Monday, October 22, 2018


So can ya tell it wuz early voting day here in Texas??

Vote early, vote often. Or somefin like dat. 

We vote for more steaks. 

And less baffs.

So it are no secret who my momma (and Brinley's momma and Aunty Allison) voted for today.

But whoever ya is supportin, go vote. Speshully if ya can find a candidate who are as a big a fan of Whataburger as I are (hint, hint).


  1. Did you get the 'I Voted' Sticker? Then for sure your candidate might be able to snag you some bacon as a kickback, BOL!

    There is an I voted sticker on petcretary's confuser, pawppy put it there in May to taunt her, as she is not a US citizen...even after all the 31+ years she has been here, BOL! (She has one of those green cards, so she is not illegal...but she prefers to stay with her Canadian citizenship...)

    We here will be glad when all this rumpus is done...though then we have the 2020 ones to not look forward to. It would be nicer if peeps could just get along! But human nature being what it is, I guess we will have election issues over and over...and over and over, BOL!

    Sheesh, petcretary made me woof way too much:)

  2. I keep voting for the best uualified candidate but he never gets elected. Mickey Mounse. Perhaps I should switch to Daisy Duck?

  3. Totally agree with your manifesto Kinley!

  4. you are totally right, to vote is important, if we vote we have the chance to make things better...

  5. Politicians are all a bunch of troublemakers. We vote to go to whataburger and order up something tasty!

  6. We don't have early voting in NY state but our mom says she will definitely get out on election day.

  7. We hope all the peeps who can vote will get out there and do it. We need change!!!

    Meanwhile let's start our own voting issues and get those steaks and no baths and lots of walkies approved of forever!!! No term limits.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  8. More steaks and less baths are good issues to vote on. I would also add more squeaky toys and less squirrels!

  9. Momma says she's just happy to see all the lines at early voting! People pawticipating in our democracy is ALWAYS a good thing.

  10. We would second that nomination of more steaks!


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