Friday, January 11, 2019

Canidae Grain-Free Pure Heaven Salmon and Sweet Potato Biscuits from Chewy!

Hi pals! Today we has our furstest Chewy review for 2019!

Canidae Grain-Free Pure Heaven Salmon and Sweet Potato Biscuits are grain-free crunchy treats wif salmon as da furst ingredient!

Dey are made in da USA and have salmon, potato, pea flour, sweet potato, cane molasses, chicken fat,  salt, natural flavor, rosemary extract, cinnamon, olive oil, and quinoa. Dey come in an 11 oz bag and here's about 34 calories per treat.

If ya had a cruel momma, dey could snap da treats in half. Luckily, our momma didn't try nuffin like dat.

Finley wuz ready to try some fishy goodness.

Brinley NOSE a good treat when she smells it.


Den I got to try it.


And becuz Chewy are a pawsome company, dey even sent my momma a gift box - she says we can't share though. And somehow, I don't think KING-WA are an ingredient in her snacks. 

We really enjoyed our treats, so we's givin da Canidae Grain-Free Pure Heaven Salmon and Sweet Potato Biscuits 12 paws up and 3 waggin tails - dey are fishtastic! And Chewy did pawsome wif dere super-fast shipping and pawsome customer service (and momma LUVS all her treats!)

Disclaimer: As a #ChewyInfluencer, we wuz provided Canidae Grain-Free Pure Heaven Salmon and Sweet Potato Biscuits for free for an honest review, but wuz not paid for our opinion.  Although if Chewy wants to send me money, I'm sure I could find a use for it (money tastes like books right? YUM!)


  1. Those look very yummy indeed! Hooray!

  2. Those look like treats even picky Phod would enjoy.

  3. I can almost smell your yummy treats from here and I have had Canidae treat before and they are huge! Yummy for you girls and yummy for your momma too! Chewy is without a doubt the bestest company ever!

  4. You did a great review. We can tell you all loved those biscuits. Good thing your mom didn't break them in half.

  5. @C.L.W.STEP - We liked em!
    @Hailey and Zaphod and their Lady - Dey are yummy!
    @Molly the AireGirl - We LUV Chewy!
    @Millie and Walter - Yeah, we're glad she didn't weasel out.


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