87, and take a word or a line from lines 8,12, and 16 and writes a poem or short story (max 500 words) wif em.  Ya can learn more bout it from Yamini.

So here goes my secondest effort.

Da Book: Hank the Cowdog 57: The Disappearance of Drover (anudder good installment in da series bout a Texas pup who are Head of Ranch Security).
Da Lines: "I came to a stop." (line 8), "I beamed him a glare." (line 12), and "that song about the rat" (line 16)

Cool Sniffings by Kinley Westie

Once upon a time in a land far far away called Pee-On Chang (I don't know why we is sposed to pee on Mr. Chang, but it are da name), dere wuz a group of terrierists wif Oh-limp-ick dreams.  Dey dreamed of winnin a gold medal and gettin an endless supply of dog treats from all da endorsements. Amongst dis pack of pups wuz 2 westie sisfurs, well ackshually cuzzins.  Dere wuz me, Kinley Westie and my BFF Brinley Westie.  And of course Finley Westie wuz there.  And dere wuz also a Cairn terrierist pup named Wesley and a Scottie named Presley.
My terrieristic pack wuz wandering round Pee On Chang when we spotted an abandoned bobsled.  And den I came to a stop.  "Pals, I fink I has a pawsome idea!"
"What?  Pee on da sled?" said Presley Scottie.
I beamed him a glare.  "No," I woofed.  "We is gonna be Oh-limp-ick bobsledders!"
Den Finley Westie took over.  "I are gonna coach ya whippersnappers."
Wesley Cairn started to sing, "Da terrierists, we got a bobsled team!"
So we all got to work repaintin da sled.  And soon we wuz all ready to race.  While we wuz warmings up, Finley Westie and Brinley Westie sang that song about the rat to get us psyched up:
Rip up dat rat, kill him dead
Shake him twice, tear off his head
Who knows if they's nutritious
I knows they's delishus
Kill dat rodent DEAD DEAD DEAD
We all got real inspired and feisty!  We wuz yippin and yappin and ready to go.  I wuz in da front of da sled and Brinley wuz in da back.  Finley Westie had our udder pals ride second and third.  Down da ice we went! And da crowds went wild - dey had nefur seen such good-lookin bobsledders before!  We didn't win, but we got lotsa dog treats anyways.  Which are da real point.  Well, dat and we had lotsa Cool Sniffings - ice are cold on your nose!

And today's fickshun even has artwork to go wif it!

Arooo! Team Terrier!


  1. Hari Om
    AAAARRRRRRROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Oh this was inspired in all sorts of ways - I's watching the bobsledding right this minute - I luvz it, and the cool runnings reference. Oh you pupsters did real good with your story!!! Thank you for taking part in the creative funs! Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

    1. My momma sings da "Jamaica, we got a bobsled team" every winter Oh-limp-icks, so I got inspired.

  2. Oooooooo a terrorist Bobsled Team....rippin' down that course like lightning! Yay! Gold to those Texan Terriers! We can see it in our mind's eye. Ahhhhhhh, Endorcements of Treats....

  3. Foley and I did the bobsled in the Vancouver Olympics. We won the gold. It helps when the weightin the sled is only 11 pounds

  4. What a pawsome story..what brave Terrierists, I bet they win the gold!!
    Jakey, Arty & Rosy

  5. Arooo indeed Team Terrier. Can I join in next time?
    Toodle pip!

  6. That was a great story. We might win gold with your team sliding for the USA.


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