Thursday, June 14, 2018

Flag Day

Yappy Flag Day! Me and Brinley sell-a-brated by wearin our flag dresses. Which are just how I like flags. On dresses. Not wavin. Ya can't trust a wavin flag. Ya gots to growl it.

Brinley and Finley think I are scared of flags. I are NOT scared. I just don't like em. Kinda like yard signs. Not scared. Not scared AT ALL. Just not a fan of em. 

Don't believe what my sisfurs say.


  1. I bark at everything that moves outside! BOL! BOL!
    Your pal, Pierre

  2. You pups look very nice in your patriotic fashions!

  3. Flags are a menace to avian navigation.

  4. happy flag day!!!... I have to admit that neilson is scared too when he sees flags... he barked at the eu-flag but not at the french one... a dog with a sense for good taste I think...

  5. We passed by graduations balloons on a peep's mailbox yesterday and they really whigged me out. I would probably be scared of a flag that was waving to close to me too. Love your dresses!

  6. Flags move very funny, all over the place, in weird ways. I am not scared, but Ojo is sometimes. We both think flags are much better on dresses that in the air.


  7. Rosy doesn't blame you for barkin' at waving flags....she also warns against feathers! Evil!!
    Jakey, Arty & Rosy

  8. MJF was like that Kinley. he barked at the lamp poles sometimes and refused to walk past things that he thought were 'not right'...BOL! Flapping flags, too, and the tall Mac Donald's signs, etc...

    You have nice patriotic dresses on!

    1. When I furst started going on walks, I didn't like crossing the street and would lie down to refuse.


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