Thursday, April 26, 2018

Wif Calves Like Dat . . .

Ya gotta be a cowgirl!

Yup, me and Brinley is wearin our new cowgirl dresses!

Git along lil dogies.

Or lil doggies as it are.  

Brinley's momma did a pawsome job on da dresses!

Here's a close up pic for y'all.

Yeehaw!  I are guessing I look pretty cute since I even had someone ask me and momma if she could take our pickshure on today's bike ride!

And I has some more pawsome news, Finley and Brinley are gettin back to bloggin.  Yay!  But dey'll still be showin up here and maybe I'll even show up over dere.  Dere's just gonna be lil white dogs EVERYWHERE!  


  1. Thanks fur da shout out, Kinley!! And of course y'all got asked fur yer picshurs-- you're famous! or is it infamous??? bol, bol!

  2. Nah...I think its cause you *are* furmouse!

    Those cow-gal dresses are paw-fur-ct fur pups from Texas! Hey I am from Texas, maybe I need a cowboy tie..I guess petcretary will have to search fur that:)

  3. that's the most fabulous dress... and the mama is green with envy... she always wanted a cowgirl dress as she was a little girl... and she only got a paw-cow-hound-a$$ clawstume...

  4. Your cowgirl dresses are just beautiful!

  5. That is an awesome dress. We can't believe more people don't ask for your picture when you are strutting your stuff or riding high.

    1. Well, some people just take photos wifout askin. ;)

  6. Little white ship-kickers everywhere?

  7. That was a great song! Loved it!

  8. You can never have too many little white dogies! Love those western dresses gals!
    Rosy, Arty & Jakey

  9. OMD! Those dresses are the CUTEST EVER!!! Why do you tempt me to get a girl dog so badly?! BOL! BOL!

  10. You are the prettiest cowgirls we have ever seen. We love Finley and Kinley's blog.


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