Saturday, July 6, 2019

Fireworks and Fashion!

Hi pals! We hope you're having a pawsome weekend!

Da three of us have been having fun! 


Brinley and I went to go see the fireworks on the Fourth! Finley stayed home this year - grandma wuz driving and grandpa are not da best at holding pups in a convertible when da top are down, so only my momma and Aunt Ally were available for pup holding. 

And since me and Brinley had never been, da mommas figgered we could go this year and Finley could nap at home. I don't think she minded, she likes to nap A LOT.

Here are Brinley and her momma.

We did really good. We weren't scared of the boomers at all! Guess it are cuz we has been through a LOT of thunderstorms and are used to loud noises. Ya'd hafta be living here. BOL!

Da lil kids and strollers were good for barking though.

Anyways, here's some fireworks photos. Since we did so good, momma says we can go every year!

Brinley says - nice visual effects, but no plot.

Boom boom pretty!

I watched the fireworks and snuggled down wif my momma. 

I do not see what da big deal are at all.

We know some pups are scared, but not us. Cuz we is TUFF TERRIERS!!!

Even if I are posing wif my Dumbo stuffy today.

It are becuz we has brand new Dumbo dresses!

Momma luvs Dumbo and had been looking for some cute Dumbo fabric when grandma spotted this. 

Ya think westies could fly Brinley?? I mean, if elephants can do it . . . 

Whaddya mean da dress are a good one for me cuz?

Yeah, dere's even elephant buttons.

Maybe if I get momma's drink tonite I can see pink elephants on parade too!


  1. We had a few fireworks here (not just firecrackers but fireworks). Scare the hell out of everyone because the spring grass has turned to straw and a fire would be a disaster.All it takes is one spark. Do peeps think?

  2. Wow! You pups actually got to see the fireworks? Amazing! I only got to hear them.

  3. Your Dumbo dresses are so cute! I'm glad you girls enjoyed the fireworks. You never would have gotten me to go. I hate them!

  4. You two are brave to go to the fireworks in pupson. We love your cute Dumbo dresses too. Wouldn't it be fun to fly?

  5. Hailey won't even go outside if there are fireworks in the area. You are very brave.

  6. wow you are BRAVE!! Dakota would have barked his head off!

  7. OMD, you went to see fireworks.
    y mom had to give Mitzie knock out drugs for a week.
    We are so glad that over.
    Your so brave to go and watch.
    Mom says your new dresses are so cute.

  8. @Kismet - We've had a lotta rain this summer, so no fire worries for us this year.
    @C.L.W.STEP - Yeah, we went to da show and sat up close!
    @Molly the AireGirl - Whitley and Finley always liked em, so momma figgered we could try this year. It wuz fun!
    @Millie and Walter - I could fly right up to the dinner table!
    @Hailey and Zaphod and their Lady - Yeah, momma said we did her proud.
    @Cat Chat With Caren and Cody (Caren Gittleman) - We barked more at the people than at the fireworks, BOL!
    @Astro & Mitzie - Fanks!


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